RED BANK CATHOLIC is going to BEST OF MARYLAND to play during the high school live Period. This is basically a team of D1 and Power 5 players who are coached by the winningest coach in Shore history.





*Gym Rats bring added value as they can play a level above there ability



needs no introduction. He is the gold standard in high school coaching. He has won every title there is to win. His program gets a certain type of kid. One that understands you always do things the right way. The RBC way is not for everyone. It’s a place where the name of the front is bigger than the name on the back. Coach Montano’s teams are built on two things defense and character. Nobody is bigger than the program and everyone plays defense.



ELLA INACIO – 5’9”- Forward

She was a big scorer as a freshman for Ranney high school, averaging double figures. She has a big strong body and nice scoring touch to 21 feet. The lefty is a excellent rebounder and aggressive scorer at the rim and on the offensive boards.  She could not only be a surprise this year but a welcome addition to the rotation. She is well liked by her teammates and will be asked to play multiple roles this season.


OLIVIA VENTRE – 5’9”- Wing…. She is an athletic and a aggressive scorer. She has gathered D1 interest because of her ability to get to the rim and score. She has a nice long ball game and reliable handle. She is best suited for a dribble drive offense because she is hard to guard off the bounce. She has nice size and a excellent body. This is a worker and grinder. She has a high level of confidence and believes she can play against any level competition. She clearly is a starter at most other schools. She is a player that will elevate a culture with her competitive nature. This could be a very interesting weekend for this young lady who has been very close to a breakout.













TESSA CARMAN– 5’11”- Swing… she is one of the most explosive players in the entire state. She is athletic and plays off the ground. She is a elite next level shot blocker. She is that rare player the is highly effective in the lane or behind the three point arch. When she gets a head of steam to the basket she is unstoppable. She has a handle that easily allows to play the point forward position when called upon. She sets back breaking screens and bring a physical presence. Her  ability to spin and draw fouls is truly next level stuff… She has POWER 5 offers on the table.









CHRISTINA LIGGIO– 5’8”- Combo… coaches you best wise to pay full attention to what I am about to say. This is one of the most emerging talents on the entire East Coast. These are not words but rather facts. If there are any holes in game right now they are hard to fine. She is a “ELITE” three level scores. Her mid range game has no equal, her increased shooting range has been magical and her ability to finish at the rim is Bananas. Her use of one hand finishes, pump fakes, post ups are stuff no player this young should have in there bag. She is a warrior  and a gym rat. She has multiple high major, Ivy and Patriot offers on the table. But I believe she is a future POY. Coaches this is a player completely out growing there recruitment.



RAQUELLE MCMULLIN- 5’9”- Swing… they say if you hang around the barber shop long enough you’ll get a hair cut. In this case you start getting some respect. College coaches there may be no player in the state most disrespected. She would start for just about every other team in New Jersey. All she does is produce. She never misses a open shot. Can guard  bigger and stronger players. Has real next level passing skills and is long, quick Absolutely murder in  press defenses. This is a case of a player caught up in a numbers game. But she is rare in that she stood her ground and remained at RBC… rare stuff in a time where kids are constantly running from competition and a challenge. This is a major sleeper and college coaches today at 4.30 you be wise to have all eyes upon her.


















ADDY NYEMCHEK- 6’0”- Wing … she the FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR IN THE SHORE CONFERENCE. She is coming off perhaps the best freshman season in recent Shore Conference history. She is the total package right now. She is unselfish, and a team player. She is coachable and has no interest in stats or awards. Her focus is winning and being a good teammate while playing at a high level in the biggest of moments. She is a rare and next level shot blocker, she is the best passer maybe in the state right now. She is unstoppable in the line with her turn around jumper or one foot fade. She has every finishing move in the lane with either hand. Her three point shooting is built around high percentage shooting and elite shot selection. I could go on for days. She has P5 offers and will be the most recruited player in New Jersey… she will be that rare player that will select her college of choice and there will be no exceptions. Everyone will be in the mix.















KATIE LIGGIO- 5’7”- Wing… they call her “k3” for a reason. That’s because  nobody is better from the land of milk and honey. This is the best shooter these eyes has every seen. That means everyone in the last 20 years. Her range is to 28 feet and the release is quick as lighting. But what makes her most effective is that she can get her own shot. That’s because her handle is dirty as in Filthy. Her shot fakes, heads fakes and change of pace simply is rarely seen in pure shooters. She can post up bigger guards and her mid range game can match her long ball game. She is a excellent defender both on and off the ball. She has POWER 5 offers on the table and has not hit the surface of her talents.










LOLA GIORDANO– 5’6”- Combo… first if you want culture you’re be wise to start right here and now. This is a winner from top to bottom on and off the court. There is no better kid!!!!  She was 1st TEAM ALL FRESHMAN. That’s because she is a lock down defender who is masterful at stepping into passing lanes. Next she is a true general on the floor. She takes care of the ball and her teammates. She is a next level decision maker in transition. She finds hustling teammates or creates for herself. Her three point shooting is so UNDERRATED. What is not underrated is her competitive nature, mental toughness and competitive nature. All which are beyond next level. She is a future D1 rock star… take it from a guy who knows a few things about such matters!
















5’7”- Wing… coaches if you want a active player with tons of bounce look no further. She is a Top 10 player in the 2026 class in the state of New Jersey. She brings length and quickness to a different level. The lefty is beyond active around the glass. She is masterful at ripping rebounds down and starting the break. Now coaches pay attention, she is one of the best interior passer I have  ever seen. She sees things in small spaces only the passing gods can see. She has a more than reliable three and you must find her. But her mid range game is magic. She is a next level rim runner and finisher. She is a hard worker with a winning personality and drama free parents. This is a magical recruit. She will be the apple of  many D1 schools.



SOPHIE SMITH– 6’0”- Foward… the rise of Sophie Smith has been nothing short of amazing. But first start with the mental toughness. She sat behind a struggling senior this past year. Everyone thought she’d  be upset and run. But Sophie Snith coaches is not a runner. It why this spring she had what can only be called the spring surprise. The word potential is not a word she understands. The word now is fulfilling. She is fulfilling all expectations and more. Her post game is simple sick. That’s because her footwork is off the charts. Name a post move and it’s in her bag. Next the jump hook allows her to player against big athletic forwards in the lane. Now add in the extras like she is a master passer and sets masterful screens. She is a rebounding machine in and out of her area. That’s because her mobility is so next level. It also allows her to play pick and roll defense like no other. She can switch to guards or take the deep drop. She is a shot blocking machine on and off the ball… I could go on but why bother.. she has more D1 offers on the table, than a beauty queen. Folks this is the real deal.

















TESSA LIGGIO– 5’7”… now I know she is out there somewhere. But until I see different this is the best pure point guard in New Jersey regardless of age. The swag is  real, after destroying a Top 15 guard in the country, she said “I never heard of her”. She will be known as the best point guard in Shore history one day. Her handle is dangerous, she gets to the rim and punishes bigger guards and athletic post players fooled by her size. She reads secondary defenders like a cheap book. Go under a screen and she will make you pay. She finds teammates constantly in pick and roll and early up passes. SHE NEVER  MISSES A OPEN SHOOTER. Her leadership skills are off the charts. She will challenge teammates and protect teammates. She will eat up hard coaching. She elevates everyone in her presence . She is the rare point guard who understands how to hype up teammates. Her competitive nature has no match and her point game has none either… THIS IS THE GOLD STANDARD… she has Power 5 offers on the table.


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