The Top 100 last week was a great chance for kids to gain a little exposure built there name recognition and get a few hours of work in. It’s an event that always seems to jump start someone’s recruiting.  It never fails a player seems to always blow up at these type events. Two players did jump that,  Westchester, New York’s Jane McCauley and Barnegat’s Shannon McCoy are two names many do not know. But I would advise college coaches to pay close attention because there is no doubt they both have been in the darkness. But the light is beginning to shine on both.


There are always going to be kids who slip thought cracks. This happens more than anyone wants to admit. This happens for a number of different reasons, that would take too long to list here. But I can tell you, these things can change at the drop of a dime. It can change in one night and it can change a young lady’s career. That is exactly what I believe happened to Barnegat’s Shannon McCoy

Barnegat High School is not known for producing star basketball players. They have had a few very talented players over the years. But most have got lost in the deeply talented shore conference. Barnaget does not have the culture of a RBC or SJV for example. These are programs where the kids live in the gym and play the most competitive basketball they can find. Barnaget kids want to win just as much but the climiate is different. It’s why a talented Ashley Toner is not known by many but is a very talented player. I have never attend a Barnegat game in all my years. But folks I can assure you, that has all changed. In fact, I would advise college coaches to check out Barnegat and the biggest reason why is SHANNON McCoy…A JUNIOR WHO COULD BE READY TO BREAK OUT!


Shannon McCoy  started the Top 100 like a lot of kids who don’t play on household name teams. Just another kid who was hoping to be seen. But that all changed the moment the ball went up last Saturday. It was shocking to see a player who is totally unknown doing the things she did. In the competitive one on one drills, she caught my eye immediately. She could put the ball on the ball with either hand and change directions at the drop of a dime. But her ability to score was clear right away. She seemed to make every type shot. I have to admit I thought maybe it was just a kid having that exceptional day. So I snuck into my office and looked her up on NJ.COM…my jaw dropped. I amazed to see a kid who as a sophomore have 12 double figure scoring games. I saw a kid who had multiple 20 point games and 19 point games, the games she did not get double figures she had no less than 7 points. People she was only a sophomore….I knew that something special may be happening….. it was SHANNON McCoy’s MOMENT TO SHINE


I waited for her game to start. I walked up stairs to I could focus on this young lady. Then Shannon McCoy showed me she was as real as it gets. She banged out three’s, put up jumpers and got to the rim in transition and finished. But it was her defense and ability to pass the ball which really had me thinking….WOW. It also had me thinking how can a kid this talented, so young, could be so under the radar. Then it became clear, she played at a school that gets no love and like many kids in that area, did not train out of her comfort zone. She was not in a culture where basketball is as important as drinking water.   I believe that this is going to change. I believe this young lady found out something about herself. She found out that she can be special and different from many of the players from Barnegat in the past. She found out that she can compete with other talented kids. I believe we are going to be hearing a lot about Shannon McCoy not only this season, but over the next 2 years…why? SHE IS A REAL TALENT AND WE ALL FOUND THAT OUT LAST WEEK!



Jane McCauley is from Westchester country. She has been a NBS kid since 8th grade. Most NBS start much earlier in the program. But Jane is now a real member of the NBS family. She looks like she is 10 years old. She always has a smile on her face. I have always thought of Jane as a nice kid. I have never thought of her as one of the TOP players at NBS. But NBS has so many top players there is no shame in that. But sometimes you can dismiss a kid because of how they look. I have been watching Jane all fall. Every time I watch her I say the same thing…SHE IS GETTING BETTER. I tell my friend Beth Chambers almost every week, this Jane is getting really good. Jane has grown about 3 inches in the last year. Her length is starting to give all the top players some issues. But what Jane has starting doing that has changed her game is this….she is becoming an aggressive scorer. Her shooting ability can rivial any player at NBS. Last weekend at the Top 100, Jane had the entire gym in her hands…she was THE BEST PLAYER AT THE TOP 100!


Anyone at the top 100 on the sidelines last week, saw what was a jaw dropping performance from a baby faced assassin.. Not because of the 5 straight three’s in the first 6 minutes.  But more because of the range and the quickness of the release. This was not a heat check folks, this was full blown fire and nobody all day could put this fire out. No player in the gym was better or for that matter in her world last weekend.  Jane is now making her mark, she is all moving closer to that dream of being a Division one player. Something most of us did not see coming. Maybe the 2 hour ride to NBS every weekend should have been a clue. Maybe its after playing in  a early morning softball game on many weekends  and then driving 2 hours to NBS may have been a sign. Name recognition is what jumps starts a players recruiting…but game is what closes the deal…they say game knows GAME…and it’s clear Jane has game.  College coaches, D1 college coaches, pay attention to what I’m about to say about this sophomore. Jane is going to get bigger, better and stronger. She one day is going to be the center of a recruiting war. Last weekend was just the start….and the video doesn’t lie!


Two kids who took a chance and played in a event with little hype and now they just may have changed their basketball lives….I love it and it shows their is always kids who surprise….Jane and Shannon clearly are on their way.




NBS IS AT HOMDLE HIGH SCHOOL 11-1:00PM this sunday


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