NBS CAMP summer Camp #2 delivered in a big way last week. As players from the Tri state area made the trip to Hoop Group in Neptune to take  on some of the best competition on the East Coast. The NBS Camp was a dream for those players who love competition and challenging themselves. It also was a college coaches dream week as 54 D1 players showed up last week. This was a week for unknowns to become known, for babies to make there mark and a chance for stars to prove why they are indeed stars. I think it’s safe to say, they did not disappoint.


Cahalan is the NBS CAMP biggest winner of all time

If there were to be a NBS summer camp Hall of Fame. You would most certainly have to start with three names. Megan Cahalan, Georgia Heine and Justine Pissott. All three accomplished things we have never seen in NBS CAMP history  over the past 20 years. Megan Cahalan left no doubt who is the best forward in the entire state of New Jersey. The SJV 1st Team All Shore Forward and soon to be 1st Team All state senior was dominating all week. Her teams throughout the week were unbeatable. No player has added more to there game this off season than Megan Cahalan. She is one of two players to ever win MVP for the Week of Camp and the All Star. Cahalan just completed two of the most dominant weeks of camp in NBS history. More proof HOLY CROSS UNIVERSITY is getting a once in a lifetime player.

HEINE became the First two time All Star game MVP

Georgia Heine became the first player in NBS CAMP history to win MVP for both the week and the All Star game a year ago. Well she  added to legacy last week, when she became the first two time ALL STAR GAME MVP. Last week it became crystal clear. Georgia Heine is one of the best players in New Jersey. It’s clear she is going to be in the running for Shore Conference Player of The Year. The development of her total game was on full display this past week. She was the unanimous ALL STAR GAME MVP and many believed she had a case for MVP of the week. UPENN is clearly getting a future 1st Team All league type player. But until them Georgia Heine appears to be ready to claim her rightful spot among the very best players on the East Coast. Because these days she is that good.

PISSOTT is the first two time MVP in 20 years

If you want to know who is the only two time MVP in Camp history, look no further than the person who was having it no other way this week Justine Pissott. As one college coach said last week after viewing video. She could be the most skilled player entering college next year. She may be right. Because after a mega summer that saw her win MVP during the first leg of the EYBL season. Pissott did not let up and NBS was her going away present for all to remember her by. Justine Pissott last week was simply on a different level. Be it her outstanding shooting or her new found post up game. Her amazing IQ and competitive nature overwhelmed everyone in camp. She was clearly on a mission. The country’s #1 ranked wing player has big things it seems on her mind, this coming season before heading out to the U OF TENNESSEE.


Liggio ends the summer as the best baby in the 2025 class

NBS is well known for humbling babies with big reputations. But if NBS proved anything last week it was this.. the current babies in the 2025 and 2026 classes are something we have not seen in 10 years. This group of babies are fearless and  ultra competitive. These are babies that are not in the mode of waiting there turn. That’s because from top to bottom it’s a insanely talented group. But there were two things that came out of last week. Christina Liggio was clearly the MOST OUTSTANDING FRESHMAN OF THE WEEK. The future RBC star was comfortable it seems all week playing against the killers and more importantly dominated her age group. The 2nd thing that is clear, is college coaches already know she is a future D1 player. What they may not know is that Christina Liggio is beginning to look like a leading candidate for FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR in the Shore Conference.


Katie Liggio became the 1st 7th grader to make the All Star game

Like every year there are surprises at NBS. Players who show up unannounced and quickly become stars. Katie Liggio is not one of those. College coaches are well a where  of the 2026 shooting guard. But even they had to be shocked by her performance this week. Katie Liggio last week was one of the 15 best players in the gym and surprised everyone by being the only 7th grader in recent years to make the ALL STAR GAME… she was that spectacular.


Future D1 guard Finnegan surprised everyone all week
She caught everyone off guard with her all out approach towards the game!

