RECRUITING; WHAT NOW? It’s no mistake why you are are where you are today

RECRUITING; WHAT NOW? It’s no mistake why you are are where you are today post thumbnail image

So what now? Where do you go from here. Those are two most popular questions a player is asking these days that is a rising junior and senior without a offer from a college. They are two important questions that just may determine there future. 

The first question what now? is the hardest question. What does a kid do now in the recruiting process without an offer. For juniors it certainly a signal to them that they must step it up in July. For seniors the message is very clear. Something is missing. This could be exposure, lack of talent or being in the wrong environment. The truth is nobody really cares why except you and your inner circle. But now is the time to try and fit the things holding back your recruitment. The one thing that is a fact, what ever you’re doing right now isn’t working. Now you are in the final days to get things right. You are running out of time and certainly you are in a tough spot if you’re looking for a free education or an opportunity to play at the highest level of your talent. Now seniors have to start discussing settling or coming up with a new game plan . The one thing I do know, just showing up and expecting things to be different is a Recipe for failure. “Stay  the course”… “you must go though the process” are just punchlines these days. They are  just words to keep a players hopes up but offer no real solutions or adjustments. What a player has to do now is change up or get ready to be disappointed.

Now we’re do you go from here?
is a much easier question to answer. That’s because if you don’t have a offer you can only go up from here. The question is how to go up? That starts with self evaluation. This is the number one reason kids are unsuccessful in making there dreams come true. Now a player must know there weakness and fit it. Now a player must know what coaches are saying and thinking about there game and future. It’s there voices that matter now. Now a player must seek truth. Once they do this, they can get on to the business of what’s next. That means first getting in the gym and working. The means competitive training not drills. That means going to camp, playing and making your development a full time job. It sounds easy but the fact of the matter is most kids cannot do this consistently. It’s the reason they can’t and won’t fulfill there dreams. Where a kid goes from here is entirely up to them. Rising seniors have one more opportunity to prove they belong this summer. Juniors must understand  the clock is ticking. Because it gets real hard after July. Then it becomes a uphill battle few have won. But none can say they weren’t told!

There will be kids showing up at Elite Camps not knowing what coaches are looking for. There are kids who for example who will skip NBS CAMP without realizing it a gateway to open their recruiting and get them prepared for July. There are kids with advocates without juice to open doors. They don’t understand these advocates will not deliver on there promises in the end . There are some kids with dreams but they don’t have a road map and will get lost. It happens every year. What now and where to go from here is up  to every kid willing to make the hard choices and hear truth and CHANGE NOW…. you didn’t get where you are today by mistake.


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