So AAU coaches are starting to have practice again. Kids can finally spend time with teammates and friends. There is no question this is a good thing. Especially for everyone’s mental health. It’s really not that hard to maintain social distancing while having practice. But here is where all the problems begin. You have some people who simply don’t get it. It’s a joke a… a bad joke!

I have long said that many AAU Coaches want to control kids. But that was a basketball issue. Nobody’s health was in jeopardy. Many parents knew these coaches were controlling their kids. But it never affected there kids health, so they played the political game. It’s all part of the AAU dance. The dance while at times, leaves a lot to be desired other than feelings getting hurt.. nobody got physically hurt. Yes,emotionally maybe but never physically. But this is where times have changed. Now you have people putting players and families health in danger these days.

Today somewhere in some town a AAU practice is taking place. Somewhere a AAU coach is having their team play 5 on 5 live. There is a coach having kids play competitive drills. Why? Because the players are getting ready for the August or September live recruiting period. Because that’s earliest kids will play in front of college coaches again . So what’s the rush? Let me explain the rush. Because you have some selfish people out there. You have some people out there who simply don’t care. They don’t care if somebody or a member of somebody’s family gets sick. The parents of these kids, you would think would step in and demand that coach stop. But you see many parents will risk their kids health to stay on good terms with the AAU coach. Well that is until one of their kids get sick. The problem with all this, is that it’s all avoidable.

Now we have college and professional teams doing all they can do to protect their athletes these days. There is nothing more important than their safety. It’s why they have made testing a #1 priority. There understand there is a real danger for athletes and their families. So why are AAU teams not taking the same approach. How dare a coach run a practice that does demand social distancing without testing? Here is why? Because there are some who just don’t care. They think the entire virus thing is a myth. That is until somebody ends up in a hospital. It won’t matter until somebody on the team test positive and real fear sinks in. When the lawsuits start and college coaches become scared of that kid or parent. These are things that should not happen. Because they don’t have to happen, because everyone can now be tested. The problem is parents are waiting for a AAU coach to take the lead. FOLKS…YOU BETTER HANDLE YOUR BUSINESS.. BECAUSE THEIR YOUR KIDS… NOT THE COACHES.

Now can you see why the NCAA is worried about opening the live period. Who is going to police the AAU programs? Who is going to demand they protect their kids? Well all I have to say is this… GO GET TESTED... it’s not that damn complicated or don’t play competitive drills….try thinking about everyone’s health and safety instead of a basketball game. This entire thing is a joke because it’s so easy to protect our kids.

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