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The clock is ticking and nobody knows this better than me. The transfer  portal is still the be all do all for most college coaches. Those high priority  high school recruits are being shown lots of love. Everyone else is in a wait and see postion. So many kids are waiting around and hoping something breaks  their way. I have a message for those kids, they’ll be no breaking if your sitting around hoping to be discovered. The clock is ticking and you better get understand this.

You know the old saying  “If you’re good enough, they’ll find you”. Well I have a better saying and it goes like this. “if you’re good enough you better go find them” The recruiting  game is now changing it seems every year. I believe  soon the girls will be going to NCAA camps to be seen and recruited. I think EYBL will disappear in the next year or two. I think soon AAU will go back to being fun but not a recruiting experience. I think unless a kid and there inner circle have a total understanding  of the recruiting  process, they better be special. The average D1, D2 and D3 player can be missed at the drop of a time. Now it’s  about who can grab the attention  of college coaches first and most often. Then who can hold on to that attention  until they reach the finish line.

If you play for the NJ GEMS U17 EYBL or the  NJ SHORESHOTS U17 HGSL for example. You will have a army of  coaches following you during the LIVE PERIOD. The goal should be to get in the gym and get better before the big moment arrives and 100’s of college coaches are watching you. The journey for kids in these programs are different. There rosters are full of heavy recruited players. These kids need only to perform. They will get chance after chance all spring and summer, to prove there worth.









Now the kids who are not part of these type programs. There chances of being seem are less and less. When they do get a chance to be seen, they better perform. They have much more pressure  because they will get less opportunities to be seem. In some cases its one and done. So let me give you the best advice you will get.  UNDERSTAND THE CLOCK IS TICKING. First, in two weeks the spring live period will begin. If your expecting g lots of coaches at your games. Your in for a major disappointment. Unless you have players with mutiple D1 offers on your roster. Pray your team is playing against team that does.  Because few coaches are coming to your games unless, you work it baby.  That means if not your personally calling coaches, the Head Coach if you can is always best, you msy not matter. The means if  you don’t  take the unofficial visit, invite yourself if need be to colleges. You may be unknown and unseen.That means unless  your advocate, has influence and not just flapping there lips. But calls for you and speaks to the decision makers. You shouldn’t expect love unless you find a advocate with REAL JUICE. Time is running out for you. Stop listening to people telling you this summer is big or important. No you have to be big and important  in the eyes of coaches before the summer. Stop listening  to your your coach telling you that your team is going to all the big AAU events…EVERYONE  IS GOING TO ALL THE BIG EVENTS. What you need to be doing is working it now. Did you write the personal letter?✔️ Did you send the personal, non basketball video expressing your desire to be seen. Not recruited but  just for them to come watch you play?✔️  Did send the newspapers clipping and articles from the paper in the mail or did you make the mistake and email it?✔️ The question  is what are you doing to separate yourself?  YOUR RUNNING OUT OF OF TIME


Are you wondering  why no coaches are talking to you? Are you wondering why no head coaches are talking to you? Are you wondering why your AAU coach is telling you,  some coaches are asking about you.  That  they called or wrote coaches about you? Well there is a reason for all this. You’re not being recruited that’s why. Now the question is why? Do you know why you’re not being recruited? Maybe you don’t shoot it well enough, maybe your body is scaring off coaches, maybe it’s your body language. Maybe you can’t  play the point and you’re a undersized shooting guard. Maybe nobody knows who you are, maybe the coaches know you play bad competition in high school and are doing the same during the AAU season. Who knows the real reason? The college coaches; that’s who and you better get the answers from them directly because you are




If you’re wise you will listen to me, why? Because my track record has no match in this area. Where you and who you play for matters, sorry I didn’t  create the rules. Where you train matters, sorry that’s just truth. I’m sorry that’s just  way it is.  Who your inner circle is; is exactly who you will become. You don’t outgrow your inner circle. Sorry it just a fact of life. I tell you all this not to scare you, but rather because it’s truth and a fact…just like I tell you now..LIKE IT OR NOT!





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