Since I pushed back the Team Miller spotlight back. I thought I have a little fun TODAY. First Shore fans remember Michaela Mabrey is playing for a national championship tonight against U-Conn.

So I  will give you my  Shore Top Ten for  next year based on the information I have and returning players? Plus there are a few transfers who are going to have major impacts on the ranking. Now very little thought has gone into this, I am really just going off the top of my head. I am sure that SJV will be one to start, unless Paula Schmidt transfers in…LOL.


So here is my Way To Early Top 10 for next year

1. SJV They have everyone back and will be seniors, I like there chances

2. Manasquan– It seems so unfair they get everyone back and a new Super Woman.

3. St. Rose– Now there is a chance they are getting a huge transfer

4. Middletown South– They have everyone back and may be getting a huge transfer

5 . RBC– They have a lot of talent, will it develop this summer?   Tia Montange returns?

6. RFH– They are in the running for a transfer, that could change everything..

7. Neptune– Desiree Allen is back for 2 more years…seems crazy

8.Tom River North– There are two future superstars joining them

9. Southern– Gabbie Davis and Nicolini return.

10. Donavan Catholic– Great returning backcourt

That’s a damm good Top Ten…how good? I don’t know how you keep the Top 6 out of the state Top 10. It going to be real hard to justify that, I wouldn’t want to be Chris Ryan. They are two really huge impact kids who are most likely transferring.  I don’t think we have ever seen 4 impact freshman come into the shore and affect 4 different schools at the same time.   When it all said and done there is going to be so many different faces, names and improved players, that this list will look silly in a few months….but its fun!

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