It was a great weekend for Shore basketball seniors. It was an even better weekend for Ocean County girls basketball. But in the end it was a great day for JORDYN KEATING OF DONOVAN CATHOLIC , RACHEL CAPUA OF JACKSON MEMORIAL,MAURA CARNEY OF JACKSON LIBERTY AND Ocean adopted GRACE MEEHAN OF MIDDLETOWN SOUTH. As all four gave verbal commitments to play COLLEGE BASKETBALL at the next level.. The four join other commits, Destiny Adams of Manchester and Lila Shaver of Pt. Boro, in giving Ocean County a whopping six players off to college to play basketball.

Ocean County is clearly tired of the likes of Tiny Green questioning there talent level. But more than anything else, Ocean is letting its game speak for itself. Because right now Ocean is stealing the recruiting spotlight these days. Jordyn Keating of Donovan Catholic and Rachel Capuo of Jackson Memorial we’re both threw curve balls recently. Both gave verbal commitments to NEW YORK INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY on Long Island. It appeared the D2 school had hit a home run. Stealing two players who many believed would be future stars. But then due to the Corona Virus the school ended all sports. Meaning Keating and Capuo were both back on the street the street. Well when you are two of the best players in the Shore Conference and two of the best players to wear there schools uniforms. Your not going to be on the street long. Both were quickly picked up by East Stroudsburg, Coach Stephanie del Preore. Who is rapidly showing she is going to be a force in the PSAC CONFERENCE. She stole Bianca Giordano last year and now has parlayed her long time relationship with Rachel Goodale into 3 studs in less than one year..talk about getting the job done.

Garry Linton more than anyone else is partially responsible for Ocean County’s magical weekend. It’s Gary Linton who has brought his positive message to Ocean County. It’s he who has given countless hours to the too often forgotten Ocean players. He has trained them up. He has convinced them anything is possible. Jordyn Keating and Rachel Capua are just two of his lasted success stories. But the man who showed Kristina Donza how to just bet on herself and outwork the world and make dreams come true.. has done it again. Maura Carney has been lighting it up at Jackson Liberty. She is the same Maura Carney off to Adelphi College on Long Island. She is the pride of Ocean County. A player who gets little love but one of the best players in the Shore. This is the same player who sent RBR packing in the SCT. A team with two division guards. Somebody forgot to tell Carney she was not suppose to be the best player on the court. But Maura hasn’t been listening to many people doubting her over the years. That’s because Garry Linton has been telling us over and over she is special. I guess he knew what he was talking about because Adelphi University got the pride of OCEAN LOCKED UP.

Now the BASKETBALL WAREHOUSE has made a reputation for picking kids up. Dusting them off and bringing them back to life. Now all three of the names above are Basketball Warehouse family members. But Grace Meehan is the original face of the BASKETBALL WAREHOUSE. Meehan has been often forgotten, kicked to the side. That is until she found the basketball warehouse family. They gave her life and hope in a land where they eat their children..AKA SHORE BASKETBALL. She also found love .. real love playing for the NJ BELLES and John Truhan. The same team that produced Keating and Capua. She will be off to an academic powerhouse, in Susquehanna University in Pa. it’s a dream come true for the Middletown South Senior. She no question is blessed because Garry Linton and his magical hands and knowledge touched her game. I guess this truly the Definition of it takes a village and omg … did she live in a great village. Grace Meehan and Susquehanna are the perfect match.

Destiny Adams is the most talented player in the State. She has made Ocean County relevant. She will attend the University of North Carolina. Lila shaver has been quietly for years getting better and better. She is that typical Ocean kid, doing big things in the shadows of greatness. SHE WILL ATTEND VASSAR COLLEGE next year….

Some people have questioned what has happen to Ocean basketball. Some question the future of Ocean basketball. Wait maybe some means, just one person…. TINY GREEN. Because the way it looks to Ocean fans and college coaches.. OCEAN IS DOING JUST FINE.. and last weekend was one to remember for a long time… CONGRATS TO THE COMEBACK KIDS .. JORDYN KEATING AND RACHEL CAPUA.. congratulations to Ocean Adopted Grace Meehan and finally congratulations to the nicest village around .. GARRY LINTON… BASKETBALL WAREHOUSE.. JOHN TRUHAN and the Professor himself… TOM BRENNAN OF MIDDLETOWN SOUTH…well done gentlemen!






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