“Tiny, you of all people you should know better. The difference from school to school is nominal and good kid can have a great experience at hundreds of schools but the coach they play for is going have gigantic impact on their happiness, experience and academic success. If your are a college basketball player the coach and environment they create is the most important factor“ ATLANTIC 10, HEAD COACH

Tuesday is September 1, and for me it’s the start of the fall recruiting period. It’s also a time for any kid hoping to get a scholarship or play in college to listen. Now this is going to sound arrogant but it’s not meant too. Nobody is going to give you better advice today than yours truly. I am not going to go into why. You will just have to lean on my track record, this year alone. I am being so strong because I want to help you. Because things have changed and you must understand, accept and plan for it. If you don’t, you may go to a college but it may not be the college of your choice and there is a big difference.

This is going to be a long blog today, so don’t rush though it. Make notes and if need be, read it over a few times. I want you to get a full understanding and real picture of what’s in front of you.


If anyone tells you they know what the live recruiting period will look like and when it will take place… THEY ARE LYING. Nobody including college coaches, know what will happen regarding when we will have a full live period. Here is what we do know. Coaches are currently prevented from going out until September 30th right now. This is the 5th time we have had a change of date regarding the live period. Now some D2 and D3 schools will be permitted to go watch high school players live depending on their administrations. The NCAA has allowed them to go watch games live or players live if they choose too. Please remember this, because it can effect you big time if your smart and listen.


Now how does all this affect you? Pay attention closely because most only know that D1 coaches are not allowed out. But what you don’t know is the fewest number of college players play D1. What you must understand is this, D1 coaches will do all there recruiting in there offices. They will Zoom, text, e mail and do all recruiting from a distance. D2/D3’s will work under the guildlines of there schools. Some will recruit like they normally do and others will be given Restrictions as to when and where they may go. Regardless of what goes on, the real question is what are you going to do? What’s your game plan? Well this is where I can help you but you must listen. Everyone will be advising you, so you better educate yourself and it starts now… INFORMATION IS KING.

Lets start with D1, you need a game plan. I am going to give you one right now. Understand many if not most D1 schools know who they want right now. If they have not offered you. Understand you are either a backup or part of a group of kids they are considering (I advise you to find ways to separate yourself from the crowd). But you must do your homework. Like visit the school on your own, the coaches will not be permitted to meet you. You better participate in the schools zoom admissions meetings. This is huge, so sign up quickly. Inform the coaching staff and send pictures after. Act and move as if nothing has changed in the recruiting process. Ask the coaches for a list of anyone they may want you to call… learn everything you can possible about the school. Ask the staff if you should apply to the school. DO NOT APPLY TO THE SCHOOL UNLESS YOU KNOW WITH CERTAINTY YOU WILL BE ADMITTED. Let the coaching staff guide you. You want all paperwork and details about the school out of the way. When college coaches are allowed back out; you want them and you to start the process from the evaluation point. Meaning if they like you, they can offer and you can accept if you want.. Otherwise you will start the entire process from scratch. Giving others a Opportunity to be discovered while you are going though the decision process. The amount of times this has happen this year is stunning. I have never seen so many kids who had offers only to watch them given away to other kids.


D2’s and D3’s are allowed to meet you face to face. There process has not changed. Except understand many D2’s have less scholarships available and D3’s have had their budgets slashed. So getting things done early is important. The quicker you visit and apply the better off you are. This is not the year to dance. Scholarship money will be reduced in a big way. Academic grants will be hard to come by in many cases. You better get on campus quickly and get your non basketball work done. Don’t worry if you will be attending that school or not. Focus on getting ahead of the paperwork and non basketball related stuff.


Now everyone must understand. Every school has a recruiting board. You either #1 on that board or your not. If your #1 you already know it because most likely they’ve offered you. If you are not #1 you may be among a group of players whom the coaches are trying to decide among. If you are there #1 recruit they have seen you enough. Now they are trying most likely to convince you or meet you in person. If your not # 1, you have to find a way to separate yourself. Times are different and coaches may not see you play live until next year. If your a underclassmen, it gives you time to position yourself. If your a senior… you got work to do and better start today. Here are three questions you must ask.

  1. Have you offered somebody in my position
  2. Do you have a time table
  3. Where do I stand right now.

If they offered someone understand it doesn’t mean your not good enough. It may be a reach kid. They may not have seen you live or are still evaluating their teams needs. But there are a few things you better do ASAP.

  1. You need to get in the gym and focus on your game. Understand if you are going to a D2/D3 school you better be ready to play pickup. I advise you 2 hours of court time matters more than ever. It may be a coaches best way to evaluate you at that level.
  2. D1 prospects understand getting in the gym and working on you game is the most important thing you can do right now. Unless it’s a new school in your process. They have seen enough tape. You are not changing there mind with tape. You must get in the gym and get better. It’s that simple. You must focus on player development. So when coaches come out, they will notice a difference in your game. It must be a notable difference tho! So understand nothing trumps your practice and gym time right now. For those interested the Hoop Group Fall dates will be out tomorrow. NBS will be out as well( NBS IS LIMITED TO 40 spots). You better shoot everyday and play real competitive drills.
  3. You must stay relative. Understand coaches will be locked in with there teams and top recruits. If your not a Priority you can get lost. Remember out of sight ..out of mind. But let me help you, your high school can still conduct a open gym. Now please listen, ask your coach not to run one every week. You want them to be fresh and have some pop. Invite D2/D3 schools. Ask them what days work best. Film you open gym, please pay a professional to film. Coaches simply are not watching bad video unless there top recruits are playing. Whatever you do, don’t live stream it only. Send tape to coaches e mails after with a roster. You better start planning this NOW. Getting dates and times to coaches are important. Especially those D2/D3 schools who are watching live, as they will need approval from their administration before attending


The one thing I can tell you is this. If recruiting talk fills up your day. Then yes you should be worried. It’s tells you are not focusing on the things you can control. This year is different, you have to be Discipline and understand at some point you will be seen. The question is have you taken care of the things you can before that time.


  1. Do not fight on social media for any reason. You want to be Tiny Green, go right ahead. Tiny Green doesn’t have a kid trying to play college basketball
  2. Don’t call or speak to just one college staff member. Build relationships with them all. You want them all fighting for you in recruiting meetings..
  3. Understand D2/D3 coaches can work to advocate for you. Play in any event D2/D3 coaches can attend. They talk to their D1 friends.
  4. You must speak for yourself. Building a personal relationship with coaches has never been more important. Your trainer and AAU coaches work is done now. Unless it’s a new school in the mix. You and your high school coach must be the Communicators now.
  5. Don’t assume anything, the best answers to your questions is the college coaches themselves
  6. Know the SAT has been waived by the NCAA but not by all colleges. Some will require it others will not.. GET THE ANSWER!
  7. ReCap your summer with a 2 min video. Throw a few basketball clips and send to coaches.


  1. The NCAA may allow all college coaches to work high school prospects out. You will not be able to duck this.. be ready!
  2. The NCAA may allow coaches to attend non Scholastic open gyms.. You better Know the right ones to attend.
  3. know filmed High School open gyms, allows anyone may attend. Go to a high Visible high school open gym
  4. Many colleges are reducing scholarships and the division two and three levels are offering more partial scholarships and grants, so academic money maybe need to fill the gap..Kill it in the classroom
  5. Apply for all academic Scholarships and grants EARLY.

Time is up everyone better understand things are different. They better understand waiting around is a recipe for disaster.

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