It’s been another great regular season in the Shore Conference. It seems amazing that tomorrow will be the last games counted towards the SCT seeding. The state seeding is all set and their are some interesting brackets. But many people are missing the boat on how important some Shore games are tomorrow. BECAUSE IT’S NOT OVER UNTIL THE FAT LADY SINGS…

fat-lady2 The fat lady has not sung just yet

Manasquan vs St. Rose game tomorrow is going to IMPACT a lot of teams. First the winner is clearly the #1 seed. But if St. Rose were to win, then it becomes real interesting. First who is #2? Now some will say Manasquan because of the win over SJV a week ago. While others will say big deal, because SJV beat them as well and played a tougher schedule. Both would have great cases. But what happens if Manasquan beats St. Rose? Well this is when it gets interesting. Who is #2? After all SJV split with Manasquan and they play a better schedule than St. Rose. Plus St. Rose would be losing on their home court.  This game is big folks…not just for #1 in the Shore. Yes I believe the winner of this game is CLEARLY  #1 in the state.

0f66356There is more than this at stake!

Now lets talk who is three if you think SJV moves to #2… if St. Rose loses. Well if RFH (who may have to play without Grace Stant tomorrow) loses to Long Island Lutheran, its a no brainier, because St. Rose has already beat Long Island Lutheran. They would get the third spot. But if RFH wins at Long Island Lutheran who is third? Now this is big folks because the #4/5 seed game is going to be rough for anyone in those two spots. So the Long Island Lutheran vs RFH game is huge… real huge. Because nobody and I mean nobody wants to play Neptune or Middletown South  in the quarters and nobody wants to see Marina Mabrey and Manasquan in the semi final game.

Holmdel Hornets 3 Shore Conference-1Holmdel needs a win to get in the SCT!

There are other games tomorrow that will impact the SCT seeding as well. Holmdel plays Marlboro at home. If Holmdel wins two things happen, first their is a good chance they will get a TOP 10 ranking and seed. But if they lose, they not only will not get a Top 10 ranking or seed. They WILL NOT BE PLAYING IN THE SCT  because they will be under .500. This is the doomsday scenario  for Holmdel. Holmdel no question is the most dangerous of all the teams outside the top 6. They have real talent, which includes 4 future D1 starters. I think most people would be very surprised if they don’t win tomorrow. There lack of a ranking and sub .500 record has more to do with their insane conference than there true standings. But they have not been able to get over the hump much of the season. So why am I still calling them a sleeper and a team that can knock somebody out of the SCT? Because I believe their first 5 can play with anyone on any given night…that includes the big 4 that have manhandled them this year. They no question will need to put it together tomorrow against a Marlboro team, that can’t match them in talent, but has been a surprise all year.

phpThumbMarlboro has been a real surprise

#9 Marlboro on the other had has a golden opportunity. If they win they will shoot to no less than #8 in the seeding. Folks remember this team lost Haley Unger who is now playing D1 basketball at Navy. But a new coach and chemistry have made them one of the real surprises of the year. With the exception of Long Branch has there been a bigger surprise?…The Marlboro vs Holmdel game is huge folks.

1_5_Starter_Red_Blk_SnapbackThis is a very important hat

Finally both Neptune and RBC play non- conference games. If both win who is # 5 in the seeding? Well first no way RBC can jump ahead of Middletown South, yup the #15 team in the state will be ranked below Middletown South. Why?  South blew a young RBC team out in December (RBC is much better these days). But they also knocked off the #20 team Notre Dame last week. But if Neptune wins tomorrow and RBC loses, they have a real case they should be #5 in the seeding, but only if RBC loses. In a strange way Neptune needs RBC to lose to secure the 5th spot. Shore Teams rooting against Shore teams…UMMMM!

brackets They will fill them in on Sunday!

People tomorrow is a big day for a lot of coaches, players and fans. All will be settled the right way… on the court. Sunday morning the coaches will get together and reward the teams who have worked so hard during the year. Now of course there will be some hanky panky in those seeding rooms, but for the most part they will all do the right thing. I FOR ONE CAN’T WAIT…

large_photoMESSAGE TO THE PLAYERS AND FANS...Tomorrow Manasquan vs. St Rose game is on TV. But if you want to see it live,  I suggest you arrive  around 9am and wait for the tickets to go on sale. Bring coffee and enjoy chatting and debating about the game before it starts. I also would like to remind people its a small gym and what you say and how you behave will be very noticeable. I believe this could be a great atmosphere and a real showcase game for the BEST CONFERENCE IN AMERICA…Don’t let a few knuckleheads ruin it for us folks. LETS STAY CLASSY AND SHOW EVERYONE WHY WE DO IT BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE!










9:oo am-10:30 pm- GRADES 2nd-6th

11:00 am- 12:30 pm-GRADES 7th-10th

There are spots still available…players please bring plastic bags!

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