The run up to the April and July Recruiting will soon be here. Many players seasons are over or will be over soon. Many colleges are posting their  elite camps dates and  putting together their recruiting priority list together. Now I always say this  “EVERYONE UNDERSTANDS WHERE THERE STAND IN THE PROCESS” You are either on somebody’s priority list or not, weather you are afraid to ask or not…YOU KNOW. So today I would strongly advise you to listen to the advice I am giving you today. Many people who have never been a recruiter or been part of the recruiting process will give you there opinions…so here is my first bit of advice in almost 99% of the cases those people rarely if ever understand the process. SO HERE IS SOME ADVICE YOU CAN LIVE BY AND I URGE YOU TO PUT IT TO USE….NOW!


1. TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR RECRUTINGEveryone knows if they are being recruited or not. Let me give you an example Junior Haley Dalonzo knows she is being recruited because she has a D1 offers on the table. If you do not have an offer on the table, you are being looked at not recruited…KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. Now is the time to get moving if you are not being recruited. You must be aggressive in your approach in letting coaches know of your interest, before the APRIL period starts. The higher the level the more aggressive you must be….like it or not you are in a contest for attention.

2. NAME RECONGITION IS A MUSTThe best way to create name recognition is to call coaches personally. Let them know of your interest. Be knowledgeable about their program. Send articles and film. Once coaches get to April and July  recruiting live period, they are not allowed to take or make phone calls and don’t have time to watch film….create you name recognition before April and July.

3. SEPARATE YOURSELF College coaches may read my E-mails and response right away. They know me and have a vested interest in creating a relationship with me. You who are not being recruited are in a different spot. College coaches get thousands of E-Mails. Some they read and some they don’t. But a personal hand written letter EVERY COACH READS. Once you have written a personal hand written letter you can move on to e-mails if that make life easier. Don’t assume anything in regards to coaches knowing or not knowing you

4. VIDEO IS ALWAYS A GREAT MOVE Coaches do not like highlight tapes, but trust me they can perk their interest if it’s done right. Meaning showing all aspect of your game and most importantly against quality competition. Please don’t use video where it hard to see you or the clips are too short. You can use YouTube and send the link to colleges. It may take coaches weeks to get to your video…so do it now…before APRIL.


5. BE CAREFUL GETTING YOUR AAU OR HIGH SCHOOL COACH INVOLDEDThe relationship with your high school coach must be good if you wish to include them in the process. It is rare and almost unheard of for a high school coach to lie about a players work ethic and character. They understand other kids will need their support down the road. There are many ways for a coach to tell a coach you are not a good player or worker …WITHOUT SAYING IT. AAU coaches on the other hand have been known to exaggerate and promote other kids during the recruiting process. Many times AAU coaches believe by telling you a school is interested; motivates you…it is wrong and they should not do this… Best way to avoid all this, is to call coaches yourself and continue an ongoing dialogue with coaches.

6. KNOW YOUR LEVEL OF PLAYUnderstand what level of college basketball you can play. If you what to go to U-CONN for example ask yourself a simple question…do I resemble the players in the program? You can use that philosophy for every level. If you don’t look like you belong….then you don’t. If you are not sure of your level its simple, call a college coach and ask…”Can I play at your level”.

7. STOP LISTENINGYou want to listen to people that have a track record of success when talking about recruiting. If someone is giving you advice about recruiting the first thing you should ask yourself. WHAT IS THERE TRACK RECORD. Another simple test is to ask them recruiting dates, times and rules. If they don’t know them trust, me they are not the people you should be listening too.

Danger Bad Advice Ahead Fake Sign

8. ADVOCATE Make sure you find someone who is in your corner during the process. Make sure that person has a real connection and the respect of college coaches. Example Beth Chambers is a AAU coach, college coaches respect and she has a connection with them. Joe Montano has a connection and coaches respect him….now ask yourself this question who is your advocate? and do they have clout? Because if they don’t it’s just noise and college coaches are not listening. 

9. INFORMATION IS KING This is so big I can’t begin to tell you. Information is power and it’s the most important element in recruiting. Knowing if a school is recruiting your position, knowing if you are really on their priority list. Knowing where you stand in the pecking order of recruits. Knowing what coaches like and dislike about your game. Knowing what tournaments the HEAD COACH OF THE colleges you hope to attend will be at.  How did you perform at their Elite camp before July? Then finally and most importantly, knowing which assistant coach along with the head coach is calling the shots. 

10. LETTING COACHES KNOW YOUR STATUS/ KEEP IT TO YOURSELFPlease don’t lie about who is recruiting you…college coaches are a small fraternity and talk all the time. Have confidence and explain why more schools are not recruiting you.  Don’t lie to coaches about your academic status…tell them the truth, they are gong to find out. Let coaches know when you are available to visit. Make sure coaches know you summer schedule and let them know when you feel is the best time to watch you play. Finally keep your recruiting to yourself. Loose ships sink ships, I have seen high school and AAU coaches call coaches and say my kid is better than this kid. KEEP YOUR RECRUITING BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

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