This Saturday will begin a march for many young players to start the process of preparing for high school. The CORE SKILLS SATURDAY TRAINING IS A MEASURING STICK FOR MANY.  The class of 2022 will be challenged, on paper they have 6 Division 1 locks as they enter, two Players with Power 5 offers on the table. But that can all change in 10 weeks; as some kids will no doubt step up.



There of course will those who don’t step up and those FEW we will not learn about until next year. Remember Lucy Thomas came out of nowhere to win our FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR AWARD 3 years ago. But if the truth be told we have not missed very many over the years. College coaches and fans looking to get on jump on next year, would be wise to pay close attention to the names coming across twitter and this blog for the next ten weeks. You’ll find out what kids will soon have an impact on your teams… ITS PUT UP OR SHUT UP TIME FOLKS….FOR EVERYONE!







There is no question one of the biggest surprises OF THE SEASON TO DATE… if not the biggest; is the freshman class. This class is loaded with gym rats and it is really showing Most if all of these kids were part of the Core Skills program last year.  This years freshman class has 11 D1 locks RIGHT NOW. But what is most impressive about this year’s  freshman class is this. Destiny Adams(Manchester), Sophia Sabino (RBC), Chole Teter’s(RBR), Katie Hill (SJV), Abby Antognoli (St. Rose), Grace Munt (RFH) and Ryan Taylor (Holmdel) for example are no a surprise because we saw it coming a year ago.. These freshman are not just part of their teams, their performances may hold the key to the success now and in the future. If not for Destiny Adams Freshman of the Year would have been up for grabs..




The injuries this year has plagued many teams early. Injuries cannot be used as an excuse, teams must figure out a way to survive. No team  has been more effected than than RFH with the lost of Michela McGarvey. Think about what RFH would be if McGarvey was on the court. RBC losing Fab Eggenschwiler early in the season was a major lost, she returned last night, with a bang. Donovan Catholic played without Paige Slaven during the Holidays and fell apart without her. We are going see what Manasquan will look like after losing McMennan for a few weeks here. They are thin already and now this! Macy Black becomes very important right now. Perhaps the biggest person missing is Mary Beth Chambers from St. Rose. She is hurt not from injury but rather from a bad decision.


The 2017  Freshman of the year has changed her game


How many kids do you think could do what Karmeri Reynolds is doing this year? She is a coaches dreams. Last year the entire offense was centered around her. She could score just as many or in fact more points if she wanted to this year. Reynolds, has changed her entire game in order to help Manchester to become a top team. She is a coaches DREAM!! She has become the ultimate floor general and it shows how unselfish and how much she values winning. She no question has proven she can do anything for a team. She makes everyone around her better.




Coach of the Year Award?

RFH many felt would take a step back without McGravey and the lost of 4 starters. But  what we are all finding out is this…DAVE CALLAHAN can flat out coach, he has turned Tori Hyduke into a mega star, and revamped and entire program. Many believe the days of RFH being elite were over. Callahan’s team has been lights out. Not only have beat all expectations, they are one of the best teams in the state right now. Right now Dave Callahan has Coach of the Year on lock down.



There are a number of players who stock has risen. Now you ask why? It’s simple most of these players addressed issues over the summer. They have made noticeable improvements in there game. Some players have the same weakness in the games as they did last year and in most cases it has become clear they did not address those issues.  Many players are offended at the truth and coaches often times are not honest with them. Those players go backward and there teams pay the price. College coaches catch on and before you know it, its too late! They players DO NOT fit into that category and college coaches are buzzing.



* Jenna Paul of Toms River NorthRight now is one of the best players in the junior class. She is a walking double/double and college coaches love her work ethic and eagerness to get better. Paul right now is in very high demand for good reason

*Isla Brennan- Middletown South- She is showing that she is getting healthy and more importantly blew up in the WOBM semi- finals with 25 points. She has been battling injuries but her athleticism and shooting ability make her special. In recent weeks the interest by college coaches has grown. 

Dakota Adams  MANCHESTER- I am going to take the leap of faith here. I believe she is a Division 1 player, that is under the radar. She I believe college coaches will discover more and more. She is averaging a double/double. What most don’t know is that she can knock down the mid range jumper and is a next level passer. But it’s her work ethic that separates her

Stephanie Mayerhoffer- Middletown South- How many kids have done more to get better in the off season? She has willed herself into the Division 1 conversation. College coaches will start to notice the fit body, deep shooting range and the all out effort each night. She is the post kid for hard work. Who could’ve have ever believe that at times she would carry the Middletown South offense. But that’s just want has happen at times this season. 

Lucy Adams- RFH- is so off the radar its not worth discussing unless you are a college coach….nobody in the shore is paying attention to her. Like all Beth Chambers players she has made a major jump as a player. She did so by working on foot work when told that is what she needed to do. Dave Callahan has allowed her to showcase her scoring and balling handling skills and that could be the reason she is off to a show stopping start… it called addressing issues.

Makayla Andrews-NEPTUNE- Now this may sound silly putting her on this list. But believe it or not her stock continues to rise. She has become a knock it out shooter. She is averaging 22.7 points a game and 9.4 rebounds. She is getting to the foul line 7 times a game. Kids take a lesson from this young lady. She has willed herself into an elite player. She has been off to an insane start to the season.



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