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The end of the first live period ended with much to talk about. Some players and teams had great showings. There were also a few mistakes made by players and teams. It seems the live period was like most live periods, some bright moments and yes a few disappointing moments.



The live period is clearly about show casting and some teams and players did a great job. The TRUHAN BELLES may have done the best job of all, in maximizing their players exposure and showcasing. The Belles rather than getting lost, spend lots of money and wearing  themselves out. Made a brilliant decision and stayed local for the first round  of the live period. They got exposure from schools at the level that’s fits their roster but  also shined going 5-1. In the process players like JORDYN KEATING  picked up Scholarship offers. While kids  RACHEL CAPUA, SOPHIA MEMON AND AMELIA MENDOLLA got to truly shine and build their brand.  All three had BIG MOMENTS at times. Then in the 2nd half of the live period, with a little momentum behind them and some buzz they  created, they headed out to Chicago. They did not play in the Top bracket, but they did not play in a weak one. The played just enough competition to get REAL D1 exposure for the  kids looking for that and because of fresh legs and minds played well. They went 5-0 and have now set themselves up perfectly for D.C and academic elite.

Now some teams because of ego decided to fly across the country and play in bracket Z vs bad competition and zero coaches watching. These teams unlike the JT BELLES wasted time, energy and money. But more importantly lost a opportunity for REAL exposure, you cannot get back, in these days of the shortened recruiting period.

I UNDERSTAND 8th gade teams being exposed to the live period. But playing the entire live period makes no sense. They are few coaches at these games if any. Then more importantly a young rising 9th grader loses an entire month of training the summer before their most important basketball season. I feel good decision making is very hard. But so important during the live period for young players. The summer months mean everything to their development.




Where a player decides to play in the live period is huge. There are no less than 3 Division One players who have made massive mistakes in their choices of teams. A coach cannot evaluate a player who does not play. Playing time is a must for any player. There is no faster way to lose credibility than sitting on the bench during the live period. It creates major doubt in coaches eyes and kills a players stock. These three player are now fighting for their D1 basketball lives, something that was a certainty…just 2 weeks ago! Folks things can change quickly based on your decisions.


Players who have great reputations going into the summer are going to learn a few harsh lessons. One of those lessons is your rep can disappear on a weekend if your not careful. While coaches could care less about scores, listen to this text

why the f..k is she playing with that team. There playing horrible competition and still getting blown out. She looks bad for so many reasons”

Folks things can change that quick if your not careful. But you can also get a text like this “Madison St. Rose is out here killing people. Tiny she is good and plays the right way” POWER 5 Head Coach. The live period is tricky business and navigating how to move is the hardest part. We had some good moves and some bad ones….the good news, everyone gets another chance.



Destiny Adams looks like a Top 10 player in the 2021 class

Destiny Adams looks like a Top 10 player in the 2021 class

So what are college coaches talking about you ask? Well first DESTINY ADAMS was dominant for EXODUS. So good a college coach told me, in her eyes. DESTINY ADAMS is a Top 10 player in the 2021. Madison St. Rose got off to a slow start in the first round of the live period. But all is good because she was sensational according to college coaches, in Indy. A name popping up daily is CATLIN WINGERTZHAN of the FAGAN BELLES. Everyone is pointing out to her improvement and it’s clear she is on her way to D1 status. MARY DONNELLY also of the Fagen Belles clearly has a tan. Because every college coach said this words. ” The Donnelly kid with the tan, is really good…lol. Yes she is folks. Donnelly cannot be happier these days, not many have seen their stock grow the way her’s has in the past 4 months.


