Core Skills kicked into full gear last week. The best class in 10 years were out in full force. This Sunday evening College coaches you’ll get your first peek at the 2026 and 2027 classes as you will receive the first CHEAT SHEET OF THE YEAR. Trust me this cheat sheet might be the valuable piece of information you may receive this winter. But last week a few players right out the gate went to work and made their mark. Today I will tell you about a few players who names you may want to learn

ADDY “THE BAD WOMAN” NYEMCHEK If you are fan of shore basketball then you may or may not know the “The Bad Woman”. But if you are a recruiter at Power 5, High Major or Academic School and don’t know Addy Nyemchek, you clearly are in the wrong profession. That’s because right now as of today. This is the measuring stick and gold standard in the 2026 class. She rises at 5.30 in the morning for strength and conditioning. She currently see’s a nutritionist to improve her body and mind. She does all this so that she could do what she did at Core Skills last weekend “Dominate” the building. She was a star among future stars. That’s because her size and length are things you don’t teach. But what you do teach is how to play and that she does better than any player in the gym right now. She once again displayed an ability to score in every known fashion a player can do so. More importantly she is as fundamentally sound as you can ask a player to be at this stage. She the most sound player in the 2026 class these days, not to mention she is one of the most skilled young players in the state. Her competitive nature is vicious and elite on every front. She has shown massive improvement in her shooting. She is a Elite rebounding point guard. Addy “the Bad Woman” improvement curve is off the charts. That because she is not just eager for coaching but rather desperate for any edge she can get. She doesn’t just train but she listens and applies her lessons. She is a culture kid though and though for any program. She will walk into RBC and immediately become one of the most recruited players in RBC history and give Coach Montano his most talented combo/point guard since Rose Caverly. She my friends is the taller, longer, newer version of Rose Caverly a kind of 10k version… that’s because theirs’s hype folks and then their is truth in game. Addy Nyemchek sent a message last week to all in attendance…

Addy has more game than all of them or least until someone proves me wrong over the next 6 weeks🐐

CHRISTIN CONNORS-Who doesn’t like a good feel good story? Will one just might be developing right under our noses. This someone who coaches and fans most likely know little about. It also may be a good thing for this young lady. This past weekend Christin Connors who has no reputation or current name recognition, did her thing at Core Skills and that thing surprised me. It’s clear this young lady is making all the right moves. Christin Connors is just what RBR needs in next years freshman class. A young player whose improvement seems to grow daily as her commitment seems to be growing along with her development. The lefty displayed a nice touch from the three and showed a improved confident handle against mega talented competition. She shocked me with her ability to compete and stay in the moment. She is tracking right now to play major minutes at RBR next season. While one day on one weekend does not make a winter. It’s a start and as her confidence continues to grow, look for her game to take major steps. That’s because she has two things going her way. She is athletic and not afraid to challenge herself against elite competition

This is could be a big story by the time we get to March💪🌈

ANNIE GENTILE AND DAHLIA DeBOUROU– Now when you start writing about 6th graders your opening yourself up to be a target. I get it, but the fact of the matter is that these are two very special young ladies. Annie Gentile plays on the court like a seasoned vet. Her game defies her age. Her feel and vision is shocking to see. She plays defense with such pride it scary to see at that age. But it’s her electric handle is what excites me. She already changes speeds, direction, pace and most importantly, can handle physical play against legit older elite competition. She doesn’t beat up on older weak competition. She beats up on older elite competition. There is a difference folks. She gets it done against real players. She clearly has a real passion for the game. Her AAU NJ RAPTORS teammate Dahlia DeBourou is so gifted and talented it jumps off the page. Her quickness and explosiveness screams major talented young player on the loose. She also is long, athletic and very elusive with the ball in her hands. She already gets in passing lanes and can defend baseline to baseline. Trying to guard her off the bounce at times feels unfair because of the shiftiness and raw speed.

All this adds up to two young ladies with big futures🍼

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