I will just get right into my NBS CAMP thoughts. Last week was the first time we’ve  had a NBS camp during the live period. By doing so, I gave  a chance to watch a number of kids play for a extended period of time, that I  don’t  ordinary see on the main courts. Like every other NBS camp I was not shocked when I discovered a few new superstars of the future.


NBS is built on competition and that’s exactly what we got last week. First let me repeat what I have been saying since January, the 2023 class has a chance to be the best class ever. They certainly are starting out as one of the most talented groups. After this week at NBS, here is what I discovered, the 2023 class now has 12 locks before they play there first high school games. Even crazier there are  3 D1 locks including a Power 5 player. Who are  reclassifing, inculding, the much improved, ELLA INACIO. Who now must be considered one of the Top 5 players in the 2024 class. BRAVO to her parents for a great move. Ella, certainly opened my eyes with her worth ethic, IQ and mental toughness, her future is huge. She was impressive all week as many 2023 NJ BELLES were on hand as well.

NOW the question is will the 2023 class develop? Will they add a few more D1 players or will they lose a few D1 locks along the way.. Most classes in the Shore start with 7- 8 Division One players, then over 4 years add between 7 and a all time high of 13 more Division One players before a typical class graduates. This year’s 2020 class has already added Stephanie Mayerhoffer and Kristina DONZA for example. Neither player were rated as D1 players entering high school. The 2020 class also lost a D1 player, when Paige SLAVEN decided to play D2 basketball, but that was a personal decision.Then another D1 player decided to quit playing, that was her own choosing. So you can see things can change over the 4 years.

You cannot talk about NBS this week without starting with one name…SARAH HUGHES of RUMSON FAIRHEAVEN. She has changed her entire status in just 6 months. She has gone from a after thought to a guaranteed Division I player. She will enter next season has one of the three  best Freshman in the Shore Conference… and don’t try to even argue with me, it’s non debatable. Feel free to challenge my track record because it speaks for itself. She was dominant at NBS last week. She dominated drills, one on one and  situational play. In the scrimmages,  nobody was in her world.  Her toughness and physicality are way beyond her years. But it’s her competitive nature and her ability to raise her level of play that was so shocking. She is that rare baby who not only can be a playermaker to fellow guards…but to POST PLAYERS AS WELL. She is murder behind screens with her three point shooting range and maybe more than anything else is  a pit bull on defense. While there was no MVP  this week for obvious reasons …if there was one, SARAH HUGHES would have run away with the award. There is no question this young lady has risen above everything. Including losing her AAU teaam, while being left to fend for herself. Well, she has done more than that. Right now she looks likes one of the leading candidates for the 2023  FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR. College coaches this one is going create a massive recruiting war….start making yourpitch now, a future mega star. She has out worked the world!



Every year at NBS, SOME UNKOWN PLAYER shows up and blows everyone’s doors off.  This year was no different because RYLYN ORLANDO  did just that. Rylyn plays for the 2023 Belles and will attend Manasquan high school. Lucky for them because Rylyn Orlando is not just athletic and fast. She is fearless and about as competitive 2023,  I know right now. Watching the lefty get to the rim with such pace was shocking. What I love most was her ability to finish everything even in traffic. She has a nice mid range game and knocks down the three. She also has  tremendous pride on defense. Her ability to get tips, deflexions and steals jump off the page. She is a 50/50 ball magnet. But now here is something all young kids should pay attention too…RYLYN ORLANO’S decision making is off the charts. This is a kid who takes care of the ball and has elite shot selection . College coaches, you better learn her name quick. She has, special written all over her. How I missed this young lady is insane. She plays hard, a great teammate and so coachable,  I was embarrassed to even raise my voice to her. Why do I get the feeling her parents play a big part in all this? I will go on the record and say a future ALL SHORE PLAYER….that good. She is a MAJOR IMPACT FOR MANASQUAN next season.


CASEY PRIOR put on a shooting show of the likes we rarely  see at NBS. With her team down 17 points in the 2nd half. Casey Prior hit bomb after bomb. She did if off screens, she did it from almost half court, she got to the rim and she did it in transition. She had the preformance of the week. Casey Prior gives RBC another D1 player and one of the best babies in the Shore Conference. Prior’s  ball handling and shooting skills make her one of the best packages entering the Shore.

RFH just may have the deepest Freshman class in the state. The number of  talented kids coming into the program is staggering. But there is no question MOLLY KELLY, who was at NBS just one day because the Belles 2022 team called her to Chicago, is going to be another D1 player. She has grown a good 2 inches. Has gotten much stronger and improved her all around game. Molly Kelly, no question will be a future captain at RFH, her vocal leadership skills, you cannot teach. Just like I believe you cannot teach feel for the game. Her feel for the game is exceptional. She my friends is going to be a impact player for years to come.


Now here are a few tidbits from NBS camp ….the name BETH RANKIN mean anything to you? Well it will in 6 months. I know Beth has attended NBS in the past. But she doesn’t get much of my attention. Well she got my attention this week and did not disappoint. Because here are a few facts, her quickness, ball handling, three point shooting  and scoring are just what the doctor ordered for MIDDLETOWN SOUTH next season. There is no doubt in my mind, she takes over the starting point guard duties for Coach Tom Brennan next year. She was sensational this week.

SAMANTHA SLOFKISS, does not run away from competition. It’s why each of the past  2 years she has developed. She has been on a mission. She could very easily made the excuse of saying, too many young kids and sat at home last week. We all know how older players fear young talent…it’s called protecting your rep.  Slofkiss, had a surprise banner freshman year, last season season at Marlboro. She is building on that this  summer. But to see her confidence growing this fast is amazing. I can assure you in August, she will be on the NBS main courts because of the work ethic and desire. She has willed herself into a impact player. I love what I saw last week. She is starting to position herself to end up at a excellent college when it’s all said and done.


The boys group at NBS was the best in NBS history. First the talent shocked me and then the work ethic,  all week was impressive. I have a sneaky suspicion, the NBS boys may be making a serious statement come our August session. The NBS camp shocked even me this week and I can promise you this,…..WE WILL BE DOING  IT AGAIN, NEXT YEAR DURING THE LIVE PERIOD….AGAIN.


HGHQ- NBS camp


NBS CAMP SESSION TWO…AUG 19th…this event has 37 spots remaining


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