SHAE SABINO  continued to shock everyone with her play in Kentucky. Sabino averaged double figures and broke out a new total bag of tricks. Her preformance gave college coaches including D1 schools a reason to follow the Shoreshots 202o with 4 committed players. Sabino is becoming a real story so stay tuned. Grace  Munt had college coaches smiling and praising her athletic ability. Munt according to coaches surprised them with her quickness and athletic ability. The three point shooting is just a added bonus. 8th grader Devin Quigley of Manchester is  going to re-classify. So Manchester will not have her in uniform but no worries she came out of the live period receiving D1 offers. John TRUHAN must be all smiles because Jordyn Keating picked up at least one and maybe two offers, she had a monster opening live period. When you talk about picking the right AAU team, start with JESS RIEPE, she just turned in a masterful live period. She now has some real name recognition and my guess is, she cashes in …during next live period. Some Shore Adopted players had  great showing. It’s clear FAITH PAPPAS is on her way to stardom, she had a monster showing. A D1 coach informed me she was going to offer Deyvn Scott of Gil Bernard. Amaya Bray of Manchester and the Masonious Belles is watching her stock soar. How much you ask? How about D1 schools wanting as much information about the young lady as they can get. Why? She did not see a lot of time last season.


Pissott will be shut down for the reminder of the live period

Pissott will be shut down for the reminder of the live period

Justine Pissott has been shut down for the remaining live period. But not before picking up an offer from one of  best programs in women’s basketball history. Pissott will be cleared to play in 2 weeks. Brynn Farrell is watching her stock soar this summer. According to college coaches, “I don’t think she can play much better”  a Big East asst said about her.  There are some interesting baby feed back. Gabby Recinto has officially won the hearts of everyone. The talented wing was on top of her game. As one coach said ” I love her”…One story even coaches I’m sure missed….2024 Julia Karpell making back to back three point game winners for the 2023 Team Rio.



The 2021 Shoreshots played by far the best competition of anyone. First in Kentucky they were in a bracket, according to a Power 5 coach “will be hard pressed to get a win, but it’s good for them”. Well guess what? The  SHORESHOTS went 3-3 and had the biggest win ever for their program, beating defending champ and AAU powerhouse Ohio Smac, before losing in the championship. Down by 13 with 3 mins to go in the semi final they came back to win.  They were up by 13 points in other game before Justine Pissott went down in the 2nd half. The amount of coaches following this crew cannot be but into words. There play the best competition, play as a team and have stuck together. No team creates more jealousy from outsiders who are constantly trying to create drama for them at no avail….no worries  the coaches love them.

If not for the 2021 Shoreshots who the  U17 Team Rio lost to in a real battle, early in the spring. Their ONLY lost in New Jersey, we’d be calling Team Rio the “it” team. They have been nothing short of sensational. Katie Hill Keeps picking up D1 offers and clearly is becoming a mega star. Her teammate Madison St. Rose is every D1 coaches dream. Shannon Coyle’s team has improved it seems every week. The team has players from across the northeast like Paulina Paris who coaches are  drooling over. They have proven to be a well balance drama free tight group.

Speaking of Team Rio, there u16 team made it to the championship game in Kentucky. This is a group for some reason we are not giving enough love too. The TEAM RIO organization has been a hit



The JERSEY BELLES MASONIOUS AND FAGEN TEAMS both went 1-4. The Fagen team stepped up in competition and were leading in just about every game only to come up short. The record was no indication of how the team played. The Masonious team caught a bad break  future D1 guard Ashley O’Conner had to return home and  mega stud Hope Masonious could not play. The good news Molly Kelly of the 2023 Belles flew in to give the Masonious Belles a body to get though the week…bravo Molly!

Beth Chambers took over THE 2023 Shoreshots and right away. They just may be the best 8th grade crew in town. Chambers team was lights out the entire live period. They took a page out of the 2021 play book. They played big time competition. EMMA CARMAN  is clearly one of the best 2021’s in the state. But AVERY KESSLER is one of the most clutch players you will see.  NIA SCOTT, is clearly a future D1 player. This team is flat out loaded Top to bottom. They lost in the Championship in Chicago…it’s called the CHAMBERS EFFECT.


Did anyone notice what Dartmouth commit CAMRYN FOLTZ  did during the live period? Somebody forgot to tell her it’s okay to take her foot off the Pedal. Well let’s just put it this way. Nobody was better during the first live period. She was beastly, more proff some kids after committing do stay on their grind. I’ve seen this kid in the gym more since her verbal.


The Live period was a learning period for some and for others a gold mine. Stay tuned because we are going to have 2 more D1 commitments any day now…..see ya at Academic Elite…..I WILL BLOG EVERYDAY THIS WEEK!!


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