TRINITY HALL will be in the best of Maryland for the Live Recruiting period. It is shocking to believe in just 5 years Matt McCarthy has turned Trinity Hall into a state and Shore powerhouse. The program is now a hotspot for future high school stars … there roster is loaded with talent from rising seniors to some of the best underclassmen in the state.


COACH MATT MCCARTHY is a former D1 and juco college coach. He worked along side current NBA CHAMPIONSHIP Coach Mike Malone. He is a master teacher with a real talent for developing players . None of his current players entered high school as so called stars. But he has lots of them now. None bigger than the leading candidate for next years Shore Conference POY, NINA EMANCE. Mike McCarthy has emerged has one of the best coaches in the state of New Jersey

















NINA EMANCE.– 5’8”- Combo- she is one of the best players in all of New Jersey. She was the defensive POY in the Shore and the best defensive guard in New Jersey. She is a deadly shooter to 25 feet and a offensive juggernaut. She is impossible to guard one on one or in transition…GYM RAT ALERT… she has given HARVARD A VERBAL COMMITMENT 






SIOBHAN STAPLETON-6’0”- Swing- if you have watched her with AAU team. Then you do not have an appreciation for her talents. This is a player built for team basketball and a college basketball setting. There are no bells and whistles, just hard work and reliable performances. She has yet to miss a game or practice in 3 years. This is the Definition and poster child for hard workers. She has a college body and is truly versatile. Her passing talents within a basketball system is nothing short of dynamic. Her strength and IQ allow her to guard undersize post players and switch on to any type of guard. She has strong hands and is a big time if not flashy rebounder. “She never misses a box out assignment”.  She is an elite weak side defender. Now here are the things you will see with her high school team. Excellent high percentage shooting from three… excellent ball screens… the extra pass.. running sets to perfection. This is a IVY STEAL. But you must watch her play multiple times as she is a Chameleon and will change from opponent to opponent to ft her teams need…









LILLY RIGGI- 5’10”- Swing- the body jumps off the page. She is a blue collar, physical player. She is active on the class and masterful at keeping balls alive. Her quickness and speed are vastly underrated. She has morphed into a deadly three point shooter. She is an excellent block defender who doesn’t foul. She can get out and run lanes. Her ball handling skills are Reliable as is her passing. She sets big screens and will do any form of dirty  work. She is a very interesting prospect.

LIZZY MCCARTHY– 5’7- Wing- she is a program kid. Will give her teammates energy and support and be ready to go if called upon










GRACE FEENEY– 6’0”- SWING- this is one of fastest growing recruiting stories of the spring. College coaches would  be wise to take note. She currently is one of the 5 best players in the 2025 class in the Shore and one of the best freshman in the entire state. How did that happen? She has out worked just about every player in her class and leap frogged a entire class almost. She brings size with a college body, then she brings elite skill sets, passing, screening, three point shooting, mid range and then  eats up the class. She runs the floor and is a natural scorer from multiple spots on the floor. Her ability to get behind the defense in transition is a gift. This is an emerging player. She is certainly  a D1 player the only question is what is the ceiling…D1 LOCK … GYM RAT ALERT








WHITNEY HOPSON – 5’9”- WING- she plays for the powerhouse and highly recruited 2026 Shoreshots. She was named 2nd Team All Freshman in the Shore Conference. She is a master at all little thing. Her intangibles are simply off the charts , so coaches you must pay attention to the details of her game. She is a excellent shooter, wonderful decision maker and a multi Dimensional defender. Her handle is reliable and she is a legit rebounding guard. This GYM and young lady who is a mega student will get tons of recruitment in the coming years.








TEAGAN DRENNAN– 5’10” Wing- one of the biggest surprises of the high school season. But now she has picked up some addition skills. Like a wonderful pull up game and getting to the rim. She was 1st TEAM ALL FRESHMAN and that’s because she was a walking bucket and 2nd leading scorer for the Top 20 Trinity Hall team. She is a deadly shooter to 25 feet and is loaded with a shooters arrogance and confidence. She is without question one of the best offensive rebounding guard in the 2025 class in New Jersey. She  physically continues to grow and get stronger. Coaches make no mistake she is going to be a physical beast before she steps foot on a college campus… the GYM RAT she is a future D1 LOCK!










NIAHM STAPLETON– 5’10” – Swing/Forward- her college position will be that of a small forward. Her physical aggressiveness will certainly allow her to guard under sized post players. The word that comes to mind is warrior because she will fight you for everything. Lose balls, rebounds and space on the floor. She is a more than reliable three point scorer. She has active hands and finishes in the lane. She is a underrated passer and defender. She can handle the ball against pressure or lead the break in transition if asked too. Her ability to set block buster screens is a gift. This is a player coaches will certainly take interest in.


BRIDGET RIGNEY– 5’6”- Combo- this is one of the most interesting prospects on the Trinity Hall roster.  That’s  because she a wonderful athlete with quickness and speed. She has shown a real ability to knock down shots consistently. Her quick feet scream future elite defender. She has a reliable handle and a very nice IQ. This is a kid with plenty of upside and could easily be a big surprise one day.. who knows maybe even this weekend


MADDIE QUINN- 5’7”- Wing- she saw spot time as a freshman. She is tough and willing to give up her body. She is a worker on the glass and willing passer. Her handle is tight and reliable. She will play any role she is asked to play. This is a player small colleges would be wise to peek in on for a number of reasons, none bigger than her willingness to be a elite teammate. Now that’s a novice idea these days.










BREE KORCH- 5’9”- Swing- she played at SJV last year. This is a nice pickup for Trinity Hall. That’s because shooting matters and she is a deadly shooter. She also has a competitive nature. She will use her body to get easy buckets around the rim and rebound against bigger more athletic players. She will have a real chance to make a major contribution to Trinity Hall. She has a nice handle and is a good decision maker with the ball. She has seen, practiced and played against the highest level of competition.




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