d2111a142cd3e0de-200x300“Tiny I was part of the St. Anthony vs St Pat’s rivalry games, I understand these games, if its close WE WILL WIN.”   “People just don’t understand how good this team is and I’m okay with that, because we get to settle it on the court and I like our chances” …a quote from Joe Whalen yesterday at exactly 2.45pm…JOE WHALEN IS A PROPHET RIGHT NOW.


In a game that again saw no losers, in a game where the stars shined brightly, it was the fans of the Shore who were the REAL WINNERS. Marina Mabrey was brilliant, I HAVE NEVER seen a player play such a perfect game in such a big spot.  But it was Kat Phipps who stole the show. It was Kat Phipps who, just like in the Long Island Lutheran game, could not buy a three and then exploded in the 4th quarter.  She had 19 points in the 4th and 32 for the game. She was sensational, but she needed a helping hand from one of the best game coaches I HAVE EVER SEEN.

Joe Whalen the last 2 minutes of the game ran so many beautiful sets to get Phipps open it was incredible. “If it comes down to the final 2 minutes in the  game, my kids know I will help them”  Qoute Joe Whalen… The final set for the game winning 3 point shot was next level type stuff folks. Let me explain it to you… he ran Jen Louro threw on the double at the elbows, Manasquan has all eyes on her and follows Louro, but then he runs Phipp’s UP off THE CUTTING LOURO’S BACK …MANASQUAN ON THERE HEELS…..PHIPPS wide open and bang! …these two where special in the 4th quarter…YET AGAIN. But it took a monster effort from a under appreciated player by the name of Louro and we are not talking about Jess Louro, for St. Rose to make it all  possible.

It was Jen Louro. When the game looked as if it could get away in the first half who made two huge monster plays….It was Jen who stole the ball at half court to score and then the next possession and hit a jumper as time ran out. It was was Jen Louro who took on the Challenge of guarding Marina Mabrey and was able to stay on the floor, preventing Whalen from having to use his youthful bench in such a big game…something not many players have been able to accomplish.

The babies were there in the heat of battle all day. Makayla Markham showed why she better be on every college coaches wish list. She was so cool under pressure it was impossible to believe she was a freshman. Lovins Marsicano showed us why she is one of the best freshman in the state. In the first 7 minutes somebody forgot to tell her how big this game was today, cause she seemed as cool as the other side of the pillow …But it was the senior and the leader of St. Rose who gave them the mental toughness to win today

Jess Louro showed why she will be joining one of the best programs in the country next year. She was a pillar of confidence all game as she scored, rebounded and made beautiful decisions all game. But it was defense on Marina Mabrey late in the game when she posted up that saved the day. She stole a pass and prevented Marina from closing the game. Jess Louro would not let Manasquan run away and hide and more importantly refused to let Manasquan get an emotional edge all day

Now the St. Rose dis-tractors will need a new  excuse as to why St. Rose is not the best team in New Jersey. Some will no doubt come up with a new inventive excuses, some will continue to disrespect them. But in the end the St. Rose kids really don’t care what anyone thinks about them…because all they do is win….THAT #1 seed in the SCT, well that belongs to St. Rose regardless of what anyone thinks….WHY? …..ST. ROSE 60- MANASQUAN 57…THAT’S WHY!….LET THE NEW EXCUSES BEGIN!




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