Like everything Georgia Heine has ever done as a athlete, choosing a college did not come easy. But like everything else, Georgia Heine has never settled. She has never allowed roadblocks to stop her. So when she went though the recruiting process There were many, many road blocks along the way. None bigger than covid and the transfer portal. There were those who voiced their opinion to her, about the risk involved in taking so long to choose a school. These roadblocks forced many kids to rush into decisions. Georgia Heine, made a decision long ago that she would not be one of those people. She waited and took her time to make a decision and yesterday….GEORGIA HEINE COMMITTED TO THE UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA!🎉


Last year the U of Penn Coach Mike McLaughlin offered Georgia Heine a position on his UPENN roster. It was one of many offers made to the 6’0” Georgia Heine by college coaches. But then Covid hit and Georgia Heine had to put her recruiting on hold. She had to step back and wait. For most kids that would be difficult. But Georgia Heine has had to wait her entire basketball career. She has often been taken for granted by so many. She has always been one of the best players in the 2022 class. But for some reason, she was always ask to wait. She often watched as politics got in the way of her opportunities. But for some reason she never let politics get in the the way of her progress as a player. Those difficult times strangely gave her the strength to take her time in the recruiting process. While everyone around her was committing to colleges .. D1 colleges, Georgia Heine was waiting, watching and taking it all in. She wanted her choice to be right. She wanted to be sure and yesterday it became official… that’s because Georgia Heine was sure .. the UNIVERSITY OF PENN WAS THE RIGHT PLACE!👍⭐️

What Coach Mike McLaughlin has done at UPenn what nobody ever thought was possible in the Ivy League. He has built a program that has challenged Princeton for the Ivy League supremacy. Penn has either won the Ivy League or tied for the title 3 of the last 4 years. They have been the big dog in recent years. The two teams have gone toe to toe in recent years, unthinkable before Coach Mike McLaughlin’s arrival. Mike McLaughlin is honest, caring and a teacher. He is someone who believes college athletics is about nurturing and mentoring young people, helping them grow into competitive, ambitious leaders who are good people. It’s for this reason he has turned down brand name basketball programs offers over the years. He likes what U Penn is about. He loves the type of kid who attends Penn. That’s because the U Penn is a special school and their coach is special and now they have a special player joining them… GEORGIA HEINE!🔥


I have long said Georgia Heine was going to be P5 player. I knew things about her most did not. I knew about her mental toughness. Few kids would still be standing after all she has been though. She wore a back brace 14 hours a day until her sophomore year of high school. She has not been allowed to lift weights until this year. She is the ultimate gym rat that loves basketball. Her passion for the game is overwhelming at times. She also is one of the most loyal teammates I’ve ever seen. It’s these reasons along with her insane skills and talent, that made me know she was going to be a P5 player. But Georgia Heine also has something else that is rare. She has no ego… none. Proof of this was when a Big 12 school was trying to get her campus. She never even considered the offer. In fact there was not even a hint of excitement in her voice. That’s because Georgia Heine knew she was going to attend the University of Penn. Georgia Heine wanted to be a Quaker.. but just like everything else in her basketball career… she waited before making her move.🙏

Heine has been a starter for Manasquan from day one!

I’m not sure I know a player who has grown so much as a player in recent years as Georgia Heine. She has been a starter since her freshman year. Yet rarely is she has he topic of conversation at Manasquan. She is one of the most versatile players in the entire state, yet you never hear her named mentioned as a All State type player. She was the first player to EVER win the MVP of both the camp and All Star game at NBS camp. Yet, other stars who were at camp that week have a bigger profile in hype world. GEORGIA HEINE was 1st Team All Freshman, yet you would never know it. She was named the up and coming player two years ago and backed up earning the award with her outstanding play ever since. She has won two 3 State Titles and has been part of one of the best teams in the state for 3 years running. In a nutshell Georgia Heine has done it all individually and as a teammate. Because of this the best available 2022 in the state of New Jersey has come off the board. While her road has been a tough one filled with disrespect at times… it all now has been worth it because Georgia Heine is going to one of the best schools in all of America and gets to play in the historic Palestra at the Ivy League power …. the UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA 👏😄

Georgia Heine is a role model sister dream about!

So it over and Georgia Heine has made her dream come true. You will hear all the congratulations and good luck from the many well wishers. But what you won’t hear about her waking up at 4.30 in the morning to work with her trainer Larry Smith. You won’t hear about how Brian Stanhope gave her the confidence all kids need. You won’t hear about how Lisa Kukoda trusted her and threw in the starting lineup as a freshman and she how she handled the pressure magnificently and rewarded Coach Kukoda for her belief in her. You will not hear about studying night and day in order to get the SAT scores to attend Penn and still find time to work on her game. These things don’t make the papers. Just like you’ll never know Georgia Heine is the best role model a younger sister could hope for. Shannon Heine is Georgia’s younger sister. Like Georgia her road has been not easy to this point. She also knows her road to her dreams will take work, mental toughness and lots of work. But Shannon has seen the road map to success. That because her sister the future Quaker has show exactly how to do it!👍

BERNIE HEINE is a super mom. She has shed the tears and seen the tears. She has worked like no parent in all my years to make ends meet for her kids. I have seen her work to the bone just to make things work for Georgia financially. She has watched her daughter get the short end of the stick to often. Yet somehow she has hung in there and has been a rock for her kids. She had a dream that one day her daughter would attend her dream school. Well yesterday her dream and her daughter’s dream joined forces… to make make beautiful music because the sound you hear is the U of Penn fight song!!


Last fall Georgia Heine had to be rushed to the hospital when she ran into a player. She had horrible cut and swelling in her eye. I thought for sure she was in serious trouble. On the same night her father was rushed to the hospital. Both were in serious trouble. I thought to myself that night. I really don’t know how much more this kid and family can take. But Georgia, bounced back better than ever and so did her dad. I tell you this only because the Heine’s are fighters. They bend but don’t break. That’s because they figured out something long ago.. GOD DOESN’T GIVE YOU ANY BURDEN YOU CAN HANDLE! 🙏

Mike McLaughlin and Georgia Heine belong together. There both are winners and have so much character and class. They are people that believe in hard work and working towards making those around them better. They both believe and understand teamwork makes the dream work... RIGHT NOW THE DREAM IS WORKING JUST FIND !!💍



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