There are some kids I see play and wonder how they are not household names. But in the era of hype and small recruiting windows it’s easy for a kid to get missed. These are the days when reputation means far more than game far to often. Mya Summerville of the United u17 AAU TEAM has game, lots of game. More game than most. I just wonder  how she is not more well known in high school and AAU basketball circles.

I don’t know much about Mya Summerville. I was just reminded  yesterday that she once came to the NBS basketball  camp. This shocked me because I have to admit I rarely miss a player as talented as Mya Summerville.  I took a few hours to take a deep dive into this young ladies game. I watched her not only on tape from this year but got video of her last year. Guess what? She has been pretty dam good for a while now. She had 370 points last year, 257 rebounds, 70 dimes, 70 steals and 95 block shots for Morristown high school. Folks those are unicorn numbers. You can count on one hand the number of kids who have put up those stats and against real competition. Mya Summerville is flat out a baller. It’s amazing she is such a quite name in basketball circles. Truth be told it makes no sense.

I don’t know anything about Mya Summerville’s recruiting status. My guess is that she has multiple D1 offers or somebody is clearly not doing there job.  No player with this amount of talent and skills are going to be missed by college coaches. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know she got game. Even Stevie Wonder can see this. What people don’t see is that Mya Summerville will do anything and play anyway or anywhere  her teams needs her too. Not only will she play anywhere. She will do it at a high level. That’s because Maya Summerville is also willing to do the dirty work. She is that rare talented kid not afraid to do the little things that only coaches notice. Maybe that’s why she is not a household name. Mya Summerville doesn’t do the cool things, she does the hard things, the tough things. The things that demand mental toughness. I wonder how kids who couldn’t wear her dirty sneakers are far well known than her. I clearly I’m missing something or maybe it just the way things are these days…

Mya Summerville rebounds in traffic, sets screens, makes the extra sprints in transition. She Plays any role you ask her to play. She is the “RARE “ 5 level scorer. She gets on the offensive glass, she can post on the block, finish at the rim, kill you with mid range stuff and finally bury you with three’s. She has turned herself into a 5 level scorer by working on her game. She had 4 three’s her first two years at Morristown high school. But last season had 21 three’s. You see,  I notice the improvement curve in kids. That’s because I know that is always the measuring stick and a peek into the future. Mya Summerville future is big, even a foolish person can see that. My question is why is she not a household name? Now that,  I don’t have the answer too but would love to find out why.

Now I watch Mya Summerville play and think, she is going to be major factor regardless of what level of basketball she plays. Any kid that can guard 5 positions and plays this hard is clearly going to call the shots in her recruiting. My guess is Mya Summerville is a great student. That’s because unselfish kids seem to always be good students as well. Now of course that’s just a guess. What is not a guess,  is that Mya Summerville represents herself in a classy manner. No extras, drama, faces or nonsense that has become the way to often these days. Now that my friends comes from the home, the parents. I have no idea who Maya Summerville’s parents are… but I would bet the house they are dripping with class.

This is all gets me back to why isn’t Mya Summerville the talk of the town. I mean I hear other kids names. But “NEVER” hers. I hear folks bragging about other kids accomplishments but not hers. I’m watching her crush high profile name kids and it not a story. There are no articles written about her or hype thrown her direction. I just wonder how and why MYA SUMMERVILLE IS NOT A HOUSEHOLD NAME.  I guess in the end,  does it really matter? Because in the end she is one of the best players in the 2024 senior class… that is not debatable and will soon be playing D1 basketball.  HOUSEHOLD NAME OR NOT👏😀🌈🏀⭐️




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