#1 St. Rose comes up 🌹 … Check every box👌

St. Rose played Rutgers Prep yesterday in a matchup of two teams with big expectations. St Rose checked every box yesterday in a total team win. The game was played without head coach Mary Beth Chambers, making victory even sweeter.

This morning everyone will be talking about the electrifying performance by Brynn Farrell. She was unstoppable all afternoon. She checked every box. She checked the composure box, she was cool as a cucumber all day. Stick and stones may break her bones…BUT WORDS COULD NEVER STOP OR HURT HER. She scored 28 points but it was how she scored them. She made threes, got to the rim, posted up, got out in transition and finally made free throws. She had 10 rebounds, 4 assists and played the best defense I have seen from her. Brynn Farrell checked all the boxes yesterday… including the most important one.. that rare box only few can check…the superstar box.

Yesterday was way more than just about Brynn Farrell. Yesterday was about a team checking every box. It was about a team being totally prepared. Yesterday St. Rose needed somebody to lead them. They needed somebody to direct them. They needed somebody to take control; be the conductor. That person who checked all those boxes was ABBY ANTOGNOLI; who played the perfect floor game. She refused to let the Rutgers Prep pressure rattle her or more importantly her teammates. She put her offensive game on the back burner so her teammates could relax and yes shine. At no point in the game did she allow her teammates to get out of control. She also made life different for the Prep Guards. It was different because sometimes she pressured them and sometimes she did not. She keep them out rhythm all night. Abby Antognoli checked all the boxes and painted a masterpiece in the process.

Layla Laws checked a big box off the bench. She checked the “we can’t take you off the floor” box yesterday. Layla Laws had 7 points and 5 rebounds. But that doesn’t tell the story. Layla Laws helped change the entire game yesterday. It was she who first exposed Prep’s weak transition defense by getting behind them for the first run out of many by St.Rose. It was she that made her teammates believe they could throw long. It was she who gave her teammates confidence when she knocked down a big three early. But it was her defensive rebounding and half court defense that shocked Prep. She helped everywhere and her length made shooting over her a nightmare for the Prep guards… Layla Laws is becoming a problem.

Maria Tedesco has been waiting for yesterday for three years. She’s been waiting to show she belongs. Yesterday she checked her own box by proving she is ready for prime time. Her defense and boxing out was beastly. She did all the dirty work. She did all the things that don’t show up in the box score. Like hustling, running in Transition, being physical while taking care of the ball. She didn’t care about points, she only cared about winning. Tedesco checked another box… it’s called GREAT TEAMMATE

Makayla Andrews scored 11 points yesterday. But her impact was her presence. Rutgers Prep refuse to let her get going. So Andrews took her 11 points, played defense and found Brynn Farrell hanging out in Hawaii. She also went to work on defense. Andrews checked the whatever it takes box. Mo Stapleton is a shooter and yesterday she was 0-2 from three. It’sno Matter. She helped break the press, blocked shots and rebounded. She made the extra pass all afternoon. She was the perfect Soldier yesterday. She checked the do other things box

Kitty Murphy didn’t play much. But when she came in she tired up Rutgers Prep, late in 1st half causing a jump ball. She showed her teammates she would do her part and not sulk about playing time. She checked the stay ready box.

Freshman Maggie Cavanaugh’s bucket to close the first half was huge. Just like her 4 unexpected minutes. She clapped her hands, got a steal and played with real energy. She checked the Play with emotion box

Yesterday St. Rose was a team, a really good team. A team that came together. Rutgers prep fell behind early and St.Rose never let them up off the deck. They didn’t allow the RUTGERS PREP press to be a factor at all. They made Rutgers pay for fouling by making free throws. Christina Dalce had 13 of their 20 first half points. So when left the game and Prep down 13 in the middle of the third quarter, it was a wrap. Oliva Childs scored a few baskets on-some wonderful moves. But at that point It was a foregone conclusions. St.Rose had checked every box…including the WINNING TEAM BOX

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