When Brooke Hollawell tore her ACL last season everything about it was wrong. The timing was as bad as it gets. She had just hit the game saving three at the buzzer that allowed Manasquan to beat RFH in overtime. Her team would have a chance to play #1 SJV in the Semi finals of the SCT. Then it would be off too chase another GROUP 2 state title. Brooke Hollawell was getting ready to live the dream. That was until she tore her ACL in overtime ending her season. It was a dish served cold to a kid who to that point had made all the right moves.

They say tough times don’t last but tough people do”. Brooke Hallowell is living proof of that statement. That’s because these days she back on the court at Manasquan High School. She’s doing the unexpectedly. She is beating the odds like few expected she or anyone else could. That’s because timing is everything and when Brooke Hallowell blew out her ACL, there could not have been worst timing. To tear her ACL before the spring and Summer recruiting period going into her senior is the worst type of timing one can have. Especially someone of Brooke Hallowell’s talent. Someone who is dedicated and eats and sleeps basketball. Someone who has been mega successful her entire athletic life. For Brooke Hallowell it had to be the worst of times. But as I said tough times don’t last but tough people do… in the case of BROOKE HALLOWELL MENTALLY TOUGH PEOPLE DO AS WELL.

When you are one of the best players in the state. The leading scorer on one of the best teams in the state. You get excited for the summer recruiting period. You know college coaches will be coming around to see you. You have dreams of wearing a college uniform and playing against the best. In the case of Brooke Hallowell she expected to follow in her mother’s footsteps. Dr. Stacy Hallowell played D1 basketball at Fordham University. It was a given that Brooke too would play Division one basketball. That was until her injury happened. When her spring, summer and recruiting and exposure was taken away. Brooke Hallowell had to think her dreams were getting ready to be taken away as well. But her mom had torn her ACL when she was younger and she was their to guide Brooke. To give her the support both mentally and physically to stay the course….so that’s exactly what Brooke Holloway did. Her father was a rock of confidence and her friends and family knew she’d return and make things right again.

It’s hard when you make All State, All Shore, are one of the leading scorers in the state, make big shots and do all the things that great players do along the way. Like win a State title, a SCT title and a TOC title. To win every personal and team award a payer can win and then sit on the sidelines. Watch hundreds of coaches watch other kids, less talented kids, less accomplished kids. It hard to read about others in the paper or social media getting hyped up when your on the sidelines. It hard when you see friends, teammates and others committing to schools and you one of the best are on the outside wondering, what the future holds for you. Your mental toughness is put to the ultimate test. It’s when many quit, give in, settle or worst accept their faith. Brooke Hallowell had done too much over the years to think such ways. She has made too many sacrifices. She has shed too many tears along the way. She has made too many big shots and won to many big games to let her dreams slip away. So she quietly went about the business of rehab with her parents guiding her and staying the course. She no doubt had to have heard all the whispers, she should go to prep school. She should become a walk on, find a school she could redshift at. Maybe she should stay home and not even go to school next year. She had to hear it all but what nobody except she and her family could understand is that BROOKE HOLLAWELL is a winner. Winners never quit and never settle or let others put limitations on them. It’s why these days Brook Hollawell is living the good life and feeling good!

Brooke Hollawell, these days is getting ready to attend one of the best schools in America. She has committed to play basketball in the best academic conference in America. The IVY league for DARTMOUTH UNIVERSITY. It’s really strange in a lot of ways. Dartmouth is getting a player maybe they normally wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for circumstances. There getting a true baller, a player who is capable of so much on a basketball court. Someone who elevate their entire program. She will help raise the competitive nature of the team. She will certainly raise the talent level of the team. She will bring a work ethic and a track record of insane success. But more than anything else, she will bring a mental toughness that will spill over into the locker room and into the soul of every player on the team. You see Brooke Hallowell has that rock star quality to you don’t teach. It’s something that is developed over years. But Dartmouth U is giving something to Brooke as well. It has given her a chance to fulfill her dreams at the Division one level without settling. She was able to find her dream school by being one tough cookie!

These days Brooke Hollawell is back chasing chips. She wears a brace on her knee and but it hasn’t affected her movements or competitive nature or her ability to get buckets. She was very physical and threw her body around like she never left in her first weekend of basketball. She even got into a pushing match with opponent, proving she has not lost her fighting spirit either!!!. That same spirit that allowed her to overcome all the challenges that she overcame in the last 9 months proving




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