Coaches Only Need Read: JULIA KARPELL… Ain’t like the rest of these girls

Tonight’s blog I am writing for college coaches. This blog is not for all college coaches. Tonight blog is for just those college coaches who are good at their job. Tonight’s blog is for the recruiters that are killers. Who follow the details, that understand knowing the track record and learning the history of players matter. Tonight’s blog is for those recruiters who know who to listen to. They know the people who matter because those are the people who know the kids. Tonight’s blog is not for the casual fan. He can check out right now. Tonight blog is for the hardcore fan. Tonight’s blog is for the ballers. The real ballers, the ones that know what’s up. That’s because your about to get hit with truth. Truth about Julia Karpell

So let me tell you how it works so often today. A kid attaches himself to a team or group of players. Next they have a moment where they shine. Then they work social media hard. Then there parents embrace some cat who does rating. They get him to say a free nice things about their kid. Then the AAU coach starts bragging about the kid. Then everyone around that kid turns into puppets and says how great the kid is. Then they kid goes to a high school where everything is set up for them. The Shots, playing time and media hype. Then that kid and that family ride it all to a free education. Then that kid goes to college and rides the bench and everyone says “well she was rally never that good in the first place”. This my friends is the most common story in recruiting and it’s not changing. But here is something else that is not changing. That shit don’t happen to SJV kids and it’s not going to happen to Julia Karpell. That because she is actually good. She actually don’t need hype or fake descriptions of her game because she can actually play. This won’t happen to Julia Karpell because her game continues to evolve. That’s because JULIA can actually play.

Now Julia Karpell don’t need me to convince coaches how good she is. JUILA already has multiple D1 offers. But coaches sure as hell need me to explain why she is where she is as a player today. Now we can debate who the best players is in the 2024 class. There is a lot to choose from. Some are putting up big numbers in high school. Some are playing big time AAU. Some are the darling of the media. But let me give you a fact folks. None are going to have the SUCESS at the next level that Julia Karpell will have. Now that’s a bold ass statement you thinking to yourself. But Coaches remember what I said at the start. You gotta know the people who know what the hell their talking about. You gotta know the people who know the kids and you have to know the track records. Because the track record is the best predictor of the damm future. You see some folks just flap their lips and others know what the hell their talking about. I know what am talking about. Julia Karpell will have the best career in college of any player in the 2024 class.

Now you might be asking how can I made such a bold statement. You may be asking why would I put that type pressure on a kid. Well the fact of the matter is it’s not that bold of a statement. In terms of pressure. Julia Karpell has had pressure on her the moment she picked up a basketball. I know Julia will be special not because she is 5’11” with long arms and college level strength. Yes, they call it a college ready body. But that’s not why she going to be great at the next level. What going to make her great…. Is that her body will develop, get stronger, fitter, more powerful. Because nobody in her class will work in the off season and during the season more on there fitness than Julia Karpell. How do I know this? People the most fit team in the damm country is SJV. That because they think it’s a damm birth right to out work you in the gym and on their fitness. College coaches I challenge you. Name a SJV player that didn’t walk on your campus as freshman and not look physically way more prepared than you other freshman…. YOU CANNOT. Do you understand what Julia Karpell will look like in 3 years? Yeah let that dance around in your head.

You think am putting press on Julia Karpell? Coaches that laughable. Now if you want pressure it’s Rider coach Lynn Mulligan asking me to please stop calling her by her sisters name Sarah who plays at Fordham. But folks you try playing against Ashley O’Connor and Emma Bruen everyday as a 14 year old freshman. Shit I got kids starting at D1 schools right now who couldn’t even get the the ball to half court against those two. Now if you think am exaggerating. I challenge every coach to ask a NBS kid. Then just for shits and giggles she has to battle Zoe Brooks and Madison St. Rose everyday. Folks that’s pressure of a damm different kind. The type of pressure that builds character and gets your ass ready to play against killers. Hell, Julia Karpell may not play against a better group of guards in her entire college career. Coaches listen to those who know…I KNOW. But learn the track record and the history of players.

