There choices one has to make sometimes in there life. Sometimes these choices can change a persons life. In the case of MacKenzie Teevan, of Holmdel High School, she made a decision. A decision to be the best basketball player she could possibly be. So she put her entire life on hold. She made the decision to give up everything to pursue a goal. She made a decision to leave no stone unturned. She then found an inner circle that helped her grow, starting with her parents. She also discovered along the way she had a gift. A real gift. That gift was the ability to work hard for long hours consistently, to show up everyday and then most of all, embrace and process information. She was once considered a tall girl that played basketball. These days she is basketball player that is tall. She likes being tall and she is confident and walks tall. She is a coaches dream. In fact until Thursday evening she was a lot of coaches dream. But only one coach and school had there dreams come true. That Coach was MAUREEN MAGARITY, the Head Coach of THE HOLY CROSS UNIVERSITY

Mackenzie Teevan, was nervous on Thursday night. She didn’t know how the many schools recruiting her would feel about her decision to attend Holy Cross. She asked me “if the other schools would be upset” I told her “yes but that’s part of the recruiting process”. The fact that Mackenzie Teevan was in this situation to begin with was because of an unwavering commitment to her development. You see Mackenzie Teevan gave it all up for a sport. A sport she has come to learn, she cannot live without. A year ago she was playing basketball to stay active, not excel at it. She didn’t train or play competitive AAU. She ran track in the spring. She played volleyball in the fall. Basketball was the furthest thing on her mind during these things. But then something clicked, she realized she was 6’4” and athletic. She knew that if she put time into basketball she could get good at it. She wanted to know how good. So she decided to quit volleyball and track. She decided to play competitive high level AAU and most importantly live in the gym.

If you really want to understand how Mackenzie Teevan got to where she is today. You must understand, she has made more sacrifices and given up more perhaps than any kid I know right now. You must understand that she put 3- 4 hour days in daily. She watched hours of tape. She put up with the yelling and screaming. She passed on the vacations, the parties and social life. She gave it all up just to chase a goal. She never said “N0” or had an excuse in the past year to skip getting in the gym. It’s why she has emerged faster than any player I have ever seen over a short period of time. There has never been a player who has gone from where Mackenzie Teevan started to where she is today this fast, EVER! She has gone from a nobody in the recruiting world. Too one of the most recruited players in the state of New Jersey. She didn’t start this journey for a scholarship. She just wanted to see how far she could take this thing. She wanted to show people she could be special. We are talking about a player who did not have one offer or phone call a year ago, to a player who had BIG TEN, BIG EAST, IVY , PATRIOT LEAUGE OFFERS. You name the conference and at least one school wanted MacKenzie Teevan. It truly a result of her work ethic and mental toughness. Because she has worked like no kid these eyes has seen in a while. She is the rare 6’4” post player who loves being in the gym. She can only be called the ultimate gym rat. It’s also the reason she is where she is today… COMMITTED TO HOLY CROSS


Trust me Holy Cross is in for a big surprise. That’s because McKenzie Teevan hasn’t scratched tip of her potential. She is still new to basketball. She joined the Shoreshots last year as an underclassmen. It’s been a tradition that the Shoreshots director Tracey Sabino does not allow kids to play up, even her many superstars of the past rarely played up. But she knew if MacKenzie Teevan had any chance of developing and being a major part of her organization, she needed a head start. So she put McKenzie on her U17 team last year. The result was McKenzie Teevan gained valuable experience and saw what high level basketball looked like. More importantly her parents allowed her to fail early.

Brian and Lauren Teevan never allowed McKenzie to make excuses. They never interfered with their daughters coaches or trainers. They did something that is very rare. They trusted their daughter’s inner circle. They were willing to be led and that meant holding their daughter accountable. Brian and Lauren Teevan have without question been the biggest reason for McKenzie’s success. There marrow deep belief in their daughter and willingness to support her every move has been unwavering. They’ve allowed her to cry, jump with joy and come though the full athletic experience throughout the last year. They allowed her to play catch up to all those more experienced kids. So much that she played for IRISH NATIONAL TEAM this spring. Something unthinkable a year ago. She won a GOLD MEDAL IN INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION. In a lot of ways it was a reward for her countless hours training, watching tape, traveling to games, taking all the heat and most importantly proving the doubters wrong. Now she has caught those who had a big head start on her. Now she passed many players who were thought more highly of thant her. She did it the old fashion way…she earned it.. These things only happens when a family enters the process with a true honest, clean heart and no agenda’s. They just wanted to see what this basketball thing was truly about and now it has taken on a life of its own. The friends and experience made cannot be put into word. MacKenzie has this and more and it starts in her home.

This past season MacKenzie Teevan went from over to 200 points to almost 400. She tripled her number of block shots. She was named First Team All Division and was named All Shore by a number of Media outlets. Now none of this should come as a surprise. Her best performances were against Top 20 teams in the state. She had dominant performances for example vs St. Rose and Ocean Twp. It goes to her competitive nature and desire to win. MacKenzie Teevan is nothing like the person she was a year ago. These days, she now wants to be one of the best. Her goals have shifted and now she wants to take her game to another level. It’s all part of this burning desire that MacKenzie Teevan has to be an impact player at the next level. She has over a year before she arrives on the Holy Cross campus. What she may look like a year from now is a dangerous thought. She has hired a personal strength and conditioning coach, she has changed her diet. She is relentless in the gym. McKenzie Teevan in a nutshell is on a mission it seems from god. Holy Cross is very lucky.

When a kid comes this far, you have to tip your hat to them. When a kid puts in the volume of time and energy like this, your very blessed to know them. When the parents stay out of the way and let kids grown and develop trusting relationships you know something good is coming down the pike. In this case, that something good is MacKenzie Teevan. It’s something real good. Because the fact of the matter is MACKENZIE TEEVAN IS JUST GETTING STARTED AND THE HOLY CROSS UNIVERSITY IS IN FOR A HELL OF A RIDE…

Congratulations to MacKenzie Teevan, Brain Teevan. Lauren Teevan and the next star in the family Logan…. Your simply the best!

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