Best advice you receive… but must willing to listen🙏🤔

Now I want to give parents, coaches and most of all kids some advice today. You need to listen to what I’m about to tell you. I am going to give facts. I also hopefully will ease your mind, but YOU MUST LISTEN. There are many people Advising you about the recruiting process. But let me explain something to you. Nobody… repeat nobody knows more about this process than I do and that is fact. So I hope you will listen.

Recently many kids have committed to colleges. When they do social media Explodes rightfully so. It’s a time to praise and congratulate these kids. Hopefully these kids are thankful and thank those who have helped them along the way. But every time a kid commits there is a group of kids who are saddened and feel let out.. They feel their time will not come. They feel they are being overlooked. They may even feel they are better than some of those committing and in many cases are right. It can be a stressful time for kids and there families… BECAUSE THEY DON’T understand the recruiting process. They don’t understand that this year the process has slowed down for everyone players and college coaches.

The shoreshots are you are a unique situation

Those players who have Verbally committed already were heavily in the recruiting process before the shut down. These players played in highly Visible AAU or high school programs . The 2021 Shoreshots is perhaps the most visable AAU team in the state. It’s why everyone(except one) on the team has a D1 offer or committed already. You have to understand there recruiting process started years ago due to the massive exposure they have received, this is not the norm for most. Destiny Adams is one of the best players in the country her recruiting started years ago. Katie Hill plays at the most visible high school in the state of New Jersey. Most kids are not in these positions. The recruiting.. the real recruiting process for most kids was expected to start in April. It was at this time coaches would see who has improved. What needs they truly need for there roster and what kids fit there culture. You see what has happen is many kids who would have picked up offers are in a holding pattern and coaches are in a wait and see mode until kids play again and they will play again. So everyone needs to clam down and stop making assumptions. Nothing has been decided about your future yet. If anyone should know it’s me. Because I talk to more college coaches than anyone. So relax because coaches are as confused as you are right now.

To all you players panicking, what you don’t understand is nothing has changed except the timing. You are just use to kids picking up offers in June. Well all that has changed is the dates the offers will start coming in. You panicking because you see kids committing. But your forgetting that the recruiting process for 90% of the kids won’t truly begin until the lockdown is over.

Now while your in panic mode let me tell you who else is panicking…. college coaches that’s who. Because unless they got there top recruit early they are in recruiting limbo. And here is a little dirty secret for everyone, college coaches always over recruit there level early in the recruiting process. Let me give an example Chloe Teter has had the difficult decision to call three D1 schools and say thank you but no thank you. Well now those schools are in a holding pattern in recruiting. You see most colleges are doing exactly what your doing these day’s waiting and trying to stay ready. They are trying to educate themselves the best they can until we play again and guess what? You better be doing the same. Because when we open back up, things are going to move at warp speed. You are not going to believe how fast the recruiting process will move.

Now here is what everyone needs to understand. If you don’t have a offer right now in most cases you will not get one. That will come later. Just move the recruiting Calendar in the back of your mind. Your process is starting later that’s all.. Think of August as April and May now. Remember if you didn’t go to a high profile high school or play for a high profile AAU team, coaches need time to discover you and that takes time. Even if you played on a high profile team, remember coaches are coming out to see if you have improved. I had a D1 coach say to me yesterday how disappointed she was not able to see Emma Bruen this spring because she knows how much Emma has improved. But it really doesn’t matter because she will see Emma in August and then offer her. The recruiting process has slowed down for everyone it’s that simple… so stop panicking. Stop making yourself nuts.

Now I’m going to give real advice and you better listen and better listen good. First video is your best friend these days. But you must understand you cannot trick coaches. You must send them your highlight tape to peek there interest. Then you send them game tape. Not of your best game. But your best game vs REAL COMPETITION. Coaches don’t want to watch games vs bad competition. I beg you to stop sending those videos to coaches… COLLEGE COACHES ARE NOT DUMB. Now understand, most schools are not offering from video. They have to get to know you on a personal level. But what the video will do is speed up the recruiting process once the lock down ends. You will get that offer much quicker come August if we open then. So get those videos of you working out and make a weekly highlight tape. Let coaches know you have a work ethic. Send coaches video messages and make them funny and light harded. Show them your personality and how badly you want to attend their school. Build your name Recognition and your brand … WHICH IS YOU… be relentless 🤗🤗

Folks please use twitter for real content if your goal is to attract college coaches. Please stop tweeting yourself running. Please stop tweeting politics like Tiny Green, trust all you will do is piss off a lot of people. My advice don’t try and be Tiny Green… you are not helping your child. Keep your Twitter Neutral and most of all about basketball if your trying to use it as a recruiting tool. Make your content matter always. Twitter and social media are recruiting tools but you must use them wisely. Stop dropping nonsense on your twitter page.

Folks the recruiting process has not started. We are all in a holding pattern. So work hard in the classroom. GET TO SUMMER CAMPS THE MOMENT THEY OPEN. Camps are going to mean everything this year before you go out to play. In the meantime get to virtual training and train on your own. The key is to be 100% ready when it’s time to roll and the real recruiting process starts!…. I HOPE YOU WILL LISTEN TO ME🙏

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