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For 32 minutes today. Shore fans will get a treat. It will be a chance to watch two  teams do battle for THE SCT CHIP. Today at noon the two teams that move the media needle in girls basketball will arrive at Monmouth  University, to give us what we all have craved. Excitement, Drama and Suspense. All the things we have been missing since covid. Today the two most HISTORIC teams  in girls basketball will own the state of New Jersey in the biggest game of the year in New Jersey….RBC vs. SJV 




          THE COACHES


The coaches in this game are unkike any others! They are historic, the two most successful in New Jersey. Joe Montano  of RBC and Dawn Karpell of SJV are without question the two most successful  coaches in New Jersey girls basketball history. The two coaches have won it all and done it all. Joe Montano has won over 700 games. Dawn Karpell  has won over 500. There winning  percentages are off the charts. There have been many pretenders over the years. But no coach or there teams have been able to match what Dawn Karpell of SJV or Joe Montano  of RBC have built or done over the years. They are HISTORIC  COACHES



           THE PLAYERS



 RBC and SJV are the homes of McDonald ALL AMERICANS. Justine Pissott of RBC and Zoe Brooks of SJV both have been honored  in to back years.. The players at these schools are unlike no other. The “GOAT” of Girls basketball in New Jersey history is  Madison St. Rose who  played at SJV. These two schools produce historic babies like ADDY NYEMCHECK this season. It’s the norm for these two schools. These two schools, turn out D1 players like no other in New Jersey history.  They have players who attend Ivy League  Schools, Patriot League  Schools and Power 5 schools. RBC and SJV produce HISTORIC  PLAYERS










No schools can match the traditions OF SJV and RBC. These two programs have won more State and TOC CHIPS than everyone. These two schools know the measuring  stick is different. They play for Chips, nothing  else matters. These are the two programs where college coaches spend there time. SJV and RBC prepare kids for the next level. They learn accountability and how to compete daily. These are the two programs whose names inject energy when they walk into any gym. They are every opponents Super Bowl game. There names involk fear, jealousy and admiration. They are everything other schools dream and wish they can be. That’s because there traditions are HISTORIC 



              THE CHIP🏆








Every thing about SJV and RBC is HISTORIC.  That’s why today’s game has a chance to be HISTORIC…that’s because two HISTORIC  teams will be trying to win the most HISTORIC  CHIP IN NEW JERSEY TODAY….THE SHORE CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT 🏆




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