Last night Chloe Teter did it again… the unexpected. She scored her 1000th point during the shorten COVID season. It was unexpected because she hit this milestone in just over three years. But Chloe Teter has been doing the unexpected her entire career. She has defied the odds so much along the way, that it seems all to impossible to be true. But Chloe Teter has lived an unexpected dream kids only dream about.

It was only appropriate that a Chloe Teter’s three point shot, put her in the elusive… thousand point club. It came on a well designed play by her biggest supporter Coach John Truhan. That’s because the first three point of her RBR career was a well designed play by the very same, Coach Truhan. Except that time, the three point shot was at the buzzer to beat Manalapan. It’s seems Coach Truhan has always believed in Chloe Teter. It’s just that was just as unexpected moment to the start of a great career. The two were considered out their minds and silly dreamers, when they started their journey together, 4 years ago. Now both have made RBR’s once dreams a reality. Chloe Teter has unexpectedly started all 95 games of her career. She has been the face of RED BANK REGIONAL girls basketball, it seems forever. I guess you can say, it has all worked out very nicely for Coach Turhan and Miss CHLOE TETER🤗😄

When Chloe Teter was named All Freshman 4 years ago it was unexpected. Nobody saw it coming, just like nobody saw RBR winning 17 games after losing 4 senior starters. It was thought the RBR program which had to this point had struggled over the years and would finally be put out of its misery. But instead Chloe Teter and coach John Truhan, have gone on a unexpected journey, that has led RBR into perhaps the most UNEXPECTED turnaround in Shore girls history. But that’s Chloe Teter, the more people have doubted her, the more she has done the unexpected.

When RBR unexpected won its first division title since George Washington was President. There was Chloe Teter celebrating with her teammates. When RBR was unexpectedly ranked in the State Top 20, for the first time in the school’s history. There was Chloe Teter leading the charge. It was unexpected by everyone except Teter. That because the unexpected is exactly what Chloe Teter expects. When RBR unexpectedly beat RBC in the SCT. It was not only shocking but the most unexpected turn of events maybe in Shore history. Chloe Teter it seems is always making unexpected history. It’s what she does. She makes the doubters .. believers.

Yesterday Chloe Teter did the most unexpected thing in her career. She cemented herself in RBR history. Her name will hang in the RBR gym FOREVER. She will be known forever as one of the greatest players in RBR history. Nobody can ever take that away from her. Every step of the way Chloe Teter has been doubted and has done the unexpected instead. You simply never know with Chloe Teter. Like when she performed the the biggest unexpected move of all by turning down multiple D1 offers to attend D3 NYU. You see Chloe Teter has never let others define what she could and couldn’t do. It’s why greatest has seemed to follow her wherever she went. A kind of unexpected greatest, you didn’t see coming.

The key to her greatest, weather CHLOE TETER, knows it or not… was her undying BELIEF IN HERSELF… the CONFIDENCE THAT SHE COULD INDEED DO THE UNEXPECTED. …Yesterday she did something that nobody thought was ever possible, even when she was just a little girl dreaming, big dreams in her parents arms. Some may believe after yesterday TETER TIME may be up. But if the truth be told, Chloe Teter is just getting started. Remember she does the unexpected always. Like joining the 1000 point club… congratulations to Chloe Teter💕

ellonya “tiny” Green

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