Future D1 guard Delaney Finnegan surprised everyone all week. The 5’10” Guard from Archbishop Wood high School was brilliant all week. She made the 2 hour drive to NBS all week. She would arrive at 7.30 in the morning for a 90 min shooting session. Then took part in the five hour NBS competitive session. After each session each day, she stayed for the 90 min post camp shooting session. All this added up to what we found out this week. Delaney Finnegan is a FUTURE DIVISION ONE PLAYER. Here toughness, competitive nature and IQ stood out all week. Only adding more credibility to her elite shooting talents. The 2023 guard has a big future. A total gym rat who loves the game and has all the skill sets needed to be a special talent.

Best player in the gym on Day 3

Josie Munson– 6’0”- Guard from Germantown Academy was a classic example of why I love camps. She  made the 2 hour drive one way all week as well. On day one we didn’t notice her. But by Day 5 everyone knew Miss Munson, a talented hard working young lady. Josie Munson had big moments all week. On Wednesday morning she was clearly the best playing in the building. Showing flashes of what could truly be in her future. This is a young lady that coaches would be wise to pay close attention too.. why? Because she got better and better each day of camp.. or as a former D1 coach said about her. “ that’s a kid that can slip under the radar and be a steal”… I AGREE!

Drahos is flat out different

Coaches  if you don’t listen to anything I tell you about last week.. you be wise to listen to this!.. Rylee Drahos, is one of the best guards in the Shore Conference. Drahos is a mid major plus lock. She is a Ivy and Patriot All League type kid. In her three days at NBS, Rylee Drahos reminded everyone why she was considered one of the best freshman in all of New Jersey  before Covid sidetracked her last year. Coaches the talent is undeniable and after a summer under Coach John Truhan she looks likes ALL SHORE IS A VIRTUAL LOCK…. have you ever heard of a ALL SHORE player not being recruited by D1 schools? EXACTLY.

KACI grabbed the attention of the coaches

How good is Combo Guard Kaci Mikulski of Wildwood Catholic? Who is Kaci you may be asking? I’m not sure of her future level of play. But I know her name now and I also know she has swag. I also know that all week she made special plays time after time. More importantly she seemed to always win her matchup. She drove 2 hours to attend NBS, crashed at friends and relatives homes. All in an effort to prove she is a baller. Coaches she is a baller and just may be wearing a D1 uniform one day💪🏀

Collins is the most improved player possibly in the state

Let me be clear after watching Katie Collins  all week. The 6’2” forward will be one of the most in demand forwards in the entire state one day. She is simply the most improved player in the 2024 class. Her versatility has no match. But it’s her toughness and work ethic that separates her from ever young post player I know. Her ability to knock down shots, put the ball on the deck, defend guards and forward, all while still being a rebounding machine is remarkable. Despite her remarkable improvement this summer, Katie Collins performance was still surprising because she made it look so easy all week

King showed off a game that featured scoring and quick quality decision making while making the All Star game

Kaitlyn King from Lenape high school was maybe the biggest shock of the week. Her ability to get buckets caught everyone off guard all week. She was one of the most consistent players it seemed everyday. The 5’8” combo guard seems to have come from out of nowhere. She has a tight handle and a competitive nature you have to love. Clearly a future D1 guard she goes right to the top of my watch list of new kids discovered. Coaches by the way COACHABLE AND UNSELFISH! She showed up late because of Tennis each day…yet every single coach wanted her to be in the All Star game….THAT’S CALLED RESPECT!


Nina is starting to look like one of the best guards in all of New Jersey

Nina Emance made the Top 15 All Star game this week. That these days is not a surprise. That’s because Nina Emance will be recruited by every single team. In the Patriot and Ivy at some point. Folks Nina Emance is rapid becoming one of the best two way guards in the state. The current FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR was lights out all week.

ASHLEY O’CONNOR ..making Fordhman look very smart these days

FORDHAM UNIVERSITY is smart because 1st Team All Shore guard Ashley O’Connor right now looks like a star in the making. O’Connor who had a breakout summer has clearly elevated her game. SJV could win a National Title and Ashley O’Connor appears ready to make that happen.

