When you talk about the Shore Conference, there is no shortage of great point guards. Nicole Morris, Kelly Campbell, Stephanie Karcz and Kelly Crouch for example have all received Division one scholarship offers as underclassmen. Katie Healy of Colts Neck gave Seton Hall a verbal commitment as a sophomore… You get the picture? The shore is point guard heaven for college coaches. But the shore can also be a hard place to get a little recognition, especially when they are so many great players in one position.  A great player can get lost in the shore very easily and one of the best point guards in the Shore could very easily fit this category. Chelsea Crowe is as talented and maybe more seasoned than any of the point guards I just mentioned and very few fans of the shore know her name. But I believe that is about to change as CHELSEA CROWE IS QUIETLY BECOMING ONE OF THE BEST IN THE SHORE FOR ANY POSITION….


Crowe will leading Monsignor Donovan next year

When Dana Carbone of Monsignor Donovan was putting on her show of shows at the battle of the boardwalk last season, there was another player on her team having a pretty good day as well.  Chelsea Crowe was playing against a Rumson team with five D1 players; she had 13 points, 4 asst and ZERO turnovers while playing almost the entire game.  As with the case of many talented players it was an afterthought as she was over shadowed by the play of future Villanova star Grace Stant and Monmouth bound Dana Carbone, who were waging their own personal battle with show stopping performances of their own.  Crowe’s performance at the Boardwalk was no different than it was against any of the top teams she played against last season. So what that she averaged 15 points and 4 asst against ranked teams; for some it about flash and dash…That’s not who Senior  CHELSEA CROWE IS or WANTS TO BE….


Crowe is a top notch defender with a college ready body

Some kids believe in letting their play do the talking for them, Chelsea Crowe is one of those kids. She is not a self-promoter or a kid that needs the spotlight to be happy; she is just a loyal and dedicated kid (which is why I’m going to do it for her). Just ask Evelyn Maldonado of the NJ Sting. Coach Maldonado has been around forever folks and has seen it all, she knows about kids jumping from team to team and always looking for something better. She understands that AAU sometimes reveals character and Chelsea Crowe’s character can never be questioned. She has been with the Maldonado Sting program since she was 8 years old… Coach Maldonado said this about Chelsea Crowe “YOU DON’T FIND LOYALTY LIKE HER; SHE’S A GOOD KID AND HAS A GREAT PARENTS”.  Folks she is 100% correct in that statement.  I honestly believe that having good kids at the next level, you can trust during the tough times are GETTING HARDER to fine. So often when things are not going well or when a kid feels they are not getting enough attention or credit, they want to transfer or become disruptive, does that sound familiar? This is becoming a real problem and causing college coaches their jobs. Well Chelsea Crowe is one kid no coach will ever have to worry about, because she and her parents get it…BIG TIME!


ellonya Tiny Green‏@CoachTinyGreen

Coaches if you don’t know Dana Carbone by now shame on you…but Chelsea Crowe is a D1 point guard and I believe will be very special.


I posted the above tweet out last year; Carbone was still off the radar at the time. But like all good players at the end of the day Monmouth University discovered a hidden gem in Carbone. Now this year Chelsea Crowe will make it two years in a row for Coach Bruno and his Mon Don program.


Coach Bruno and Chelsea Crowe and teammates have made winning at Mon Don an expectation!

For years Mon Don has been kind of an afterthought for most in the Shore Conference. But since Coach Bruno has arrived all that has changed. Winning is now an expectation at Mon Don as they have been in the Top 10 the past few years and last year participated in the Battle of the Boardwalk. No question Bruno has made Mon Don a real tough out in the shore. With Crowe and Carbone leading the turn -around, Mon Don has added some nice parts in recent years. Alyssa Wilson was one of the best freshmen in the Shore last season and Kaitlyn Borghesi joined Crowe in the backcourt, forming one of the best back courts in the Shore Conference. But now it will be Crowe’s team to lead next season and there is no question she is up to the task.


When you talk about Crowe as a player the first thing that comes to mind is her compete knowledge of the game. She just seems to make the right decision every time down the floor. I do not believe any point guard in the shore has more respect for the ball than Crowe; she simply never turns the ball over. Then she does something I love in all great point guards, she has DEEP 3 point range and shoots a high pct. How high do you ask? I am willing to bet you dinner right now she had the best 3 point shooting percentage of any point guard in the shore….somebody do the math and let’s see if am right? When you talk about Chelsea Crowe’s ability to defend, it comes from one basic understanding of defense…anticipation! Outside of Steph Karcz please don’t compare anyone with this kid ability to see a play ahead on defense. I watched her in the Hoop Group fall league and was shocked by this ability to anticipate on defense. I don’t care who it was against, she did it every night.


Chelsea Crowe and the Maldonado Sting are looking for a big summer! 

Crow is an honor student with a 3.8 GPA, and has that all important college ready body; she will be at ACADEMIC ELITE. There will be close to 80 college coaches at this event and I can assure you that many will be pleasantly surprised after watching Crowe… I believe she will be an asset for any program that recruits her and some Division one school is going to get another Monsignor Donovan steal, because it just a matter of time before ….CHELSEA CROWE BLOWS UP!



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