Today I hope St. Rose has a great practice. I hope they all work hard and listen to their brilliant coach. They will be short handed the rest of the season. They are going to be asked to climb a big mountain. That’s because Mo Stapleton, the most under appreciated player in Shore in recent history won’t be with them. It’s why this week, it will be hard not to root for St. Rose. Because no way Mo Stapleton’s career should not have to end this way. I hope all week the St. Rose kids and coaches, give their all in everything they do…. I want them to do it for themselves…but also for MO STAPLETON

Mo Stapleton has given so much to St. Rose and has given so much without asking for anything back in return. St. Rose played their first game without Mo Stapleton this weekend and found out what life could be like without Mo. I told coach Chambers the night before their game with Immaculate Heart. “Be prepared it could get ugly without Mo” Coach Chambers responded “I don’t think people really understand what Mo does for this team” well they know now. St Rose got blown out by a competitive Immaculate Heart team. There was no Mo to rebound, rundown loose balls, clean up defensive mistakes. To make that big three to stop offensive runs by opponents. The best passing forward was not around to make everyone better and to relieve the pressure of opponents in passing lanes. There was no Mo to defend in the post. But more than all that… there was no Mo Stapleton to calm things down with her leadership and insane IQ.

I have no idea if St. Rose can win another game or not this year. I just know it would be a great story if they can make a run somehow in the SCT. That’s because Mo has done some much for her school and teammates and has asked for so little or nothing in return. It would be nice if the St. Rose team did it for Mo. Honor her by doing all the little things that don’t show up in the paper. Play hard and smart for 32 mins like Mo does. That’s because Mo never got a rest in games. She always had to gut it out because St. Rose doesn’t have a bench player to replace her. So Mo learned to fight them all off with mental toughness and a will to win BIG!… well this week, St Rose could honor Mo Stapleton by playing with this spirit.

When the seeds were announced on Friday. I thought for Shore the coaches would steal the #3 seed from Mo Stapleton and St. Rose. For most of the year Abby Antognoli has been the best player in the Shore but you could feel that some weren’t willing to admit. Just like they couldn’t come to admit that St. Rose was one of top 5 schools in the state. There was always an excuse as to way those were not willing to give them their due. This time it was the player who they gave so little love to over the years, who was being used as the excuse St. Rose should drop in the seeding. St. Rose overcame every obstacle put in front of them this season.

In their first game vs Manasquan Mo Stapleton came back from Covid and played 32 mins without a single practice. Then 2 nights later, she helped her short handed team beat Manasquan by 10. But it really didn’t matter, people said Manasquan wasn’t themselves. Well a lot of teams were not themselves against St. Rose this year. Just like it really doesn’t matter that Mo Stapleton has been one of the best players in the Shore and nobody has ever given her credit for this.… except her teammates and coaches. But Mo has always been okay with this. She has won State titles and is one of the few that can say I beat SJV. You see Mo Stapleton has done it all. Now her team will need to do it all without Mo Stapleton… I BELIEVE THEY CAN… because everyone has always counted Mo Stapleton out and she always delivered .. well it’s time for the ST. ROSE TEAM TO DELIVER FOR MO… I’m rooting for you!


I had a parent text me and say “we beat Immaculate Heart by 30 points and that’s proof that we should have been the #3 seed.”

Then a parent at the Hoop Group said “we beat Immaculate Heart and St. Rose lost to them”

… I laughed and that’s no exaggeration. I had a big laugh. I haven’t laughed so hard in months. I probably secretly needed a big laugh with all that has gone on the last year…but I said to both of them.

“yeah but the problem with that is they beat St. Rose without Mo Stapleton. But you on the other hand, had to play against Mo Stapleton and we all know how that worked out the 2nd time when you had your entire team”

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