Colgate hit the jackpot

Here is a fact, ABBY FERGUSON is going to be All Freshman at Colgate University. Here is another fact, Abbey Ferguson is going to be All Shore. Miss Ferguson was so good last week it left me shaking my head.. Colgate has no idea what they are getting… A ⭐️ 

D1 offers are rolling in for EMMA CARMAN for good reason

Ally Carman(highly motivated these days) and Tessa Carman are household names.  But the best player in the Carman household these days this side of there all time great mom, Candice?…. EMMA CARMAN and folks let me be clear. Emma Carman right now is as good as it gets in every area of the game. It’s no surprise the D1 offers are coming in. That’s because she seems to get more dominant by the day. She made the All Star game this week and she paid the price every step of the way in accomplishing her goal.

These two will be the best frontline in New Jersey one day… before moving on to Division One basketball

The shore is clearly in a era of talented forwards who have skill sets that allow them to play inside and out. It’s clear 2024 All Freshman 6’2”Camryn Gardner will be recruited by just about every high major school on the East coast one day. What’s even more clear is her 2025 teammate 6’3” Caroline Polloway will join her at the next. Both play for John Truhan at RBR, so the sky is the limit for both. NBS proved they have big futures together.


NBS HAD 54 D1 last week walk through the doors

When 54 D1 players are in a gym it’s not easy to shine. But this week it seemed everyone had there big moment

Save your energy coaches … this is the best pure point guard in the 2023 class and she proved that last week

Isabella Asencio had the gym rocking with her insane passing and plays at the rim. The best 2023 pure point guard in New Jersey was exceptional this week… everyone wanted to play with the future D1 impact guard.

Olivia is the most prepared Freshman.

Olivia Shaughnessy for my money is going to be the best pure point guard in the Shore one day. Her competitive nature is special. She proved once again she is one of the Top 5 freshman in the state of New Jersey. I will say it again she is the most prepared freshman entering the Shore Conference.


Nae Young is a former All Freshman 1st Team member. It’s almost shocking she is on the recruiting board still. Folks the video don’t lie. She was outstanding all week. It’s almost a crime she is still sitting on the board. My guess is that she will join her teammate AMAYA EVANS of Iona soon!

GIA PISSOTT…. competitive nature showed all week

Gia Pissott I just might be the biggest steal in the 2022 recruiting class. We can stop calling her Justine Pissott’s sister. Here is a fact, the 2nd best post player in the Shore Conference just may be GIA PISSOTT and NAVY KNOWS IT!

2023 forward Dragone is making things very interesting

Angelina Dragone is 6’1” with a body that has a chance to be special. She also is doing something coaches love.. IMPROVING at a rapid rate. Dragone had to be one of the biggest surprises of the week. She is clearly a player coaches must pay attention to now after this past weeks performance


Carman showed a real maturity last week…

Tessa Carman, made the Top 20 game every day last week . She was the only 2025 to accomplish this feat last week. Tessa clearly is starting to mature. Her focus last week was outstanding from start to finish. When she is focused it clear she can be among the best players in the entire state. She was impressive all week and MADE THE ALL STAR GAME!

Lynch is tracking as a future ALL STATE PLAYER

If Jada Lynch is not a TOP 25 Player in the country one day. It will come as a complete shock to me. Everyone knows her athletic status is a gift. But make no mistake her skills sets and ability to make plays are beyond special.Coaches understand she is a once in a lifetime talent.

I told you a while back this kid Grace Love, had a chance to sneak up on everyone. Well guess what? Grace love was sensational at NBS last week. She my friends was as good as any 2025 in the gym at times. Clearly Grace Love caught lots of people napping. She was one of the biggest surprises all week. She had a week that opened some eyes. Lisa Kukoda has a sleeper talent walking into Manasquan.

Addy “the bad women” Nyemchek had moments and made it to the Top 20 game twice during the week. Impressive for a 2026.

