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There was an upset in Pitman this past weekend. That’s what they’re calling it. But the UNITED GIRLS U17 team must chuckle at those words. It was upset to those who do not know any better. It’s was really just a case of The JIMMY O’s. If you don’t know what the Jimmy O’s are, it’s because you not paying attention. The Jimmy O’s are the yearly group of United basketball U17 kids that most college coaches don’t learn their name until the middle of the summer. See these are the kids with serious game without the hyped up reputation. But are oh so very talented.

The New Jersey Shoreshots U17 HGSL team has a roster of all D1 players. 8 of the 9 players have D1 offers on the table. Most likely every player on there roster will have been committed to a D1 school( 3 have already committed) long before the July recruiting period kicks in. But on Saturday evening the United UI7 TEAM could care less. They were more concerned with showing what “they” already know. They can play with and beat anyone as the Shoreshots found out on Saturday. They did it by playing hellacious defense. Holding the Shoreshots to 13 points in the first half They did it by hustling and playing team basketball. They did by listening to the man many believe is the best in the AAU coaching business, Jimmy O. They did it without big reputations, but rather with big games. Just to make sure nobody thought it was a fluke they came back the next morning and beat the powerhouse Bill McDonough U17 Running Rebel just for shits and giggles. Upset? I think the United girls were just making a statement. Letting coaches and fans know they got special players as well

Jimmy “O” gave his troops a a game plan and the United girls executed it to perfection. Savannah Seawell, Charlotte Tuhy, Addy Platt and Ella Kreuzer are all going to play D1 basketball one day. But they won’t be going to UConn or be recruited by high major and P5 schools. But they did a great job of slowing the massive Shoreshots front line of 6’4”, 6’3” 6’2” proving it not the size of the dog but the size of the fight in the dog. UNITED has some dogs folks. Ella Kreuzer is one of the best players in the state of New Jersey and in her way to Bucknell University. She was rock steady and hit big shot after big shot. She showed that she takes a back seat to no one. Savannah Seawell once again prove she is one of the best post players in New Jersey, she played with fire and purpose and never backed down. Addy Platt is one of the best 2026’s in New Jersey. She ran wild on Saturday at times. Charlotte Tuhy is not being recruited by high majors. She doesn’t have college coaches blowing up her home. Maybe that’s why she was so hungry Saturday to prove to college coaches. Game over rep is what truly matters. D1 offers don’t play defense, rebound in traffic, beat your opponent off the dribble and make jumpers at 6’1”. People do, people like Charlotte Tuhy a name coaches are about to remember.

Did I tell you size doesn’t matter? But heart does. Gabby D’Agostino, isn’t being recruited by tons of D1 schools like the Shoreshots guards. She not on a visit every week. That’s because she is too focused on other things right now. Like being the best player on the court this side of Christina Liggio. She was too busy running past some highly recruited guards once again. It’s becoming an old story for Gabby. D1 guard shows up and Gabby goes to work on them, time and time again. It was her winning bank shot with 3 seconds left to seal the win for UNITED. Meanwhile her running mate Tessa Lonzer was rock solid and was most responsible for setting the tone early on Saturday. Her quick drives to the rim and passing was just what the doctor ordered.

You want to call United’s win Saturday an upset. That’s ok if it makes you feel good. But Shea Donnelly (who once again knocked down a “BIG THREE” in a big spot) heard those same words last year when her United team knocked out the highly touted ‘25 Shoreshots. This is old news to her and her United teammates. It was a great day to be UNITED. It was a great day to once again prove that they can play with anyone. It was a great day to show people across the state.. GAME OVER REP MATTERS MOST and soon college coaches are going to figure that out. They were Rock Stars for a day. Social media lit up, that’s lots of kids out there who can play that may not get the hype attention of D1 offers. United reminded them, If you got game, big things can happen and that was the case Saturday.

Now the Shoreshots got a wake up call Saturday. It will make them a serious problem from here on out. But they learned a valuable lesson this weekend⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️


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