There is going to lots of talk about All State…All Shore and who the best players are in New Jersey. Your going to hear the usual suspects names come up. You’ll hear about Madison St. Rose, Justine Pissott, Zoe Brooks. Those are the sexy names. The nationally ranked players we all hear about. But there is one name that has to be added to that list. Because right now DEVYN QUIGLEY OF MANCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL... is one of the best players in the entire state of New Jersey.

Devyn Quigley is not stranger to college coaches. That’s because she had Division one offers on the table before she played her first college basketball game. Two years ago Devyn Quigley was a skinny freshman packed and armed with a boat load of talent. She was long, athletic, skilled and proecessed a competitive nature. It was clear she was going to be special. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to realize she was different than most other players. She certainly didn’t take long in letting the basketball world know she was going to be one of the rare ones. That’s because in her first high school game she put on a show. She had 7 points, 14 rebounds and 6 dimes from the point guard position. She would go on to score double figures last season in every game except three. She would also go on to be named 1st Team All Freshman. She had made her statement, that she was the next great player at Manchester. Nothing this season has proved this not to be true.

This fall I saw Devyn Quigley at the Hoop Group fall league and did not recognize who she was. That because she looked like a grown woman hanging around little girls. These days she has packed on about 15 pounds of pure muscle and grew about 3 inches. She is not just a power point guard, she is as smooth and as cool as they come. She can dominate the game in ways no other point guard in the entire state of New Jersey can do. That because she can do so many things. You need rebounding and she can be the best rebounder on the floor, you need scoring and she can be unstoppable. You need a defensive stopper and she can turn the lights out on just about anyone she faces. You want points in the lane or on a post up, you got it. The only thing I question regarding Devyn Quigley is … can she butter the popcorn at halftime and still get back in time to dominate her opponents. She is a player with a unique set of skills sets and can bust them out any time she needs them.

So how do you describe Devyn Quigley? I have to be honest, I don’t have a answer to that question. I’ve watched so much tape on her recently and all I know is that she is different. That’s because her playmaking ability from the point guard position is off the charts. She has so much size and length you almost feel she belongs as a small forward. But her handle is so elite, it would be crime not to have the ball in her hands. She is so crafty around the rim and seems to finish everything with either hand. She buries jumpers with no effort and it begs for you to play her at the shooting guard spots. You see I have never seen a true point guard with this type of versatility and at such a early age. She is so mature, under control and plays with so much purpose it’s downright eerie! Folks do not try to describe Devyn Quigley just appreciate her greatness and enjoy.

This season Devyn Quigley is doing things I have never seen from the point guard position. She is doing things very few sophomores have ever done on a basketball court. She is being asked to lead a team of inexperienced players along with teammate Amaya Bray. She is a target for every team she faces. She has seen every type defense you can throw at a young player. Yet it has not slowed her down one bit. She is the leading scorer in the Shore Conference despite all this. She has had 5 double/double this season. Her last 5 games read like this… 25 points… 26 points…28 points… 31 points and 25 points. Folks nobody is putting up these numbers while averaging 4.5 dimes and 10 rebounds….ALL FROM THE POINT GUARD POSITION..WHILE NOT BEING A HIGH VOLUME SHOT TAKER. As I was saying Devyn Quigley is doing things we have never seen from the point guard position ever… I never saw SJV great Gomez play. But I have seen all the rest and we have never seen anything like Devyn Quigley at the point.

Now when All Shore comes rolling out, there going to be lots of politicking going on. Devyn Quigley won’t have a need for such things. Because right now she is not taking a backseat to anyone. That’s because she is as good as any player in the state. That’s because every Power 5 school in the country is going to have her in their sights. She is proving she is an entirely different animal that we have not seen at least in my time. The only question that needs to be answered is this….



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