I am going to jump out of character today. That’s because I love when kids take the next step in their games. You never know when a kid will hit there growth spell as a player. Too often kids simply believe by just playing and getting older their game will evolve. Too often kids spend hours in the gym running hard and sweating hard but  that’s not always developing. Not developing during the most important time of the year. ALEENA DINKER OF THE NEW JERSEY SHORTSHOTS HGSL u16 team is not having that problem, that because her game has not just improved she has elevated her game in too many ways to mention and her timing can’t be any better.



It should not surprise anyone that Aleena Dinker right now is playing lights out. It should not surprise anyone her game has soared to a new heights. That because if there are two things every coach that does their homework knows. When you play at SJV for Coach Dawn Karpell two thing are going to happen. Your going to better and your going to impact a program in college. It’s almost a right of passage at SJV. But what Aleena Dinker is doing right now is even amazing by SJV standards.  Everyone knew who Aleena Dinker was entering SJV, she was one of the best incoming freshman in the state of New Jersey. She had blazing speed and quickness and blessed with  handle from the ball handling gods. She was a can’t miss D1 player as they say. This past season she had a nice sophomore season. She had moments and showed flashes of what may be coming. A number of college coaches after the first live period called and asked questions about her. They liked the skills sets and the potential. But at the end of the day potential had gotten a lot of coaches fired over the years. Aleena Dinker in the last month has gone way beyond the potential stage, she has arrived and she has arrived in a big overwhelming way.



There was a big question about Aleena Dinker, it was not her talent. Everyone knows Dinker’s talent and next level ability off the bounce is elite. Nobody ever questioned her passing and transition game or her defense. What they did question was a jump shot that looked inconsistence. It was the only part of her game that made some pause. But a funny thing happened along the way. Every time you saw Aleena in the gym her jumper looked sweeter and sweeter. The rotation of the ball was picture perfect. The follow though on the release a thing of beauty. But hey!!! anyone can shoot when there is no defense and pressure. Anyone can shoot when the game has no pace and no hands in their face. They are drills master born everyday. The key is moving practice to games. Aleena has not just moved practice to games. Her jumper and skills are taking over games. Dominating elite competition, they say there is levels to this shit…. well she is on a whole different level right now and dem be da facts!



Last weekend the 2025 Shoreshots took on the mega talented New Heights EYBL team. New Heights  is a team loaded with future D1 players and are very well coached. It’s the type of team real ballers like to play against. Aleena Dinker is not just a baller these days, she is a killer. She went into her bag of tricks vs New Heights and that bag included threes off the bounce, three’s off double screens and set plays, three’s in transition. Then when New Heights tired to get up and pressure her that was a massive mistake as she danced in the lane with crafty buckets with both hands and dropped more dimes than a snitch. There simply were no answers for this player who was on a whole different level. But New Heights had nothing to be ashamed because the next day Aleena Dinker went right back into her bag vs another mega talented EYBL team in the NJ Gemz. Miss Dinker was dancing and prancing like it was her birthday. The new found picture perfect jumper was once again doing it what it does from THE LAND OF MILK AND HONEY….Aleena Dinker put on a show and everyone there was a witness her greatness; to her improvement. While may kids talk,  there are still some kids who don’t talk…. they just develop and take their game to another level… they don’t walk the walk….THEY RUN THE GAME….ALEENA DINKER RIGHT NOW IS IN FULL CONTROL..










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