The Clock is ticking towards MAY 20th …WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO🌈☄️

There is a reality that kids who wish to play in college must face. The recruiting clock is ticking and its ticking loudly. That’s because the May 20th recruiting period is right around the corner. Unlike the April recruiting period coaches have a clearer picture of there needs. There staff’s are in place and it’s go time for all trying to get ahead in the recruiting game.

There is a reason NBS ends this spring on May 16th. Thats because I want to get as close to the May 20th recruiting period as possible. I want NBS kids to have a competitive nature and fearless mindset rolling into the recruiting Live Period. During the April live period it was no surprise that NBS kids stole the show again. Thats because they are a prepared group of kids. It’s why underclassmen and seniors picked up scholarship offers in every class across the board. We are talking kids in the 2026, 2025, 2024 and 2023 classes. These are kids who understand the recruiting process starts with performance first. NBS kids perform and there is a reason for it. The reason is they are out of there comfort zone and are pressured to perform in front of there peers. This pressure gets them ready for the most pressure there will feel all year. Playing against strange face in front if the very people who hold there future in there hands … COLLEGE COACHES.

Kids really don’t understand how fast 2 weeks and Live Period will be here. There time to get ready is now. The time for them to set the table is now. The time to make there mark is now and here is the reasons why. College Coaches know there rosters now. They know which kids have left and jumped into the portal. They now know if the portal has delivered them transfers or not. Most colleges now have added new staff members by now. New head coaches have been hired and are desperately trying to find talent that maybe the portal has not delivered to them. Coaches now know what positions they need to fill. Folks its hunting season and the colleges will be out in full force. The only question is what kids will be ready.

To those kids going to AAU practice twice a week and lifting 3 days a week. Bravo to you but if your not playing lots of one on one… two on two and three on three. You will find a very inconsistence game knocking on your door come May 20th. If your competition is limited to your AAU team practices your going to be disappointed. The one thing I am 100% sure of right now is this. YOU HAVE TO PLAY AGAINST COMPETITION AND A LIVE BODY IN FRONT OF YOU EVERYDAY… please don’t let anyone tell you different.

In two weeks you will have a chance to set the table for the many College Elite camps in June. You have a chance to wet coaches appetite and get them excited about you. Now is the time to set the table for July, create a buzz for yourself. Have coaches … head coaches! wanting to watch you play. Because until the head coach comes to watch you play. You really are not being recruited. But first you have to get to that point by playing well in the May Live Period.

Seniors without offers, the pressure is on. The reality is your inner circle may or may not be giving you truth. But here are the facts, you need to shine bright in May. You need to be in the right tournament vs the right level of competition. That’s because in 2 weeks you future will become clearer. Depending on your hopes and dreams. Thats why it’s never to late to get on your grind the next two weeks. But everyone should understand… you are officially out of excuses. In two weeks you are going to have to sleep in the bed you made. My advice starting today, go make a WONDERFUL bed by preparing correctly… THE CLOCK IS TICKING


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