Im so quick to always have something negative to say about AAU. That’s because it easy to point a finger and find a scapegoat in AAU. Its easy to blame AAU for all the problems in yourh athletics. But its so easy to forget all the good AAU brings to the table and how it truly affects lives., especially when good people are involved with the right message. LIKE THOSE WHO ARE PART OF NEW HEIGHTS NYC. This afternoon one video hit me like a ton of bricks and brought more joy to my day than I ever thought was possible…. ONE GREAT VIDEO IS ALL IT TAKES SOMETIMES TO WAKE US UP!

New Heights NYC AAU basketball program has been around forever it seems. I’ve really never paid much attention to the organization. I just thought it was another big time program with lots of big time basketball players, driven by big basketball wins and losses. That was until I saw the best video I have ever seen a AAU TEAM MAKE. It didn’t show a player breaking an opponents ankles, it didn’t show a sweet dime or deadly jump shot. New Heights showed me something different. It showed me what AAU basketball was about. Bringing kids together to have fun. New Heights showed me what it means to have fun while representing. New Heights has reminded us it about the kids. They remained us that kids love smiling and having fun. They reminded us you can still have fun and be the best in the business. New Heights reminded us it okay to be black, white or asian. They are a beautiful rainbow of ballers and kids🌈They make us remember during strange times, we all smile and yes dance joyfully when we’re having fun and experiencing good times together. The New Heights organization with one simple video reminded the world… THERE A ORGANIZATION THAT GETS IT WITH ONE VIDEO. … they are building smart, beautiful, imaginative ALPHA FEMALES of all colors, races, backgrounds and way of lives… or as they say the leaders of tomorrow. If you ask me they doing a wonderful job. I wish my daughter had such a organization as a kid to be part of… those part of this organization are truly blessed🙏☄️📚💪

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New Heights is known for great basketball players, coaches and teams. But if the truth be known; they should be known for changing lives. NEW HEIGHTS IS ABOUT GIVING AND TEACHING KIDS HOW TO SERVE. Dominic Nute is the girls program director and oversees 9 teams. She like legendary Coach Walter Welsh lead a staff of dedicated coaches who believe in education and community service. It’s why New Heights is different than every other AAU organization. They have set a wonderful standard for all to follow and give real hope to the AAU CULTURE!…. Im a fan… THERE BIGGEST FAN RIGHT NOW👏👏👏💕🌈


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