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Manasquan will play in there THIRD consecutive SCT final on Saturday. There will be star coaches, star players and a packed house of fans. They will be lots if yelling and people supporting there teams. It’s going to be an exciting day. Two teams trying to make history. Coaches will be in the stands, hoping to make an impression on players. In all this madness there will be one player who will get the least amount of attention … Here name is Carly Geissler.

When you play with so many stars, it’s not easy to steal a little attention and appreciation from those outside your program. Manasquan has 4 D1 players in there starting lineup. Players,  college coaches, are begging for their services. These players eat up all the attention in the Manasquan program. Carly Giessler knows this and yet continues to go about the business of helping her team be one of the best teams in the state. She does it by being that player who does her job knowing credit and personal awards may not in the cards.

Last week at Brookdale, Carly  Giessler was one of the best players on the floor for Manasquan, in their quarter-final win. She made big three’s,  played great defense and was a real pillar for Manasquan. She made tough drives to the basket and took care of the ball. Most of it went unnoticed. But Giessler is okay with it all, she happy and is riding the wave.  She and her Manasquan teammates are riding the perfect wave. A wave nobody saw coming after all the injuries and the graduation of Marina Mabrey. Nobody saw the wave named Carly Geissler who has helped make all this  possible. She now  knows how valuable, she is to her team because of the respect her teammates and coaches give her. They know without Giessler they would be no chance for a third SCT title.


It was Carly Giessler that made the big shot and helped give Manasquan it’s big win over RFH. It’s rare for her to have the spotlight, she is surrounded by such stars with big personalities. Her teammates are the life of the party and they keep things loose. But Carly Giessler is quite and says very little and just soaks it all in. In the stands before games, you see her sitting with teammates and all she does is smile. She on the ride of a lifetime.

What everyone forgets is Giessler is just a sophomore. She is a baby and a player who is still growing. Her ability to hit big shots is now becoming a common tread. She now is not afraid to made big plays for herself or teammates. Carly Giessler not only knows she belongs on the court. She now knows she can play with and against the best….she is officially a problem for opponents.

Carly Giessler is watching her stock rise everyday. That’s not easy on a team of stars. It real easy to get missed. She knows that being a part and not a star is tricky business. She knows it takes real confidence to play in the shadows when you have dreams of your own. Carly Giessler is going to be a heck of a player at the next level. Because she practices against 3 of the best guards in New Jersey everyday. She has more than held her own against some of the best guards the state has to offer. But more than anything else Carly Giessler has played GREAT in some big games. It has toughen her up, it has given her confidence and lastly has allowed her to see that anything is possible.


Saturday Carly Giessler, will do what she had done all year. She will be the unknown player of all the players walking out for the tip. She will be that girl most in stands say “what’s her name” She will be that girl who bangs out a three and coaches will reach for their roster. She will be that girl who makes a great pass or decision and nobody will be impressed except her superstar coach and teammates. Carly Giessler will be prepared Saturday, it’s just that many will not be willing or prepared to give her…HER DUE!

I was sitting at Barnacle Bills having a hamburger one night. I stuck up a conversation with a nice couple. There were pleasant and humble people. We started talking about basketball. They told me their daughter played basketball, they told me how much she loves her team. They told me how much they enjoy watching her play. They told how luck she is to be part of such a special team. They told me how bad she hopes to play in college one day. They told me their daughter loves basketball more than anything else in the world….their daughter’s name CARLY GIESSLER.

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I have a message for Carly Giessler, it’s this. College coaches love unselfish players. They love players who have the ability to step up their game up on big stages. They love competitors, and kids who give 100% to their teammates. But more than anything college coaches love winners…..CARLY GIESSLER YOUR ARE A BIG WINNER!

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