8 Golden Nuggets this Fall…..

Round two of NBS as well as NBS will start this week and it’s no surprise we have a few kids come from under the radar. These are the kids that for some reason are over looked or in many case just have not had a chance to shine. So here are my top five sleepers of the fall. The Shore Conference is known for sleepers due to the number of great players in the Shore. Great players as Sam Gustella, Arron Zimmerman, Kristen Sharkey and Tiffany Montange were for the most part unknown stars for most of there high school careers. This fall group for the most part are in the same boat!

Megan FurchSJV-6ft- Forward- Most have never heard of her, but every college coach who has appeared at a NBS workout, loves her. She is a real tribute to Coach Karpell and her program. She plays against 3 of the best forwards in the shore everyday. This is a great example of why playing against good players everyday helps a kid grow. Megan  can handle the ball, in transition, she can knock down the open jumper and then post up in the paint. This is a future Division one player, who simply has not been seen enough by college coaches. There is no doubt in my mind this is one of the biggest sleepers in the Shore Conference.


Maddie Doring-SJV-6ft -Swing- Now this may look silly putting a freshman on this list but make no mistake this is a future Division one stud. She is long athletically and can put the ball on the floor. There is no question this young lady is headed for stardom. She already has every move off the bounce and can finish at the rim. Maddie Doring is a very special player.


Janae Mayfield-RFH-Combo Guard- When all is said and done, the D1 schools will come calling. This may be the biggest sleeper in the senior class. She already a MAJOR COLLEGE on ball defender. Her quickness and strength is unmatched by any guard in the the shore and maybe the state. Now what many are missing are the two improvements in her game. Miss Mayfield has developed a nice stand still jump  shot and is finishing around the rim with ease these days…College coaches this is a steal and let me tell you why…SHE WILL BE BETTER AT THE NEXT LEVEL.


Alex BalsamoMiddletown South- Swing- Now what  you may not know is that before she was injured last year, she was a big part of the Middletwon South team. She has a college type body and she plays hard. This year people will see what I already know. This a very talented young lady, who I believe is a Tom Brennan special. You know another South kid who develops under the professor, they don’t come in with big reputations, but always leave with one. Coaches this is another Jackie Dluhi and I believe could one day be a steal.


Cara Volpe-Colts Neck-Swing– This young lady is part of a very underrated group of kids. She not only plays hard every night. I feel like she gets better each time I see her in the gym. There is no question in my mind she has a chance to be an all Shore player one day. She is already a great rebounder for her size and can score around the basket against better players. What may be lost is her great court vision which catches me by total surprise watching her play. This is a kid you will be reading about in the next 3 years. Her upside is very big!


Gabbie DavisSouthern High School- Power Froward- This future Division on forward. How good is Miss Davis? She may better than Kristen Sharkey before her high school career. She is only a sophomore and already has the best  footwork of any of the great young post players in the Shore. Her strength and ability to score make her a very in demand.

Catlin Carroll-RBC-shooting Guard- This young lady could be as underrated as any kid that will suit up in the shore. She have great vision and a wonderful  understanding of the game. Her ability to knock down shots and make the right pass, makes her a great teammate. This is a kid college coaches better learn about and they better do it quick!



1. The most Complete team I have since this fall is Rumson by far. They have size, strength, seniors. But the chemistry is what this group appears to improving the most. The biggest surprise right now is  Megan Volker appears to be ready for a break out season…but this is the pre-season

2. Manasquan is a mega talented crew. But size, strength and youth are major issues for this group if Marina Mabrey does not have super women performances against the top teams. Dara Mabrey and Stella Clark are as real as it gets.

3. Colts Neck gets  my vote for up and coming team. This group of young players, are talented and play very hard. Most Kaite Healy joins them, this could be a very interesting group to say the least this season

4. Freehold Twp added Harlie Kneler and right away they have improved. Kneler along with Big Shot Sam Famulare and Tori Wagner give Township a chance for a big season. Now, the question is, can they get over the hump?

5. Neptune high school may have lost two Division one players. But somebody forgot to tell the Bacon Sisters and crew. This team plays hard and tough even in the fall league. There is no question they start the year in the top ten. In case you missed it two weeks ago they beat Rumson!




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