Tonight things get real in the Shore Conference. Tonight is the start of put up or shut up. Tonight rankings and seeding don’t matter. Tonight is the start of players and team defining there season. Tonight you going to be asked, did you get your numbers when it mattered? Did your team handle their business? Can you close on the big stage? Did your coach make the right adjustments? Did your team come together or was it about being the STAR? Tonight round two of the SCT starts tonight…EXCUSES WON’T MATTER… just win baby!!!


Jackson seniors hope to keep it going tonight

Jackson Memorial vs Marlboro– this has all the making of the game of the night. Jackson Memorial seniors have not had a quality win (TRN) in over two years. Tonight is the opportunity they have been waiting for. Tonight they can prove they can beat a good team. The big “3” of Kristina Donza, Rachel Capua and Bianca Giordano will be ready, that you can bank on. Marlboro’s run and gun style will be put to the test tonight. Jackson has an elite Point Guard in Giordano and deadly shooters in Capua and Donza. That may sound like another team playing tonight. Marlboro has an elite point guard in Sammy “dr” Jay and two elite shooters in Jess Riepe and Dani Schlesinger. Marlboro knows a lost tonight puts a cloud over there season. A win gives them the credibility and the respect they are looking for. They know a Top 20 ranking is not coming but making into the Shore final 8 will mean more. These are two teams in a tough spot, the loser most certainly will be disappointed deeply… I say Marlboro ‘s bench could be the difference… but this game is clearly a PICK’EM!

RFH gets a home game tonight

Neptune vs RFH- this is a matchup of teams who play fast and shoot fast. RFH has Grace Munt back and that changes everyone’s expectations. RFH has been there best this season when the games gets wide open. This could be the worse possible match up for Neptune. Neptune is not going to change their style. They are going to run and press. The Paige Slaven and Amaya Evans matchup is going to be very important. But there is a real match up in the lane. Macy Brackett is a up and down player. When she is up she is special and can dominate a game. Lucy Adams is one of the best defenders in the Shore. This is a very important matchup. Both teams at times have shot selection issues. That could be a issue if things get tight… I say they don’t and RFH MOVES ON.

Long Branch is fun of confidence

Long Branch vs RBR- two great coaches Shannon Coyle of Long Branch and JT of RBR will match wits. Long Branch is very confident and believes they can pull off the upset. RBR on the other hand is locked in. They are chasing greatness. Both programs have come back from the grave in the last two years. ANYSSA Fields could be the best player you don’t know in the state. Chloe Teter, Amelia Medollar, Caitlin Decker and Taylor Crystian have been great all season. It’s why RBR ADVANCES.

Trinity Hall vs RBC– Trinity Hall knows RBC is beatable these days. They also know they will need to play flawlessly without Caitlin Wingertzhan again. Trinity Hall will not be intimidated having played TCA AND SJV. RBC clearly has lost its mojo and tonight a lost would certainly be devastating to the program. This game will be decided one way or another in the first 8 mins. If Trinity Hall can keep it close early. This is going to be interesting and fun down the stretch. Neither team has a closer and both have been up and down this year. My guess is RBC does not lose two years in a row to a massive underdog in round two again.. RBC ADVANCES.

Holmdel will need to win on the road to advance

Holmdel vs Manasquan– this could be interesting. Both teams look very much alike. Holmdel is sky high since beating RBC. Manasquan has been solid and at times shaky the last month. Mary Donnely has had her moments since coming back. But it’s been Brooke Hollawell and Georgia Heine that have been the most consistent players for Squan. Dorothy Lofferdo has been nothing short of sensational recently. Allison Waters is becoming a major weapon off the bench. Manasquan is a very dangerous team if they can put it all together. Ryann Taylor is moving into star status. Leah Nolan has been senior great. Olivia Palmer continues to be underrated. Carson Fontana has taken her game to a different level. But it’s Abby Ferguson and Katherine Martini that have put Marlboro over the top recently. This is going to be a barn burner but home court matters… WHY MANASQUAN MOVES ON.

TRE vs SJV– sorry but we can move on just like SJV WILL, Too deep and too talented

Howell vs St. Rose– this could be the start of big things for St. Rose… they move on easily. Howell has never seen this type of fire power.

Middletown South vs Manchester– Manchester advances, simply a case of more talent and weapons

Tonight followed by Shooting

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