Eliza Srinivasan ready for her …BREAKOUT!!!


The Shore conference is known for great players, teams and coaches. Basketball is a religion in the shore. Kids start from a early age and train year round. It is the most competitive girls basketball environment in the country. They eat their babies in the shore, it’s survival of the fitness. Breaking into the Shore family is hard enough,  growing up on shore basketball. So try joining the shore basketball community being a outsider, moving into the shore. That’s exactly what RBC guard Eliza Srinivasan  is doing.


Eliza Srinivasan joined the RBC basketball program last year, moving from Westchester. She did not have any connection to the Shore community, other than moving into Monmouth county. She came with no promises, and worst no connections of any sort. Eliza was on her own. She quickly found out the Shore is a tight knit group. You either travel in the right circle or your left out in the cold. Eliza Srinivasan found out the hard way. She could not find a AAU team. She was rarely invited to those workouts that only the elite players know about. She walked into RBC and quickly found out that at RBC, you have to pay your dues. You have the learn that RBC culture, nobody can tell you about it. You must experience it first hand.

I have no idea how Eliza found NBS, but I’m glad she did. The shore is very competitive and people are not exactly open, about where and who they train with. But when Eliza showed up at NBS,  I knew was she was very competitive. She backed down from know one. She mixed it up with a D1 bound senior on day that caught my eye. She was determined not to be pushed around or give a inch. She battled this future D1 to a stand still. I started matching the two up every session. They were both trying to destroy each other…just the way I like. Eliza showed that while she may not have a big reputation, she had a huge heart.


Getting time at RBC is not easy and for a under classman, it’s even harder these days. It’s a roster stacked with D1 players. I believe Elzia right now would start for every single team in the Shore with the exception of one. They very team she plays on RBC. Most have no idea who Eliza is or what she is about. Once again she did not grow up in the shore. She had no chance to build her reputation before she arrived. She has had to start from bottom and  work her way up into the hearts and minds of just about everyone. That’s exactly what she done. She is quickly becoming a player everyone respects.

Eliza Srinivasan make no mistake is on her way to big things. She is a gym rat who loves everything about the game. She found a home with the Shore Shots Allen team. She plays with her high school teammate Hayley Moore. A year ago she could not find a legitimate AAU team. Not because of her talent, but rather because of her talent. You see many top AAU teams where afraid of adding a player, who may bruise ego’s of kids with big reps and maybe not as big a game. But Eliza got lucky, she found a place to showcase her talents. This summer, I believe will be her break out. This summer coaches and players will see what I already know. This is a player finding her comfort zone after being a stranger in a strange town. She has paid her dues and now is expecting to collect all the rewards that come with such sacrifices. Everyone is going to see why I believe this young lady could be the most improved player in the shore next season.

Know this about Eliza Srinivasan, she right now has a college ready body for a point guard. Her speed and quickness allow her to guard all these positions on the perimeter. She is physical and blessed with the rare ability to move her feet with ease. She was considered a average shooter a year. She was told to work on her jumper and finishing at the rim a year ago. This spring she has shown real improvement in both area’s and it’s not by surprise. She is the kid that shoots everyday. She is the kid that finds a way to make it to the gym. She does something that most kids find so hard to do….. SHOW UP EVERY DAY.


So ask me who is going to see there stock rise this summer. Ask me which kid in the shore, I believe could be the biggest surprise of all. The answer would be Eliza Srinivasan and its because I know her game is way bigger than her reputation. I also know she a fire in her belly, that comes from being pushed into the background. But she, will come out of the shadows this summer. She will show all the things that I have been so impressive with this spring. She is going to show everyone that she is on a mission. She this fall will open the eyes of college coaches…Eliza Srinivasan will do what she knew she could do all along. Shine once given a opportunity… just watch folks!!

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