COLLEGE COACHES PSA ALERT🚨 : ISABELLA ASENCIO… is the best in the business 🏀💪

As we get ready to start the 2021-22 basketball season, there are lots of questions. There will be debates about who are the best teams, the best coaches and players. Everyone will have there opinions and the reasons as to why they feel the way they do. But there is one conversation that will not be much of a conversation. That’s because ISABELLA ASENCIO of Immaculate Heart Academy is the best 2023 pure point guard in the state of New Jersey and that’s not an opinion it’s a fact.

The list of point guards who have been part of the NBS program in the past 19 years reads like a who’s who of point guards. When you look across the D1 college landscape these days, NBS points guards are impacting programs in a major way. This year at NBS 12 guards have already committed or signed at D1 schools. It’s an impressive talented group of guards. But the best guard in the program by a long shot has not committed yet. The player who is the golden standard of point guards in the 2023 class in the state of New Jersey. ISABELLA ASENCIO is that good and has been that good from day one. She puts the fear of god in some of the best players in New Jersey when they see her front of her. That’s because when they realize there matched up against Isabella Asencio, they know one thing… there about to have a bad day all day.
Everyone felt her wrath

There are so many things, the great point guards bring to the table. But what makes ISABELLA ASENCIO, different than any point guard that has walked though the NBS doors in the last 6 years is that she brings “everything” to the table. She is the ultimate leader and floor general. The term “extension of the coach” is used like a punchline these days. It’s words too often used to hype kids up who couldn’t lead a staving man to a sandwich. Isabella’s IQ and ability to grab a team by the throat has no equal. You can trust me on that one. That’s because if you take every D1 point guard at NBS and had a draft that last 6 years. She’d be the first pick and folks I should know because I see them all. Regardless if their going too or went to a P5 school or a Ivy League school… and she’s been by far the best in the business.

#21 in your program and #1 in your heart!

Just call it “ISABELLA’s HANDLE” because it has broken more ankles and made more folks hit the deck than anyone in the history of NBS. College coaches this is a classic example of a player that can Electrify your crowd and turn an opponents home crowd against them. She is that good and when you try to back off her. The jumper is like butter… BING BONG! But it’s the other stuff that turns me on, like her ability to elevate teammates, how she understands clock and Situation. Nobody on God’s green earth understands how to use ball screens and feed the post like her… NOBODY! Her mental toughness is so next level and allows her to make late game free throws and take care of the ball likes it gold. She is a true closer in every sense of the word. Above all this, what truly separates her from every point guard, I know is this. She can ADAPT TO ANY ENVIRONMENT. That’s because she is so unselfish and coachable. Her likable factor is UNMATCHED… and if you don’t understand how important that is to a point guard, you don’t get it.


This summer I watched Isabella Asencio’s, United AAU team win the HGSL U17s chip. Her team was stacked. She joined the team this year. It was a crew that had played together for years. The entire roster was made up of D1 players. But Isabella Asencio had no problem fitting right in. That’s because she can adapt, adjust and most importantly take her game to another level when asked. When UNITED played the Shoreshots HGSL U17 team with 9 D1 players committed or signed, early in the spring. She let United coach Jimmy Ostaszewski know she can do big things in big moments. She took over the game and carried Untied to the win. She did it with electric defense, jumpers, dropping dimes and making big shot after big shot. There is something different about great point guards. That because coaches can tell the great ones, “go make us a play” and that’s exactly what they do. It’s also why ISABELLA ASENCIO is the best in the business in her class.

If Isabella Asencio played in the Shore Conference, she’d be the best pure point guard in the conference by a country mile. It wouldn’t even be a conversation. I had a coach ask me to compare her to someone in recent years. I was honest and told him, I haven’t seen one better in the past 6 years. There are a few combo guards that have been special. I mean Dara Mabrey and Madison St. Rose are rock stars. I Absolutely love HANNAH HIDALGO of PAUL VI, she is a once in a lifetime player. But as far as PURE POINT GUARDS… folks there is nothing like Isabella Asencio. Players with her skill sets and ability along with her competitive nature are rare. But if I must make a comparison. I will go back one year to the two best point guards in the state last year. Isabella Asencio, has the leadership, court vision and IQ of Fordham’s Sophia Sabino... She has the quickness, explosiveness and competitive nature of Lafayette’s Abby Antognoli…She has the best qualities of the two future A-10 and PATRIOT All League players. Except one difference… she can take it to another level!


The fact of the matter is there is no discussion, ISABELLA ASENCIO is in her own world when it comes to the point guard conversation. She is simply the best in the 2023 class. One day if she wants, will be Ivy or Patriot ALL FRESHMAN (yes she is a mega student too)…in fact she will be All league regardless of what conference she plays in. That’s because the list of point guards from NBS who have been All Freshman and All Conference at the next level is to long to list.. and since ISABELLA ASENCIO, is the best to walk though those doors in recent years.… I EXPECT NOTHING DIFFERENT FROM HER💪🏀

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