imgres They not giving it away

MANASQUAN– the myth is they are a one woman team. Yes Marina Mabrey is a once in a lifetime player. But super woman has had real back up all season. Stella Clark has been been brilliant and is the heart beat of the team. Her energy and effort is unmatched. Dara Mabrey has been as advertised and beside being a Freshman of The Year Candidate, she has become a real leader and big game player. Courtney Hagaman has been senior good all year. When she is making shots Manasquan becomes scary good. But it’s been Victoria Galvan who has been the surprise of the year. Galvan at times are been super woman herself and she has done it on the big stage. Finally Gillian Black has been a wonderful surprise and Addie Masonious has given then a big lift off the bench at times. This group is use to winning and one thing is clear…you want there title? You going yo have to take it because there not giving it away.


imgres They want another one

NEPTUNEThey can be considered a surprise team. They are ranked in the state. John Brown again is proving he is a master builder of teams. They have no size but swarm opponents and gang rebound. Desiree  Allen is the most explosive athlete in this event. She is lighting quick and plays way bigger than her 5’6″ height. She is a nightmare match up for everyone. Her running mate Marajiah Bacon has a case to say she has been the best guard in the shore. Her numbers have been off the charts. She also with Allen causes major havoc on the defense end of the floor. Brianna Love has been great on the glass and has been more than a helping hand. Miesha Bacon and Alexa Vreeland have added dept to the bench. Both are very capable of scoring and making Three’s. Neptune will press and run the entire night.


MANASQUANIt all starts with the most talented player in the state…Marina Mabrey. If she is on, life is easy and Mansquan becomes tough to beat. But Manasquan will still need to handle the Neptune press. Look for Marina to move the backcourt against the Neptune press if Manasquan is struggling . Manasquan cannot allow this game to become a free for all. Mansquan would be wise to take advantage of the easy baskets the Neptune gives up in there press… But they should not force things. Finally Manasquan will need someone other than Marina to step up if things get tight.


NEPTUNEThey need to make the game wild and crazy. Neptune needs to shoot quick,  play fast and out hustle Manasquan. They must swarm all the Manasquan players at every turn. But Neptune must make lay ups because they are going to get a lot of them. No way Mansquan can keeps Allen and Bacon in front of them. Both go 90 miles an hour and at times get out of control. They are unpredictable and that is a real strength for Neptune. Neptune would be wise to force anyone other Marina and Stella Clark to handle the ball. Running down loose balls in this game is huge, if the game gets sloppy which is an advantage for Neptune.



This is a tricky game for Manasquan. If they let things get out of control and forget they have super woman on there team…it could mean trouble. Neptune has NOBODY that can match up with Marina Mabrey. What Neptune does have that no other team can say playing Manasquan is this…they are quicker and play with the same chippy edge. My guess is regardless how this game is played Marina Mabrey will settle it one way or the other…I say Mansquan handles everything Neptune throws at them and wins weather it’s ugly or not...MANASQUAN  AND SJV ROUND THREE!




d2111a142cd3e0de-200x300 The man with the plan

ST. ROSE– They have one of the best game coaches alive..Joe Whalen. They have a leading candidate for PLAYER OF THE YEAR. They have last years PLAYER OF THE YEAR and they have the #1 ranking in every state poll know to girls basketball. They are nationally ranked and most of all they have the biggest target of all the teams in this event on there back…Welcome to SJV’s world. The only question is can they handle what comes with. There babies have been great. The sophmores who watched and learned last year have been outstanding and they have beaten EVERYONE put in front of them..Dispite having so many rooting against them…they have slilenced even their harshish critics.


ghoopsdonovanholmdelREMN2 Graziano is a warrior

HOLMDELSurvival is the only way to describe there season. It took a win the last day pior to the seeding to get in the SCT. Morgan Graziano, Mia “I get no respect” Ehling have been sick or hurt this season. Superstar freshman Christina Antonakakis is playing with a stress fracture. But the good news is Jen Inman has been lights out all year. She has to be on the list for most improved player this year. Inman has held the fort down. Sidney Caffarro is a special player and could have her coming out party.



ST. ROSEIf they think this is the same team they blew out last month…they are in mistaken. HOMDEL is healthy and playing with a ton of confidence. Morgan Graziano is on a mission and St.rose will need to slow her down. Freshman point guard Christina Antonakakis and Jen Inman have shared the ball. They  are also scorers, Jen Louro and Elyn STOL will need to slow them down. One thing am sure of and that’s Holmdel will not be in a zone defense this time and Kat Phipps will need to work a little harder. Jess Louro will need to be Jess Louro…this is a very dangerous game for this team.

imgresJen Inman has stepped up all year

HOLMDEL– They must get the ball to Graziano and Ehling because seniors win big games. Both are D1 bound players and will not fold tomorrow. Graziano is very capable of getting St. Roses entire team in foul trouble. Jen Inman has scored not just in blow outs…BUT IN GAMES, this is a big game. Christina Antonakakis is a nightmare match up for St. Rose if Holmdel is up late and spreads out St. Rose ..the #1 seed could be in deep trouble. Holmdel must not let Phipps get going and don’t by into the hyped myth that all she is a three point shooter.  They also must not forget that Jess Louro can dominate and is murder in 2nd halves of games.  What would really would help is if Sidney Carffaro goes off….which is a real possiblity.



On paper and the track says St. Rose. But  Holmdel has seen them and this dangerous for St Rose as Holmdel has an idea what to expect. Holmdel has been kicked around by the big 4 and nothing would be sweeter than to upset St. Rose. But here is the problem..St Rose has proven they can play any style under Joe Whalen. They are like a chameleon and can be all things to all teams. My Guess the St. Rose stars play like stars ..ST. ROSE AND RFH

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