Now you may have some kids in the 2024 class scoring tons of points at their high school. I say bravo for them. I’m sure they’ll be on every recruiters wish list. Julia Karpell won’t be scoring tons of points. That’s because she’ll be playing against elite competition. The best high school basketball has to offer. You see where Julia will be play Ain’t nobody scoring 40 and 50 because everyone can actually play. Where Julia plays the measuring stick is what you do against the killers. The actually type players you will see at the highest level of D1. Nobody cares what anyone does in blow games vs bad competition. In fact where Julia plays that don’t even talk about those games. So the next time you want to brag about your mega 2024 star … send em on down to SJV world. Thst where the alpha females live. Not one but a damm pack of them. A place where nobody concedes or give anything to anyone. That’s why they all kick ass in college, competition in there blood and their soul. Julia is not like these other kids. She has to wake up every day and go to war. You know any other 2024’s living like that? Well let the guy who knows all the best players in each class answer that for you…”HELL NO”’

Now what really separates one player from another? What makes a player great and what makes a player good? Well first let me tell you a story. So coaches listen up. I was playing golf with a friend of mind. When we play we try not to talk basketball. He’s there to relax and I fight to much. We were on the 8th hole and she asked me “how good do I think Julia was going to be” I said “she can play in the ACC”. Then I said and most schools won’t figure it out until she is in college. That’s because college recruiters live in the moment. They see the now. They don’t see the lead up to the now. So they guess what the future will be rather than know what it will be. He smiled and said “man that is really deep” that’s when I broke out my resume and said “that’s why am the only coach to have players drafted into the NBA from D1.. D2…and D3. Because I was not a good recruiter, I was a killer. Because I did my homework. Just like I’ve done with Julia Karpell.

You see Julia Karpell has been hanging around gyms her entire life. It why her basketball IQ is the best in the state. Notice I didn’t mention her class. I said the state, now how do I know this? Because if you had up the entire IQ of all the players at NBS. Yes, of all those players asses your kissing. It won’t amount to a hill of beans compared to Julia Karpell. That my friends is a fact. It’s called being a coaches daughter… I have one just like her at Trinity Hall right now in 5th grade. There brains just work differently folks. Next her work ethic is different, when most kids come to after school shooting they pick a court with teammates and friends. Karpell goes to the court with the least amount of people on it(the things us coaches notice). Finally a little thing called improvement curve and folks if you compare any kid in the 2024 class improvement curve to hers… YOU LIE!

Now if you ask anyone who don’t know basketball about Julia Karpell. The first thing they going to say about her is that she’s a great shooter. Hell most college coaches say that first. That’s because their not killer recruiters. That’s not even close to her biggest strength as a player. That’s just the sexy part of her game. That’s because Julia Karpell has turned herself into the best post feeder in New Jersey since Kasey Cambers over a decade ago. Julia Karpell has turned herself into a problem a real problem in the lane. She is so good off the bounce now it crazy. She has gone from an good rebounding guard to an elite rebounding guard. Want to know why she takes care of the ball better than any wing in her class?… because look at who the hell she’s been playing against everyday. Now coaches why do I bring this up? Because nobody… nobody in the 2024 class has come close to making the jump she has made as a player.. her IMPROVEMENT CURVE IS OFF THE CHARTS… coaches know the history!

Coach Dawn Karpell is different. I know she hard on her daughter. She thinks she fair to Julia. So I’ll come clean. I know she’s not. I know her standard for Julia is bigger. Guess what? Julia knows it too, but she accepts it. She knows she has to wait like all SJV stars have had to do before they are crowed. But guess what? Julia don’t want or need no damm crown. I remember when she came to NBS as a 8th grader and really should have made the All Star team. But Dawn didn’t want her to be chosen. I know she could have played on a AAU team and got be buckets all last summer and pounder her chest as if she did something. But Dawn didn’t give a shit about buckets. She wanted Julia on a team that Emphasized defense… it’s currently paying off big time. You see Dawn Karpell is a educator and right now she is giving Julia Karpell the best education known to our game. Think of Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Oxford, MIT all rolled up into one. That’s the kind of background Julia Karpell is getting… you know another 2024 getting this type knowledge…HELL NO

So after wrecking havoc with her SJV team across the country this year is finished. Julia will go play EYBL for the GEMZ. Not for the hype and attention. But because she doesn’t know anything else except playing against the best and working hard. It’s in her DNA, it’s part of what makes her who she is… for college coaches here now the lessons ends…. do what you wish with knowledge just dropped on you!… but UNDERSTAND JULIA KARPELL IS NOT LIKE THE REST!

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