Does the name NATALIA VALDEZ ring a bell? Do you have the slightest idea who she is? I doubt it. I know, I certainly didn’t know who she was. But I know who she is now. She is what I call the real deal. That’s because watching her this spring has made me come to realize. She could be the most bizarre story of the year. That’s because no young player this talented could possibly be so under the radar.

When you’re one of the chosen ones. It’s easy, all you have to do is s stay focused. You get first crack at everything. Playing time, more 2nd chances, more hype and your road is paved. All you have to do is put the work in. Everyone believes in you and your future.

NATALIA VALDEZ is not one of the chosen ones. She has not been crowned. She is working towards wearing a crown and she just might be wearing one real soon. That’s because this spring. She is behaving like a future star. She has opened her bag on the AAU circuit in a most impressive, dominate, explosive manner. She is making a name for herself and sending a real message to college coaches.

NATALIA VALDEZ, played last season for Rutgers Prep. A team stacked with talent and D1 players. She didn’t arrive with the reputation of a MIKAYLA BLAKES or the hype of a GIGI BATTLE. NATALIA VALDEZ was a typical high school player going to play for one of the best high school teams in the state. She was off to play for one of the best high school coaches in the state. The problem was she didn’t do much playing. She did a lot of watching and that why this story is one all college coaches will be surprised by. All Division one coaches better pay attention. NATALIA VALDEZ May not have played much at Rutgers Prep. But she can flat out play these days, in fact, she is one of the most dynamic. 2026’s in all of New Jersey.

Now if you’re a D1 coach you know all about the 2026 Shoreshots, unless you’re living under a rock. There roster is basically all D1 players. They have a roster full of players with D1 and power 5 offers. They are one of the “it” teams. But all the players on the Shoreshots were stars and impact players on there high school team. You don’t play for Shoreshots if you’re not impactful player in high school. Well the was the case before NATALIA VALDEZ, showed up. You see Natalia brought things to the table few expected. She has an athletic body, toughness and is skilled. She is that rare blend of next level talent, skills and a competitive nature. This kid is the entire package. But what is most crazy, is that she is improving at a scary rate. She is knocking down thee’s in a most confident matter. She can get in the lane it seems at will. But when she gets there, she can scorer or play playmaker. She is a nightmare in transition because of her explosiveness and finishing ability. If that’s not enough she is an offensive rebounding machine. None of this makes sense. It’s shocking when you see it. Because you wonder how this talent could possibly under the radar.

NATALIA VALDEZ, lives in North Jersey. When she showed up at NBS, I asked who and where were her parents. She said there not here and she took a Uber to Red Bank. They she went out to NBS and started cooking a few highly recruited D1 players. That’s because she plays so hard and she is fearless and mega CONFIDENT! She doesn’t make excuses, it why she got in that Uber. There is no show boating, faces, complaining. Just a kid in the gym saying watch me work now. Her game is everything you look for in a young lady. She does things you can’t teach and she does it with so much energy and effort.

NATALIA VALDEZ, isn’t crowned. But make no mistake her game in the the conversation among the best 2026’s. This is not hype, this is not a kid that is blessed by others. This is not a kid being given flowers before planting the seeds. This is a kid that flat out is going to be in the driving seat at some point. That’s because the coaches are coming. The D1 coaches are most certainly coming. And when they come they are not going to believe how NATALIA VALDEZ could not wearing a big crown. Because she is THE REAL DEAL!

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