TODAY I’m going to give you a quick blog. What you will get is 7 FACTS before THE LIVE recruiting period starts. Now you can spin these  facts anyway you want. But the fact of the matter is…these are TRUTHS!


FACT#1Don’t expect a ton of coaches at games in the April and May recruiting  periods. Most college  coaches will be entertaining kids from the transfer portal. They also will be focusing on recruiting the kids on there current roster. The coaches who will be out, will not be hunting for kids. They will be baby sitting kids they offered  or watching there A list recruits.


FACT #2 – If you are hoping to play at a D1 school. You better have mutiple  D1 players with NAME RECOGNITION on your roster with OFFERS . The biggest mistake AAU teams are making is that they believe  because they  have D1 talent coaches will come and watch.. newsflash,  the coaches are not coming. The name recognition and buzz must be created long before the live period starts.


FACT #3 College coaches are no longer interested in watching bad competition and games. Time is too precious and limited now. AAU teams playing bad competition are in serious trouble. Bragging about going 4-0 is a BAAAD SIGN. Coaches are no longer in the guessing the bad game business hoping to find a hidden gem. There are lots of them in the portal. They have to know a player can preform against real players. Twenty points vs a bad team is now useless. It won’t create a buzz or interest. Coaches now want ready made players out of high school.


FACT #4  Choosing  the right events is everything  now. Going to events and playing  on court 100 is a waste of time now. Your better off staying home or finding a new event. The coaches know which courts the best teams and players play on. They are no longer roaming the gym, trying to run into a kid.  8th graders going to live events is a COMPLETE MONEY GRAB…unless your going to an event for the experience. In most cases your nothing more than a bargaining chip, used as a organizational chip for better court persence for a older team. Good Luck paying thousand of dollars to play in Timbuktu.


FACT #5 – Shooting is everything. If you can’t shoot consistently forget it. Your out in the cold. Those players who have not made the commitment to shooting, get daddy’s check book out, your going to need it.  The good news is you still will be going to college but you will be paying. If you don’t think college coaches are checking your three point shooting in high school, your silly.  For example if you only made made 8 three’s all season. You better step it up.


FACT #6 Most around you are not knowledgeable  or are lying to you about your recruiting ( to keep you spirits  up). If your a junior who  has not spoken to the head coach. You are not a priority for that school recruiting you yet, but you have lots of time. If your a senior without a offer. You better listen to this and not those bullshitting you. You don’t have time in fact your almost out of time at this point…FACT OF FACTS!  and yes your back is too the wall. You better GET IN THE GYM and seek out help from those with knowledge who are willing to give you painful truth. Rather than watch your dreams go up in smoke. COACHES DO NOT RECRUIT THOUGH 3RD PARTIES 



FACT #7- Your advocate  better be someone with real juice. They better have the ears of coaches. College coaches will talk to anyone but really listen to only a few. If your advocate or coach does not have a HISTORY of delivering on there promise, trust me there are not changing just for you. Having bogus scouting services writing about you is nice for the ego but meaningless. It comes down to who is writing about you, NOT WHAT.








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