EFZfn6UXoAA5wA6The Top 100 was the talk of the town this weekend. 120 kids and over 30 colleges watching in the stands. The D1’s schools got to watch all the action on video.  What we learned about Sundays event is this, there is a ton of talent in the metro-area. This event was stacked from top to bottom and the players did not disappoint. My only disappointment was kids missing this event. It really shouldn’t happen. Our job as coaches and trainers is not just to help kids get better but also help them gain exposure. We can all do better…but guess what? We had a great night and so many kid started making there dreams come true….that makes me smile.


It would be hard to start talking about this event without bringing up one name first...COLLEN McQUILLEN OF CRESSKILL HIGH SCHOOL IN NEW JERSEY. #77 was sensation all night, it started in the skill session and then during games. She went into her tool box of skills sets and blew everyone away. She my friends was a one woman wrecking crew. She gave it to folks anyway they wanted it. Jumpers, drives, pull ups and in transition. She just didn’t score at every level she also brought a competitive edge on defense you just don’t teach. He talent is  special and she will be playing at a high major one day. She has D1 offers on the table…she was the MVP of the night.


While Colleen McQuillen was doing her thing in a big way. Abby Ferguson continues to make it clear she is one of the best players in the 2022 class. Her growth from a year ago is truly amazing. She had coaches buzzing all night, but I have bad news for all the coaches talking and asking about her. You going to have to out recruit a D1 school to get her. Abby Ferguson is going to wear a D1 uniform if she chooses. This kid put on a show this Sunday and if  McQuillen was the Batman of the night, then Abby was playing the best Robin around all evening.





0TATIANA TATAR is from Montenegro and if you are a division one school. You better find out everything you can about this young lady..because she showed up and shocked everyone in the gym. She is everything you wish for in a young player. Top 5 player in the entire gym on Sunday. She is attending Donavan Catholic this year!



D_hszDnXkAI-QQ7There is no question the 2023 class is something out of the Twilight Zone and Sarah Hughes of Rumson high School in NJ  and Tyonna Bailey of Morris Catholic  both were on top of their games. First Sarah Hughes was in alpha female mode, grabbing her team by the throat and leading them all night long. She did just about everything on both sides of the ball. Tyonna Bailey was so good it was insane, nobody could stop the future All State and Power 5 guard all evening. She displayed a sick IQ and more importantly a dominate offensive game. I stand by my words earlier when this is all said and done..Bailey will be the best player in the 2023 class.

Olivia Schmitt of  Staten Island Academy is in 8th grade and stands about 5’4″ but her game is big as in real big. Olivia Schmitt went off on Sunday. Her ability to get to the rim, knock down jumpers, see the floor and defend make her one of the best young point guard these eyes has seen in years. I have watched her twice now..and here is what I know. This is going to be one of the best point guards on the east coast. She is that good and ask any coach watching on Sunday…D1 schools the video don’t lie! Speaking of  Staten Island Academy, Allie McGinn right now is about as good as it gets folks. The 5’11” guard broke out her bag of tricks  Sunday. She was as good as any player and will  wear a high major uniform one day. She is clearly has taken her game to a new level. Ashley Schmitt is Olivia’s OLDER  sister and she plays at SLA as well. She too is a baller….and did her thing on Sunday.


download-14There is zero doubt every single coach in the gym on Sunday will call Nicole Stanford. I believe she is a D1 player these days. The school that gets her has no idea what they are getting. I believe this kid in college is going to become a dominate impact player…She is coming into her own in a big way…coaches what the skill session as well


download-24Okay coaches here is a fact, Georgia Heine of Manasquan high school, in NJ  has high major offers. But I will tell you this, she is out growing her recruitment. I believe Georgia Heine has P5 potential and when you watch the tape you will agree…here is what a coach from a D3 school said “a kid with the her skills and that size if she works hard, can punch her ticket”. Well my friend, she is a gym rat…coaches again the tape don’t lie.


download-3If you not recruiting Nia Melvin  of the  Stuart School your off your rocker…D1 schools she is as good as any point guard in the shore and some believe she would be the best point guard…Maddie Hartnett  Chatam high school right now is so in demand it crazy and do you know why? Because she can play both guard positions and takes a back seat to nobody…every D3/D2 coach in that gym was hoping to see her in their schools uniform.




I told you the Shore 2023 class was loaded? Well guess what Long Island has two of the best babies on the east coast the Babot twins put on show for everyone to see…



download-5Chloe Teter of Red Bank Reg just does not miss open shots coaches. She simply has willed herself into one of the best shooters in New Jersey and Sunday proved that. Macy Brackett is going to be All Shore this year and her two Neptune High school , NJ teammates… Amaya Evans and Na young are going to be one of the best backcourts in New Jersey all three made a few dollars on Sunday..bravo for those kids! Anymore questions about Grace Leary of Howell? Coaches falling in love with the Point Guard, who now has D1 recutiment


DiTmiobUEAEkSfHNow don’t even discuss this with me..Ella Fajardo of Gil Bernard  high school in NJ, is as good as it get. Now you go to that video and tell me there was one guard in that gym as good as her on Sunday. This kid is the total package.


Taylor Crystian of RBR at one point on Sunday was just toying with folks. The future D1 guard is going to find that she may be the most in demand senior in New Jersey come the season. College coaches here is that rare gift a total sleeper….the video don’t lie.


download-25Coaches I told you so….I told you so…how good is SJV’s Ashley O’Connor? Go watch the video and I look forward to hearing from you. The kid is a talent and the crazy part is getting better..playing for Team Rio next spring.


download-3The twins Kennady and Keona Schenck from Franklin high school are just winners. I can tell you where ever they go to school…that program is going to win. These two just know what is all about competition and being competitive. They were soooo impressive all night. words regarding ALLY CARMAN




EG1vod5X0AE3ArkThe Shore 2023 class is stacked but make no mistake Taryn and Taylor Barbot are two of the best 2023 on the east coast. Both were not just good Sunday, they were breath taking for anyone watching . The future high major guards sent a message to everyone in attendance…they are some bad girls…


download-6Finally some kids and parents just get it… they just get it. Lehigh now I know why she was so important to your program. Fab shows up at Top 100 with nothing to gain and only to give. She plays two games then rushed over to the event to help give me pop and cread these events need.. Fab you will always be my favorite because you always do the right thing,  your so unselfish and supportive…THANK YOU!





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