I don’t have the answer to why but all I know is this …there are a boat load of kids injured right now. I can’t think of the last time so many kids have been out with injuries. We are talking about some of the best players in the state. We are talking about some of the best babies in all of New Jersey, the future stars. Like I said I don’t know the reason why. I just know the impact has been big.

The first thing people will say regarding all these injuries is kids are playing too much. This may or may not be true. I just know they impact is being felt in a big way. These injuries have affected, players, teams and entire organizations. It’s seems nobody is getting away unscathed. It’s also too easy to say its because kids play too much. I think timing and bad breaks come into play as much when looking for reasons to all the injuries. With so many high profile kids missing time, it also makes it appear even worst as well. Again regardless of the reason it’s having a impact on just about everyone.

The Napiltano Belles 2024 team was stacked a month ago. It was a team that three of the Top 7 or 8 best babies in the Shore. It was a well balanced team that would have made real noise. That is until the team had so many injuries, they were down to 6 players and that’s counting a practice player. The Shoreshots HGHL U17 team has been without Gia Pissott for 4 weeks and counting. She is there best rebounder and only true post defender. These at examples of players whose impact affects every player on there teams roster. The players on these teams need certain players to bring my in college coaches and bring attention to there teams. There injuries go way beyond just to the players themselves. These players allow other players to shine in there roles. When they get injured everyone has to change. While there injuries are not season ending in most cases. It’s important these kids return this summer and help their team win and help teammates showcase case better!

Some of these players injured are rising seniors. These are the ones who are in a tough spot. Not being able to showcase there talents during the Covid era is a problem. Many of these kids have tough decisions ahead of them. Repeat at a prep school, go to a juco or play it out during the season. It will not be a easy decision. There is certainly a risk regardless of what decision they make.

I really have never seen so many top young players out like this year. It’s almost too many kids to count. The good news is while it will slow down some kids development. They will have plenty of time to get back on track. These kids should wait until they are fully healed before playing again. The risk of playing does not outweigh what a kid is risking getting injured again. Now why are so many young players getting injured? That’s for the doctors to explain.

The next three weeks are going to be big for so many kids. Getting healthy may be more important than playing. That’s because the summer grind is tough on everyone. Playing hurt is one thing.. while playing injured is another. No kid should ever play injured. This spring is really being putting everyone’s health to the test. Hopefully everyone will find a way to stay healthy and get though these tough times. Because so much for so many is at stake!



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