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To say I love the Sabino family truly would be a insult to the word love. I have known them for what seems forever. Pat and Tracey Sabino, I consider friends first and foremost. While basketball is what brought us together. It was my trust and love for them that makes us best of friends. I am not one who enjoys the company of many. The Sabino are the only friends I truly have. We fight like friends and DISAGREE like friends do. So as Shae Sabino becomes the last of the girls to make their dreams come true. I only have one thing to say… well done PAT AND TRACEY. You have done something no other family has ever done to the best of my knowledge. Sent FOUR beautiful girls off to play college basketball.


The Sabino family has had the burden of being friends to Tiny Green. They know this means Jealousy directed at them and the their kids.. They know anything they accomplish, some people will credit to their relationship with me. They’ve come to live with this and have accepted this. They’ve read the letters and hate mail over the years. Yet they have marched on. They moved there entire family for a better education and experience. Never knowing it would cause heartbreak and pain. Yet they did what they always do…march on. The one thing the Sabino family has developed over the years is thick skins. They have adapted the motto….BRING IT ON!


So Shae Sabino becomes the final sister to live the dream. Now many may believe it’s time for the Sabino family to take a bow. But that will not be the case because Tracey Sabino’s Shoreshots has helped put more kids in college than anyone. All 9 players on Shae’s 2020 AAU TEAM are off to college. Not just any colleges. There off to D1 schools, D2 schools and the best of the very best D3 schools. Tracey’s 2021 Shoreshots are all off to D1 schools. You see for the Sabino family it hasn’t been just about them. It’s been about everyone who has become part of their Shoreshot family. So there will be no wrap up party anytime soon. Tracey Sabino and her family have much more to do.


Shae just like all her sisters has had to pay a heavy price over the years. The key is they were willing to pay that price and so were there parents. The Sabino family knows one thing ..I will always have their back and they will always have my back. Now Tracey Sabino can stop begging me to stop tweeting about her children. Now she no longer has to worry about her children’s education. She and Pat Sabino have now officially written the blueprint for all to follow. You see the Sabino’s and I, have a relationship that is so much bigger and more important than basketball….WE LOVE EACH OTHER! The entire Sabino family can now give each other a big hug and say.. well done.. we have did it all.. we have overcome every road block… now we can enjoy all the fruits of our labor… wait Sophia still has her senior year🤗… THE SABINO’S ARE MY FRIENDS … I love them and this journey together has been the best thing in my basketball life… and I mean that because without theSABINO’s, I don’t know what I be doing these days. Most likely, wasting away…..It’s why they and I will keep saying…..”BRING IT ON…. JUST BRING IT ONE”!… The Sabino’s are going nowhere!



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