Here is what I know right as the seeding committee meets next week.

All I know SJV, RBC and Manasquan are going to be the first 3 seeds. What I don’t know is who is going to be the 4th seed. Donovan Catholic knows the Ocean coaches are going to stand together. Meanwhile RFH is going to say quality wins once they got back on there feet. Donovan Catholic is getting the 4th .. it high school folks and politics rule.

All I know who ever draws RBR in the first round of the SCT(there getting in folks) is catching a horrible break. That’s because RBR is getting a low seed.

I know that RFH is hot as fire but guess what? So is Marlboro. They are rolling in the biggest of ways right now.

The seeding committee has two problems for now, Holmdel and Trinity. Where do you put them? Holmdel controls there fate because they have a date with RFH tomorrow. Trinity Hall I believe is in trouble, if they want a Top 10 seed.

THE SCT can change a lot of things. It not changing Freshman of the year or Player of the year. Christina Liggio and Madison St Rose got that on lock down.


Madison St Rose- SJV

SJV starting 5

Deyvn Quigley- Manchester

Justine Pissott(last week)- RBC


GABBY ROSS- Manchester


Christina Liggio- FOY- RBC

Kayden Clark- Ocean Twp

Tessa Carman- RBC


Caroline Polloway- RBR

All I know is when coaches drop stats understand it means nothing to me because I watch the video. So when the coach tries to cover for the kid and says she played great D… you can’t trick me.

All I know is until Ocean teams start scheduling real competition they will not get the Credibility they feel they deserve. it comes down to who you are doing it against. Your better off losing to quality competition.

All I know is that Bri delaney had 10 in the biggest game in the state this year. She is a D1 player and thats a fact. Remember when I tweeted she would start for every other team in the state? Any more questions folks

All I know is Trinity Hall picked up another talented 8th grader. There not getting the “A” list kids. But there getting D1 players . They are becoming strong in numbers.

All I know is a 3rd D1 player’s dad told me yesterday. His daughter applied to a certain Shore school and he wants his daughter to play in the Shore.

All I know is Grace Colucci’s has been outstanding this year. Doesn’t it feel like the bigger that game the bigger she plays?

All I know is that Manasquan and RFH could once again be playing for the Group 2 state title. New Providence and Holmdel can beat both on any given night.

All I know is your going to have reach way back to find a coaching job like the one Dave Callahan has done this year. I mean he is painting his masterpiece.

All I know is some juniors better pick a AAU team that features them. Because this is going to be the year of the portal folks. Because scholarships are freeing up as the kids who got the extra year are moving out. Schools are only going to take impact freshman.

All I know is some of you better listen to this and understand there are no easy doors to walk though if you really want it

Here is want I know these are the best teams not the Top seeds but the best teams right now

  1. SJV
  3. RBC
  4. RFH
  5. Donovan Catholic
  6. RBR
  7. Holmdel
  9. Jackson Memorial
  10. Trinity Hall

All I know is Megan Sias is back and ahe is a high major player because she is a 6’2” wing. She has not chosen her AAU team yet. But coaches she is special. She is practicing with TRN but won’t play until April.

All I know is seniors when state tourney games. Donovan Catholic has three really good ones. Oliva Conroy and Kya Joesph have delivered the goods all year. They can make a nice run.

All I know is the PODS were great last year. I hope we didn’t go away from it for Financial reasons. All i know is it creates more excitement when kids think they can win a chip.

All I know is you can’t make kids train in the right environments… but you should be here

All I know is St. Rose deserves better. Rosie deserves better.. comforti deserves better… Ramos deserves better. Mary Beth Chambers and the entire St. Rose family deserves better. You know last year when they had injures everyone said it was over too… it wasn’t.

ALL I KNOW is I will leave you with this... now when you beat Trinity Hall its a big thing now… I THINK THEY CALL THAT A BACK HANDED Complement… who ever thought they see the day!

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