download-3So it’s time for some RAMDON THOUGHTS OF THE WEEK. This was a busy and interesting week to say the least. It’s also the first weekend of NBS and things will really heat up…so here we go.



Is anyone paying attention to what Jackson Memorial is doing in the NO BOYS ALLOWED?  They were 5-2 the last time I checked. I got a good feeling about Jackson Memorial this year. Those kids are stepping up and playing the competition needed to get them ready for a big season…



Taylor Crystian going to RBR is big as in really big… Niaisya  Ervin going to St. Rose is just as big. Both players are serious impact players for their new schools. But guess what? Paige Slaven going to RFH is a game changer. She my friends is on a ALL SHORE MISSION.


download-6So who is the best shooter in the shore? Well right now thats pretty easy. Camryn Foltz is the best shooter maybe in the state and folks, this is not even open for debate. The key to her shooting? Folks she shows up…like everyday.


downloadSept 15 is the cutoff date for kids to transfer and still play. There is going to be two more transfers before that date. Both are going to be impact transfers. I will say it again, kids have the right to attend any school they want..




Grace Munt getting injured must have Coach Dave Callahan asking what has he done to deserve such bad luck. There is no time table for Munt’s return. So once again Dave Callahan will have to preform another magic act…he has been the best at it.



imagesWhen will kids learn, it’s not how long you are in the gym but what you are doing in the gym that matter. Kids have to start understanding you have to work on the stuff that matters and what your team needs.


download-24Georgia Heine, folks pay real attention to what I am about to say….she is going to end up at a Power 5 school if she chooses. Why? Because as soon as she gets stronger is will be almost unstoppable and her work ethic is elite.


imagesAlright now I gave some real thought to my Top 5 right now…so don’t say I change my mind everyday because I do…1. Manchester…2. St. Rose…3. RBC..4… SJV.. 5. Marlboro hey that’s just one man’s opinion.


download-8So who is my leading choice for Most Improved Player? That’s so easy. Jess Reipe is going to make a serious run at All Shore. I will tell you this…Jess Reipe is without question a D1 player.


download-6So which player wins my hardest work award this fall…you know the gym rats. When is the last time a senior who has signed been the hardest worker in the Shore?…well nobody has put the work in like Camryn Foltz this fall, please don’t try and compare anyone to what this kid has done this fall up till now…just don’t. She is not interested in Short cuts folks. Funny how her name keeps popping up.  The kid is just relentless and more importantly doing the stuff that matters. Can you say Kelly Campbell?


Justine-Pissott-of-Red-Bank-Catholic-Photo-by-Paula-LopezSpeaking of hard workers, Justine Pissott, work in the weight room is clearly paying off this fall. Before we’re done, Pissott could be in the All Shore Conversation. She is an improved rebounder, defender and starting to finish at the rim. Joe Montano is going to be a happy man.





She has been out with a hand injury. But in the gym everyday dribbling with her right hand. I had to kick her out of the gym this week. Stephanie Mayerhofer is just a kid who at the next level is going to special…she loves being in the gym, its in her DNA… She will be playing with Staten Island Catholic in the Hoop Group Fall League starting next week!




Dx7CwiPXcAIeDGrSo what open gym would I go to if I have to just pick one this fall. I would get my backside to Neptune. Because they have 3 Division one players, who don’t play high visible AAU. Ready and all three are mega talented and big time kids…see I just helped your recruiting ….



download-15Folks you better listen, she is going to a have an earth shattering season. Just watch, her body is elite. Her shooting is deadly and she won’t say it…but she thinks she is the best player in the Shore…. she could be right! MAKAYLA ANDREWS!



0-2All I’m going to tell you is this.. McKenna Karlson could be the most important player in the  2024 class. College coaches write the name down, she will be All Freshman, All Shore and a D1 lock down the road.  I just believe she is going to be really special, I call her the lazy one…fact of the matter, is the kid is a gym rat and hard ass worker….. if your asking about a certain kid named Tayl0r Dermack…sorry she not a shore kid!



download-18So how many of you view Grace Leary as a D1 player? Well guess what she is charting that way big time right now…NBS is going to tell a lot about her future. The junior has improved so much it’s insane.


images-2Here is a scary thought…John Turhan is closing the talent gap. Some teams are in trouble because if Turhan has equal talent, newsflash you are not beating his crew…just ask RBC and Manasquan.


th6UVA9TCZTrinity Hall folks is close as in real close. They have lots of duel sports kids. So in the fall they don’t get in the gym to train and play. But trust me that’s the next step for Matt McCarthy and trust me he will find a way to make it happen…the guy is good.


IMG_20180917_114459This is going to be a great event this weekend. Tons of D2/D3 schools are going to hit pay day for sure!



download-4You heard this here first….Katie Hill is going to do a few things before she is done at SJV…like make a run at Player of The Year in the shore and for the record If I am a college coach…I AM BEGGING HER TO JOIN MY PROGRAM and it nothing to do with basketball.


images-1MADDIE HARTNETT  is freaking killing it at NO BOYS ALLOWED…  the kid has gone from a nobody to an All State player by just out working folks. Yes that has nothing to do with the Shore, it’s called Random thoughts for a reason…lol.



DsykB6AWsAACSboCollege coaches Tyonna Bailey is going to be First Team All State... and a future  Power 5 kid… nothing she has done has changed my mind that she could be one day be the best player in her class…Why? The parents, the work ethic and the talent. Yes this has nothing to do with the Shore.



download-2Shocking AAU coaches trying to steal players from other teams…LOL. Why is anyone shocked by this? Wait why do we just blame the AAU coaches, what the parents don’t have anything to do with this as well?  Wait I  take that all back… DO WHAT’S BEST FOR YOUR KID!



Madison St. Rose is going to have a monster season. I just feel that way, just like I feel Emma Bruen is going to shock everyone…everyone.





So who is the key to RBC’s season? There is no doubt in my mind Ally Carman because if she is dominate…they become unbeatable. By the way Carman is on a 100% mission. The switch has been turned on in a big way…



download-14#1 killer of great players? Ego and they forget what got them to where they are today…Kayla Richardson is not one of those kids. Right now the best two way player in the Shore for my money

Wait Geno, I have to do my cones dribbling drills…oh wait I can’t dribble with purpose or shoot against elite defenders in games…why is that? Because I love my cones…LOL. I’m  just being mean now…LOL



download-9George Sourlis not listed as one of Top 100 coaches of All Time in the that’s about as funny as it gets…653 wins and 199 losses. 14 NJSIAA sectional titles, five NJSIAA overall group titles along with five appearances in NJSIAA T of C title games. A million D1 players…best defensive mind maybe in state history boys or girls. #namethecourt



565044b57788bcac-300x200[1]I GOTTA GO!




NBS has spots available in the 11am- 1pm session this weekend.

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