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Today I am going to make it short and sweet…I have a few random thoughts rolling around in my head.. so here we go.

I have no idea what Sophia Memon is doing this days. I just know I one time she was tracking as a scholarship player. No way she should be on the board still. Young lady is 6ft can guard bigger and has developed a serious high post game now.

Jasmine Boyd of TCA is without a question the craziest story I have seen in years. How she is not committed to a D1 school is beyond bizarre. She should have multiple offers. I think she just has not been in the right places. It’s the only thing I can come up with right now. JAZZ YOU MUST GET TO NBS…

ALLY CARMAN just might be the most in demand true center in Shore history these days. The schools recruiting her would make your jaw drop. Carman has developed over the years. The crazy part is that she still has two years.

There is a 8th grader shooting up the charts these days. Christina Liggio’s development has been shocking to say the least. No Grammar school player has caught my eye more in terms of development. Gym rats seem to always get better for some reason.

Christina Whithead will not attend FDU. Nobody know what her plans are, but my guess is that she is going to enjoy being just a great kid without basketball… brave move and good luck.

TRN has a chance to be the king of Ocean County one day. They have some real talent in their lineup and its very young. They could be a force next year after Destiny Adams bids goodbye.

While I agree kids make too much of personal awards. Lets not forget it goes to their legacy and some kids do not want to be forgotten. So I tell kids make your mark… just remember that winning is what you will remember most.

This fall three programs just off the page for me... maybe not you. Because I see things different than you do… But RBR is building something special trust me and it’s the bridge they are creating for kids outside the program now.

RBC has to find a team leader in a hurry. But they also have to be willing to accept who ever is the leader, like it or not. Let me give you a great example. Who is the voice of RBC? ummm Joe Montano if you ask me.

Neptune High School has two talented guards. But where do they go after that. John Brown would even admit, the talent level at Neptune has taken a hit in recent years. Time to get those kids back in the gym at a early age.

Mid Monmouth being cancelled is a major blow to Shore basketball. It’s the best youth organization in the state for girls basketball. Trust me it’s going to affect a few programs.

I can’t believe they cannot figure out a way to have a SCT champ this year. It will be sad not give SJV and RBC a chance to bring back the good ole days. Because right now… no other Shore teams are in their world.

Funny how we very rarely mention the name of the best player in the Shore Conference last year.. Madison St. Rose. You see Madison is a rare kid. She just doesn’t need the spotlight on her, to know she is special. But she’s got the POY and SCT titles in her house as I type.

The number of college coaches calling to tell me kids are not prepared does not surprise me. Why? Because you can tell them over and over to get ready. But unless they experience it… THEY DON’T HEAR YOU… not every kid is Camryn Foltz.

Lola Mullaney is taking a gap year, Camryn Foltz is taking a gap year, Makayla Andrews, Shae Sabino are sitting at home. The list goes on…The Covid has been a nightmare for some kids.


My coach of the year pick right now.. well that is easy. I have a funny feeling Coach Linney and Ranney are getting ready to do big things. Charlie Lapinski is going to shock everyone. I say she is a D1 one prospect.

The injuries are playing a major role right now. RBC, RFH and RBR have two players out right now, they need to make noise in the shore conference. Remember the early season games and practices are more important now with the shorten season. You don’t miss weeks of practice and show up ready to go on day one… it just doesn’t work that way.

Until yesterday I thought Ally Carman would be the last Power 5 player to come off the board. But now I say she could be first. I know this, who ever wins is getting a Top 20 center in the country. But just as important puts them in the driver’s seat for Tessa Carman the biggest fish of all in the next 4 years. Want to know the biggest difference in womens recruiting and mens? Not one mid major or high major school has offered to package the Carman sisters…That my friends could never happen on the men’s side.

Joe Montano, John Truhan and Dawn Karpell what to they all have in common? You going to say wins and titles right? Nope I say longevity of success. These three could win if you gave them half of a ham sandwich and zero talent. How do I know? They all won with great teams and weak teams… check the record books.

The video don’t lie, I been spending my time watching bad video. Can somebody please upgrade this stuff. And can kids stop putting bad video on twitter and youtube…NOBODY IS WATCHING IT

By the way I watched a video of a very talented young lady, everyone is saying is one of the best. She looks like the real deal. But here is the problem, the competition she is facing is just not college evaluation stuff. I always wonder if a kid is so good and wants a chance to prove it, everyone says they can play D1 or with the best players….THEY WHY DO THEY SKIP NBS… just asking.

I love kids like Chloe Teter who refuse to settle. I also like they don’t listen to people saying you better sign or else… or else what, she’ll go to a school she actually likes.

AAU is just not right now. Coaches still practicing two and three days a week. For what reason? You been playing since April or June. You still need practice? This is a joke, let the kids get back to training outside your element and let them focus on school and getting ready for the high school season.

Can somebody beat SJV this year? Of course anyone can be beaten once. But I can tell you this. They better have the mental toughness of a warrior. Because that crew is 100% about winning and not pointing fingers.

The best backcourt in the State is Zoe Brooks and Angelica Velez. Do you know why? Because they are so unselfish. They enjoy making teammates shine. They could be in the discussion of all time great backcourts one day.

I just want to remind college coaches that Jada Lynch is only a 7th grader and she will be recruited by every single school in the country one day. She and Tessa Carman who is the same age as Lynch are two beyond special talents. Too great kids like this in the same 5 year window is unheard of. Both remind me of Faith Masonius at that age. Except Masonius was why more skilled. But these two are on another planet athletic wise.

Are there too many AAU teams these days? Yes there is, kids no longer suffer the disappointment of not having a jersey. It makes them hungry and gets them in the gym. Remember local basketball use to be for that kid who doesn’t work at it. Not now… the money is too big. Give them a uniform and call it AAU.

“tiny there was no EYBL last summer” Yeah coach I know and guess what because you are part of a EYBL team doesn’t mean you playing real EYBL. It means you just playing on a team and coaches are not dumb.

You can lean so much watching the NBA playoffs. Like the defense is insane and don’t ever say they don’t play defense in that league. You sound silly. But watching how to set screens and use screens is a must for all kids

Can you please stop getting mad, that I talk so much about D1 basketball. If that’s not your goal….that’s great, but stop hating on kids for wanting too… do you hate on kids or people who want to attend Ivy schools? Lets be honest, it about being jealous.

Why don’t I allow people to watch NBS? Because they talk and mostly lie about what has taken place. I learned that the hard way 16 years ago.

you know three better kids? Stop lying:)

Who is my favorite team to watch play? Well that’s not even close. I can watch Middletown North play all day long. My favorite player to watch? Well that is easy as well… I can watch Grace Munt play all day long. Smart, talented and most of all a real team player… oh those kids still exist?

I am reading last year Coaches All Division Teams. It reads like a broadway comedy. Man they have to get away from some of this stuff. I mean why bother if you just rewarding kids for rewarding them.

I wish I could open the comments section again. But I know that just leads to crazy world. But it would be fun to hear people’s thoughts and debate who should be ranked where and who are the best players, coaches etc… maybe one day again soon!

I’m out of thoughts…. see you next week.


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