It’s the holiday season, so College Coaches, I am going to give you a gift. Last summer I tried to tell coaches Maddie McCrae of Allentown high school was going to be a steal for those D1 schools playing attention. It’s why I take joy in saying these words today… I TOLD YOU SO!

Maddie McCrae last summer suffered from a rash of injuries. It prevented her from training and keeping in the gym. She was frustrated and not a happy camper. But somehow she got healthy after playing the entire summer in pain. When she was at academic elite, I tried to tell every coach, she was a D1 player. Only two D1 schools followed up at the time, everyone else went about their business. Today they may want to make Maddie McCrae a major part of this business. Because these days Maddie McCrae is proving she is clearly one of the most versatile and talented forwards in all of New Jersey.

This fall Maddie McCrae showed up at NBS and I didn’t Recognize her. She looked taller, thinner and much stronger. Then when she started to play, I knew a transformation had taken place. She was light and nimble on her feet. Her new found quickness and strength made her a nightmare at the deeply talented NBS. Her mobility made her a problem for post players. Her size and strength makes it impossible for wings to guard her. But her strength and toughness made it no problem to guard post players. Her new found quickness allowed her to guard forwards on the perimeter. Maddie McCrae is now the versatile player coaches dream about. Yet coaches had not found about her new found game… well that was then and this is now.

When you’re 6ft tall and can step away from basket and knock down threes, you’re rare. When you can use pump fakes and jab steps to set up quick drives to the basket at 6’0” you’re rare. When you are a wide body in phenomenal shape, your ability to finish the rim becomes elite, you’re special. When you have strong hands that allow you to get any rebound your hands touch, you’re rare. But when you can do all the things just mentioned and are an electric Passer and ball handler with size… you are SPECIAL… right now Maddie McCrae is the best holiday gift a coach can receive.

Last fall I watched as Maddie McCrae dominated NBS at times. I watched as she took some of the most recruited players in NJ to the cleaners. I watched her development. I knew she was going to be special this season. I knew being healthy and insanely competitive would allow her to shine. One day at NBS we gave her that rare standing ovations ..she was that good. When you have a bunch of NBS players standing around cheering for you it’s pretty cool… well there is going to be a lot of cheering at Allentown High School this year. Just click the link below to understand why!


Maddie McCrae plays for the 2021 Shoreshots. If you’re a coach and not know that crew you may want to get out of the recruiting business. It’s a team full of D1 players. They play the best competition. Maddie McCrae has fully benefited from playing against this high level of competition. She has also seen the best of the best at NBS. So Maddie McCrae is no stranger to elite competition. She thrives on it. It’s why she and another NBS player Erika Porter went after it on opening night. The night ended with Erika Porter jumping into history with her 1000th point and Notre Dame getting the “W” in a hard fought battle. Maddie McCrae had 18 points, 11 rebounds, 4 assists and a charge, all in one night work against one of the best players in the state. Maddie and Erika are friends but make no mistake both are insanely competitive. Both have mad respect for each other. Erika is being recruited by Elite Programs. Maddie is working on, just trying to remind everyone she is an elite player herself.

I love when kids develop and reach their Potential. I Especially love when kids have to overcome obstacles. I think it gives them a better appreciation when trying accomplishing something along the way. Maddie McCrae has had to overcome a lot in the pass 6 months. But she is going to find it was all worth it. Soon Maddie McCrae is going to find her life is getting ready to change. Even more D1 College Coaches are going to be banging down her door…THATS A FACT. Meanwhile, I will be sitting back saying what I always say in these Situations….I TOLD YOU SO….AGAIN!

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