CHARLOTTE BRADLEY… will attend SJV and there’s more news🗞

By now you know the best entering Freshman class maybe in Shore history will take place next year. It is a deep class and throw back group from years gone by. Meaning gym rats with lots of talent and skill. While RBC may have the deepest class in Shore history. SJV is currently trying to make a contest out of things. Last week that contest got a little tighter. That’s because one of the best 2026 players in the state has decided she is going to attend SJV…. Charlotte Bradley!

Charlotte Bradley played last season for the NJ BELLES TRUHAN. As a 7th grader playing u16s along side Rylyn Orlando and Rylee Drahos. She played this fall in the Hoop Group fall league with the RBR high school team. She will clearly have seen some of the best competition high school has to offer by the time she has her first high school practice this summer. She could be more prepared for the jump in competition than any other entering freshman.

The player college coaches compare Charlotte Bradley to most is former RBC star and current Quinnapiac star Rose Caverly. That’s because much like Caverly she can over power smaller guards and while not a jet, gets to her spots on the court as well as any guard you will see. But it’s her college ready body that gets coaches excited. But what gets me most excited about Charlotte Bradley is her competitive nature and raw talent. This fall I can tell you she and D1 commit Maggie Cavanaugh had some high Spirited matchups at NBS. So intense that at times I had my coaches pay extra attention to make sure things did not go to far. It’s goes to both players attitude towards hard work and winning. Now here is the other thing you must understand. Charlotte Bradley is a deadly shooter with a massive amount of confidence. Her shooting range is to 35 feet. She has a excellent handle and most importantly has played against legit older D1 competition for years. Being in a highly competitive environment like SJV will not be a total shock to her system.

Make no mistake Charlotte Bradley is a future division one lock. That’s is not worth a conversation. The real conversation is what can we expect from her over the next 4 years at SJV. First she currently in the Core Skills program. If she sits in the program and works hard. She will set herself up for a Magnificent spring. I see no reason why she won’t handle her business at Core Skills. Next she will play AAU for the EYBL GEMZ. This will keep her in front of elite competition all summer. Then finally by going to SJV a few things will happen. First her fitness level will rise to a level she can’t begin to picture. What she will look like in 5 years nobody outside of SJV and D1 coaches want to think about…TRUST ME ON THIS ONE! Next she will spend time in the most competitive high school environment in America. A recipe for development, why duck them when you can join them. Finally the style of play and Coach Karpell’s track for developing kids has no match maybe in the country. This is a home run for the young lady, SJV and college coaches.

Welcome to the Family … the SJV🏠

With Charlotte Bradley’s decision. That leaves at least 5 big fish or shall I say whales left on the table. In truth I do not believe anyone can match the class that RBC has put together. RBC has 6 D1 locks arriving next year. When it’s officially I will drop the news… trust me a lot folks not named RBC are going to be very unhappy. But pay close attention to what I am about to say. Make no mistake… ST. ROSE appears ready to get a program changer. Next there is a young lady who appears to have St. Rose, Trinity Hall or RBR in her sights. The school thst gets her is getting a future star. I believe that she also could be a Top 5 player in this class before all is said and done… why? Remember these words over the next 3 months “IMPROVEMENT CURVE” her has been massive recently. Finally there are 2 High Major players both with multiple offers on the table who plan to roll into the Shore this spring. If not for Covid they would already be here. Finally there are not household names or D1 locks but RBR has a nice group of players with D1 potential with development, at worst they are D2 scholarships level players… meaning there damm good!


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