Brianna Delaney, please don’t debate with what I am about to say. She starts for every team in the state of Nee Jersey with the exception of one… the team she currently plays for SJV. But her here is a fact. She is 100% a Division one lock and that doesn’t happen unless she is at SJV. That’s because she has developed due to the competition and culture she has been raised in.

This Big shot maker in the All Star game went off!!

CRACKLINGS ROSIE SCOGNAMIGLIO just may be the best big shot maker in the state. Her performance in the final 2 mins of the All Star game was priceless and downright dirty. Everyone it seems is recruiting Rosie ..aka MEDICINE for your environment.

AMAYA BRAY is proving she is a Division one talent

Amaya Bray is still on the recruiting board. The way she played last week has to make you wonder why? Bray has clearly been on a mission to prove she belongs. If she can hang in there and handle the stress of recruiting. I say her dream comes true. There is no question she proved vs D1 competition she belongs.

Tessa Liggio, Lola Giordano  and Madison Kocis will all be battling it out for years as is to who is the best pure point guard in New Jersey for years to come. The  2026 guards are special and proved they can run a top 5 high school team right now… they also are going to be in every college coaches wish list one day,


Conforti is one of the best keep secrets in the 2025 class

Caroline Conforti is a 2025 for St. Rose High school and here is a few facts. She is going to start as a freshman. She is athletic, tall, skilled and will be in the conversation for 1st Team All Freshman. She’ll have to spend lots of time in the gym this fall.

Bradley is going to be among the best and looked at home at NBS

If you are a D1 coach and do not know the name Charlotte Bradley, you simply are not paying attention. The future All Shore guard was terrific all week. Not just her dynamic shooting but her IQ is what truly stood out.

Coaches she could be the GOAT of the 2026 when all is said and done!

Daniela Maletsky Is going to be among the best players in the shore one day. Her competitive nature and toughness are Undeniable. She showed a total lack of fear all week. She is also a gym rat with a strong desire to be one of the best. The future D1 guard over the next year just may be one of the most in demand 2026 players.

Aleena dinker is a 5’6” jet and another weapon added to the SJV Arsenal. It’s clear the talented 2025 guard is going to be special. Most impressive is how she got better each day last week. The good news for SJV fans is she fits their system to a “T” and the bad news for everyone else is that she is another SJV D1 player


The offensive package is off the charts …ELITE

Coaches you take this to the bank. Julia Cosentino is a high major bucket getter. She clearly has established herself as one of the top scoring guards not in just the Shore but the state. Right now Julia COSENTINO’S offensive package is as good as any guard I know.. PERIOD. What should scare everyone is this… THE GYM RAT MAY JUST BE GETTING STARTED

Tropeano is going to be heard from this season

Folks Alyssa Tropeano of Marlboro High School may be a name you know little about. That is perfectly okay. But don’t get it twisted for one second. She is going to have a major impact on the success of Marlboro this year. She doesn’t have the hype or name recognition of others… but one thing I noticed all week. She won her matchup vs some so called D1 players all week.

College coaches let me give you the tip of the week. You better start recruiting 2025 Freshman SHEA DONNELLY now, meaning this very second. Coaches, I love gym rats, mature, skilled, high IQ PLAYERS. Shea Donnelly is clearly the biggest sleeper in the 2025 class. She will attend MANASQUAN high school. Her matchups this week we’re all killers and not once did this kid back down… she like her sister Mary (Holy Cross) is a Division one player.


Finally Siobhan Stapleton the 6’0” big wing from Trinity Hall was solid as a rock all week. It rare to find unselfish HIGHLY SKILLED TALENTED players. Never put of control and seemingly always making the right play. The First Team All Freshman swing player proved she could play with the best of the best all week.. the IVY, PATRIOT AND HIGH ACADEMIC SCHOOLS are going to be in a war for her services

Greatness stopped by on Friday, so we gave her a Honorary spot in the All Star game👏💪🏀💕
Coaches bank on this one… a future stud!!
Great people and that’s why there great players and friends ❤️🏀

She’s not a bad player🤩🤣

Proud of you!!!





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