When Dawn Karpell was a freshman at FDU in Teaneck. I was a young assistant coach. She was star freshman. She was on the NEC all freshman team. She played hard and with a edge and was a coaches dream. Today her SJV teams  play the same way she did and NOW SHE IS EVERY PLAYERS DREAM.


It’s  silly to think a coach can make every player on a basketball team happy. But when a coach is honest, truthful, respectful and cares about their players, success usually follows. When you look at what Dawn Karpell has accomplished in her time at SJV, it kind of hard to believe. When she became the coach, the once proud program had fallen on tough times by their standards. The standard had been set so high by the those in the past. One of those who helped set that standard was Dawn Karpell; who won everything there was to win as a player. But Dawn Kapell has taken SJV back in time. Her teams have been dominant and ONCE again SJV is  feared by all. She has won so many state titles in her short time it’s not worth mentioning, because it a given these days. She has won a TOC and nobody’s kids are more prepared for college. Dawn Karpell and her program are responsible for millions and millions of dollars in scholarship money  for kids to continue their education. She has done more for the reputation of her school and program, than anyone could have expected, when she was hired.



How does Coach Karpell do it? It’s a very simple forumla, play the best and be the best. When a player enters SJV here is what they know. You well earn everything. You will play the best high school competition that is possible. Your practices will be better than most other schools games. Everyone will feel part of the team and everyone will have a role and know there role. The talent level at SJV is always deep from freshman to seniors. This would  cause real problems at most schools. But not at SJV because Dawm Karpell is the master at coaching talent. Her pressing style and total belieft in her players is what makes her special. It doesn’t matter if they are playing the best team or the worst team. The roles and the trust never changes. Dawn Karpell is a master at building chemistry, teams and more importantly, using her entire roster…Like all teams there are challenges in coaching such talent. Too much credit to one player and jealously grows. Too little court time and bitterness arrives and trust disappears. Too little shots and unhappy faces appear. Dawn Karpell has convinced her players that these things don’t matter. It’s winning that matters and DAWN TEAMS WIN A LOT.



When you talk about Dawn Karpell’s win and lost record, you must factor one important item into the mix. She plays in the toughest girls basketball conference in America and plays the best non-conference schedule on planet earth. Name the best high schools on the east coach and I can assure you Dawn Karpell, has played them. Name the best players on the east coast and I bet Dawn has played them. I was ther when her team beat the best player in all of college basketball, Brianna Stewarts nationally ranked Cicero team. I have seen the battles against Christ the King…WHEN THEY WERE CHRIST THE KING. I saw  her teams play the great Shabazz teams and against the great Neptune teams. Folks the women has run from nobody…THIS IS WHY NOBODY can truly compare their career record to hers in the last 8 yeras…There has been few cupcakes over the years, except the ones she has been forced to play. If RBC are the Yankees, RFH the Patriots , then SJV are the Boston Celtics of the Shore.

635887870582636196-Esposit1 Angelica Esposito is a star at TCNJ

The list of players who go on to play at the next level from SJV is too long to list. Dawn Karpell has players at every level. But more importnatly they go college and BALL. They go to the best academic schools as well. Katelyn Linney All MACC at Fairfield, Arron Zimmerman (American) and Katie O’Reilly (Lehigh) went to PATRIOT schools and scored a 1000 points. Missy Repoli went to Patriot School Colgate and was on the All Freshman team. Angelica Esposito became a star at TCNJ. Theresa Manigrasso was All Freshman at St. Peters and became a superstar. Alisa Apo went to Scared Heart and became the Player of the Year in the Northeast Conference. The list could go on the months.  Dawn Karpell gets them ready for the next level. Her many wins are just a small part of what she has done for a school and a community. I believe she is most proud of what her kids have done after they left SJV….the real test of a coach.

untitled.png DAWM


Saturday Dawn Karpell will try and win another SCT for SJV. She again will try to do it without being whole. The SJV haters and there are many, remember “if they are not hating on you…then you ain’t doing SH..T” they say. Haters love to mention that Dawn has yet to win the toughest title of all. Folks it easier to win a state title or the TOC. There are a lot of state title winners in the Shore, but not many with a SCT rings. The haters never mention, Dawn Karpell could have 4 right now if not for bad luck. Here are the players she has lost during different seasons chasing her SCT title. D1 All MACC Thresa Manigasso, D1 Lindsey Rowe, D1 Seton Hall’s, Kat Egan, D1, Emily Urbie, and this year Kelly Crouch,  people who could suruvie this? Dawn Karpell that’s who. SHe was won over 20 games in each of those different season with injuries suffered by stars. But still has found a way to win a TOC and has appreared in mulitple TOC finals. The women folks doesn’t believe in road blocks….she will fine a way to go around or over them. She will do it with the hand she is dealt and not miss a beat…DAMM THE HATERS. Because nobody would have righted the ship so often, so many times, while being held to the same high standard, she has set for her program..



 Dawn Karpell  will  try to get the monkey off her teams back. Not for herself, but more so for her team. Coach Karpell is like a mother to her players. They are her children, she is like all moms, she wants the best for her children,. Trust me this is not about her, it’s about her players and her school. Her passion for her school and her team is unmatched…by anything.  Her team has faced and been though it all again. She again will have to win with a roster full of players many did not expect to play; when the season started. But when you develep players and there is REAL trust. Thery can do great things.

untitled.png SJV


Dawn seniors all have chosen a college…surprise surprise..lol. But they have needed help along the way. Kelly Campbell missed a month, Kelly Crouch is out for the year and Emily Urbie never made it to the staring line. Most teams would have packed it in. Instead SJV will be trying to go undefeated in the best confernece in America. They HAVE A CHANCE TO to be known as one of the best ever.. If they win tomorrow, there will be closer to accomplishing their mission. But Dawn Karpell is already one of the best of All Time, because she played on the team that many feel is the greatest of ALL TIME…SHE”S JUST TYING TO HELP A GROUP OF GIRLS SEE WHAT THATFEELS LIKE…


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